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MAG!C☆PRINCE Drama ~ Spin the Sky ~ Review

  Can also be read MajiDora/HonkiDora. The first drama Magipri members starred in. Aired in April 2016. Magipri members are playing as themselves, as 2nd graders of Watanabe High School. (In case you haven’t know any of them, please read this first) There’s also guest appearance of Asuka Kuramochi, an ex-AKB48 member, who plays the role… Continue reading MAG!C☆PRINCE Drama ~ Spin the Sky ~ Review

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MAG!C☆PRINCE UtaTen Interview Translation

Translated from here I’m not really fluent in Japanese so forgive me if I made any mistake somewhere ^^ Born from the large audition of next generation ikemen boys from the prefectures of Aichi, Gifu and Mie was “MAG!C☆PRINCE”. Starting from the ultra-talented prince of rhythmic gymnastics world is leader Hirano Taishin, with his overall victory… Continue reading MAG!C☆PRINCE UtaTen Interview Translation