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Maji☆Deshi (マジ☆弟子) Season 2 Start!

I forgot to post this since I was busy with my office trip but.. This October, Magipri’s show Maji☆deshi (マジ☆弟子) start airing their 2nd season! If you don’t know what it is, here is my synopsis for the 1st season of majideshi before: The show is broadcasted in all region of Japan in different days,… Continue reading Maji☆Deshi (マジ☆弟子) Season 2 Start!

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Another MAG!C☆PRINCE Things

  Don’t have anything to do while waiting for the Yume no Melody single release? Don’t worry, Kill your time with these few Magipri tidbids!   Nagata Kaoru’s OH!My Trip ( 永田薫のOH!MY旅 )   If you don’t know, OH!MY Trip (Original name in Japanese is OH!MY Tabi) is a weekly TV show in CBC TV… Continue reading Another MAG!C☆PRINCE Things

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My Feelings About TEPPEN

  I’ve..been hesitating to write about this or not.. But I finally decided to wrote about this so in the future we all can remember how strong Kengo is.. Okay, so.. At 22 September 2017, Kengo was participating in a TV show named TEPPEN. I think it’s a show that brought many kind of entertainers… Continue reading My Feelings About TEPPEN

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MAG!C☆PRINCE Release Event Collaboration with Nine Stars: Major Debut Decided!

Today, 18 September 2017, MAG!C☆PRINCE is holding a release event for their next single in Fukuoka, which is in Kyushu region, Nine Star’s home base. That’s why, different from other release event before, today Nine Stars is joining their event! The release event concert is broadcasted in Nine Stars’ LINE LIVE. You can watch it here… Continue reading MAG!C☆PRINCE Release Event Collaboration with Nine Stars: Major Debut Decided!

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MAG!C☆PRINCE Yume No Melody MV is Up!

  Aaaaand I’m back! Have you seen the new MV for Magipri’s newest single Yume no Melody? It’s finally upped today! (Actually it’s been broadcasted in TV since last Saturday) In case you haven’t, here it is:   The baton dance! And the zoom-from-below angle! Isn’t that nice! *o* Tbh I kinda underestimated the song… Continue reading MAG!C☆PRINCE Yume No Melody MV is Up!

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MAG!C☆PRINCE Over the Rainbow Lyrics Translation

As always, MAG!C☆PRINCE’s lyrics are great, really motivational and inspiring.. ~Please do not use my translation without permission~ . . . Japanese Lyrics 浮かんでる色に見惚れた Just like a magic 弾け飛んだ 僕らは永遠にビギナーだ 追い風の中 怒って 泣いて 笑って 叫んで Any way you want it 過ごしていく いつだって Over the rainbow 踏み出せるのさ Stand up 走っていこう Winding road きっと乗り越えられる Stand up 届けよう 明日もKeep on 繋げていくHope どこまでも追いかけて行くんだ 夢が待つ場所へ 新しい未来 一緒ならば怖くはないよ おいでよ 君もおいでよ 虹のその先へ どこにだって行ける気がしてる After the rain 空を見上げた… Continue reading MAG!C☆PRINCE Over the Rainbow Lyrics Translation

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Imoto no Wifi x MAG!C☆PRINCE CM

    Guys~ Have you seen this new Imoto no Wifi Commercial video? It’s really interesting~ I intended to stay hiatus for a while but when I watched this I suddenly have this urge to blog! lol I have risen from my grave because of this video! ┐(・。・┐) ♪ (anyway, I only found out how to… Continue reading Imoto no Wifi x MAG!C☆PRINCE CM