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Surprise.. I Got a Job in Japan!?

The secret story of my other  ‘Rainbow Pudding’ life.. revealed! . This is very OOT from my other idol posts, you see. But lately I think that this has really become my personal blog, soo.. haha, I guess I just want to vent this but didn’t know where to except here? That’s why just skip… Continue reading Surprise.. I Got a Job in Japan!?

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Hi☆Five Released ‘Heartbeat’ Trailer!

  The second single from Hi☆Five this year! Have you watched it yet~? . Hello guys.. Sorry I’m so late at writing this because it has been a month since the trailer is released..?? I’m really, really sorryyy 😦 As usual, I disappeared for quite a time huhu, I was busy with something (gonna reveal… Continue reading Hi☆Five Released ‘Heartbeat’ Trailer!

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幕末☆PRINCE Drama Got a Sequel :幕末☆ STARS!!

Nine Stars finally got their own Bakumatsu Drama! Hurray!! Doesn’t the teaser pic look funny already? . Good news for all Nine Stars fans! They will finally have their first drama! If you followed Magipri and this blog, you may already know 幕末☆PRINCE (Bakumatsu Prince), so now let’s welcome it’s  indirect sequel, 幕末☆ STARS!! (Bakumatsu… Continue reading 幕末☆PRINCE Drama Got a Sequel :幕末☆ STARS!!

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Idol Recommendation: SUPER FANTASY

Wow, it’s been soooo long since I recommend another group again! (not counting the previous WannaOne post)  Actually I wanted to write this post since months ago, but.. I went MIA and finally can finish this blog post now! I hope you enjoy reading this~ FYI for this Idol Recommendation segment, I will only write… Continue reading Idol Recommendation: SUPER FANTASY

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Avengers Idols Unit Assembled!? 14STARS!

Wow! Who are these handsome boys in one frame? Are they a new group?? . Ding! Actually, you’re both wrong and right! 😊 If you followed this blog, you may already realized some familiar faces up there, right? Or if you didn’t realize it, let me explain to you! They are 14STARS! 14STARS  is a… Continue reading Avengers Idols Unit Assembled!? 14STARS!

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Actor Abe-chan Strikes Back! High & Low The Worst Episode 0??

Another drama appearance for MAG!C☆PRINCE!? I know this news had came out for like a week ago? Maybe? But I just got the feel to write about it now, hehe. Have you heard about this good news yet? Once again, our actor Abe-chan!! Is getting a job! 😊 He will be playing a role as… Continue reading Actor Abe-chan Strikes Back! High & Low The Worst Episode 0??

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I’m back! キミラブ (KimiLove) English Subbed + Romaji!

Hey, guys! Have you stream Gomen, Hanashitakunai? It’s now available in all regions around the world on i-tunes and Spotify!  . OMG, it’s been so long that I don’t know what to say! Haha. Anyway, how are you guys? Hehe. I’m so sorry if any of you keep looking forward for updates of this blog.… Continue reading I’m back! キミラブ (KimiLove) English Subbed + Romaji!

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MAG!C ☆PRINCE Unofficial International Fanpage Open! ^o^

Actually, I have been preparing for this since a while ago.. A Twitter Fanpage for International fans! Yeayyy! ^o^ I made a fanpage account to make it easier for international fans to meet each other and gather around! And well, rainbow pudding can’t really do much because it’s my personal account hahaha. A fanbase sounded… Continue reading MAG!C ☆PRINCE Unofficial International Fanpage Open! ^o^

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MAG!C☆PRINCE Reveals Their “Gomen, Hanashitakunai’ MV!!

Hello, long time no see! Do you know that MAG!C☆PRINCE has released the teaser MV of their new song at Youtube? Sorry for disappearing for so long.. as usual I’m very busy with my work! But since the new MV is out, of course I have to squeeze in some time to post about it… Continue reading MAG!C☆PRINCE Reveals Their “Gomen, Hanashitakunai’ MV!!