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Since it’s been 1 year from their major debut and now they’re getting more and more popular, I decided to make this post!

The purpose is mainly for a detailed info about MAG!C ☆PRINCE  that I hope could help you learn more about them! Especially you guys who just know about them! So you don’t have to search their info one by one everywhere ^^

I don’t live in Japan so my source is mainly from their official social medias, their shows, internet shared files, my friends who meet them there and their CDs and DVDs I bought.. so if you feel that I have made any mistake somewhere please do correct me ^^

[Will be updated if I find something new]


Is a rising idol group from Watanabe Entertainment comprised of five young boys that was born and grew up in Tokai Region in Japan. The five of them was chosen from “NAGOYA BOYS” audition back then in March 2015, winning against 2000 competitors. They major debuted in December 2015 with their first single “Zettai Aishiteru”.

The meaning of the group’s name is:

M – Mie

A – Aichi

G – Gifu

! – To give you energy

C – To cheer you on

☆ – Mie, Aichi, and Gifu boys aim to be stars

PRINCE – Handsome boys you’d want to be your son

~They  are also called Magipri/Magipuri for short~


They are the little brother group of D-BOYS/D-DATE (in case you don’t know, it consist of Watanabe’s famous actors like Seto Kouji, Horii Arata, Araki Hirofumi etc).

Magipri calls their fans by the name of “CHEERS”

One example of their songs and MV (check their YT channel for more):


MAG!C☆PRINCE Member Profile

The group consists of five boys that is assigned with different color that matched their image. All five of them has very different characteristics from each other, so their interaction is really unique !

Nishioka Kengo (西岡健吾)

Member color : Pink

Born: 22 October 1997

Height: 172cm Weight: 52kg

Blood type: O

Hometown: Aichi

Hobby: Calligraphy (Combining letter and make it looks like a design)

Sports: Long distance run, gymnastic

Favorite Music: JPOP (Yasutaka Nakada, SEXYZONE)

  • The center of the group
  • His appearance is very cute and people could easily mistake him as a girl. Even when they know he’s a boy, they need some time to believe it.
  • In the audition was asked about it multiple times “You’re really not a girl aren’t you? That’s the only problem we have with you”
  • An Idol Otaku, likes to attend idol concerts and very knowledgeable about idols. In the end because of that, he became an idol himself. He still like to attend concert even after he became idol. Example of concerts he attends: AKB,C-UTE, AAA, Sexyzone, etc.
  • His voice is also high-pitched like a girl, but because of that he became the main singer in the group.
  • Was in the art major in highschool. Skilled in design and photography. His photo won the grand prize at his school’s culture festival. Also skilled in playing piano
  • Actually his attitude and his appearance caused a great gap.
  • Despite being a center, doesn’t really talk much. He’s always calm and composed with his cute smile. His way of talking is very polite.
  • But when he actually talks, his tongue is so sharp. He’s  very self-centered and bitchy about things (other members call it as his my-pace personality). But after some time he changed and now also care deeply for other members, especially Shuhei, whom he admit he hated back then. Though, he still got those sarcastic habit even now.
  • Never really bows down. Except when really really needed for their image. Sometimes he wouldn’t even apologize, it feels like his pride is really high.
  • His high school’s uniform is a gakuran (which he wears with a blue jersey inside it)
  • Likes Taishin. But after some time he seemed to dump Taishin and goes for Shuhei.
  • Best friends with Shuhei as the two of them is the same age and share the same birthday. At first he seemed really hate it when Shuhei teased him, and from the testimonies of other member and senpai, the two of them are always fighting when they’re in the car together (though it’s not a serious fight). Now he seems to really care for Shuhei and try his best to tolerate Shuhei’s antics (sometimes failed). Even now they’re still seen fighting occasionally, but they’re also seen mainly together.
  • Act as best friends with Kaoru in Majidora. Since it’s kinda bl-ish, they’re somehow set up to be like a couple. They both like thrilling ride so they went to amusement park together.
  • A bit of tsundere, since when people ask about his close relationship with other members especially with Shuhei, he would answered with “Just normal” or “We’re just business partner” coldly
  • Likes high place. Actually the rarest moment we can see him getting excited is when he’s in the Shangai Tower with glass floor, while the others are scared, he happily jump around on it, and even dragged other scared members and staff to come with him to the glass floor.
  • Likes karaage, the other members gave him a plate full of karaage for his birthday.
  • Usually wear a loose t-shirt or baggy clothes, people never saw his skin much. Also like to wear ferret hat.
  • He wears a skirt in one of the magipri’s live show. Also a dress in Bakupuri drama.
  • Once cosplayed as Echizen Ryoma from Prince of Tennis.
  • His deadly pose is his “yurushitenyan” pose. He used it many times to bewitch people so they could accept his request
  • Become the weather forecaster in Nippon TV in Thursday. The only male forecaster since all the other day’s forecaster are all girls.
  • Has many male fans.
  • Kengo said that he was often getting hit on by male, usually in the train station. When he ask them why, they answered “Because you are cute”. Since Kengo felt it’s too much trouble to tell them the truth, he only ran away by saying he’s in a rush. Kengo said he doesn’t want to destroy their dream of him being a pretty girl.
  • Despite looking fragile, he’s stronger than he looks. But hates sport that needs him to move his body a lot.
  • Despite looking wife-ly he doesn’t know how to cook at all and the type to destroy the kitchen
  • Recently he said that rather than calligraphy his hobby change into scrubs (whitening himself)

Comment:  “When I was chosen as a member of  MAG!C ☆PRINCE , it was the most surprising and happiest time of my life! Since I am a beginner in singing and dancing, I want to do my best to stand on the stage. My dream is a concert with 10.000 people!”

Hirano Taishin (平野泰新)

Member color : Red

Born: 15 February 1995

Height: 173cm Weight: 60kg

Blood type: O

Hometown: Aichi

Hobby: Touring cafes

Sports: Rhytmic Gymnastic (8 years experience), dance

Favorite Music: JPOP (Backnumber), western music

  • Leader of the group. Also big brother in the group as he’s the only one who can control all the other members.
  • Prince of acrobats that have participated and won the 4th prize in national championship of Japan’s Men Rhythmic Gymnastic when he was in high school. Very athletic. Because he was often interviewed by TV when he was an acrobat star, he had this desire to go to entertainment world and finally joins magipri audition.
  • Was invited to join Cirque du Soleil, but refused that offer and instead join magipri’s audition
  • Study pharmacy at Hanazaka University. Also join their tumbling club.
  • At first he was appointed as a leader just because he’s the oldest but it was a right choice after all
  • He thought that he wasn’t a leader type since he prefers supporting other people from the shadow instead
  • Actually he is also quite clumsy
  • Despite being manly but has a high-pitched voice and short figure so quite cute
  • His charm point is two moles in his cheeks
  • Popular with both men and women, from kids to middle-aged people.
  • Since he was always talking for the other members as a leader, he become good at talking and really likes to be an MC for his career
  • Main tsukkomi in the group
  • Participated the infamous Sport Danshi competition broadcasted in TV. Break the 23 box-jumping “Monster Box” world record. He won the Monster Box for three times already. People began to call him as “toribako” (jumping box) because of it, but he is happy with that, as long as people get interested and know him.
  • Show off his acrobat skills in all their performance. Wants to make their idol performance unique and can’t be imitated.
  • He’s a really serious and hardworking person, very dependable
  • Very sensible and care for others
  • Like sweet foods
  • Like Zebra patterns and decorate his room with it
  • Had a fight with Hikaru in one of the Honkipri’s episode but later the two of them grew closer and now best friend
  • Scold Kengo and Shuhei harshly in one of Magipri’s episode because of their easygoing attitude toward the job but later Kengo somehow comes to like him and like to stick to him (but then shifted to Shuhei)
  • Give Shuhei a wax and ballpoint presents instead in his own 22th birthday
  • Fell sick in one of the single release event so went hiatus for a day. At the end of that day all the members were confessing how hard it was without their leader after they tried to cover for him, especially with the MCing and acrobats. At the event live, Shuhei tried hard to cover for Taishin and did both Taishin’s and his own part of dance and acrobats.
  • His fashion point is his sweaters and seems to like Punyus brand.

Comment: “I am very happy to be chosen as a member, there’s so many that I expect to do and how far I go from now on! No matter how hard or painful, I would like to do my best in my own way! Anyway, since I received  support from many people, I will work hard to become famous! Thank you for your support!”

Nagata Kaoru (永田薫)

Member color : Blue

Born: 6 October 1996

Height: 182cm Weight: 68kg

Blood type: A

Hometown: Gifu

Hobby: Singing, making sweets (Cake, cookies, chocolate)

Sports: Soccer(12 years experience), long distance running (half marathon), swimming

Favorite Music: JPOP (Backnumber, EXILE, Greeeen, etc)

  • He was the ace striker in Gifu Industrial Highschool’s soccer club that participated in the final of 93rd Nationals Championship in 2014.
  • Attended Shizuoka University
  • Had been scouted to become professional soccer player but he refused and become and idol instead
  • The second main vocalist in the group
  • Like to play guitar and make his own songs
  • A lefty
  • In the boke duo with shuhei. But sometimes also tsukkomi-ing Shuhei.
  • Always play the bl-ish role with Kengo
  • The carefree brother in the group
  • The most handsome in the group and the tallest. Aims to be an actor because he feels that he can do many kind of expressions.
  • Taking care of the sexy part in the group so sometimes act like a fail playboy. Play a role as a handsome waiter in a drama “OL desu ga, Kyabajo Hajimemashita” and a mysterious Hongkong man named Daniel in “Koisuru Hongkong”
  • But despite that ‘handsome’ and ‘cool’ image, is actually very clumsy and clueless. After he retired from soccer he admits it himself, that he is now a person who can’t do anything.
  • Even the staff admit that his image is ‘kakkobaka’ or a mix of kakkoi (cool) and baka (idiot) words
  • Has a tendency to space out or if not, overdramatizing his facial expression
  • Can’t eat spicy food
  • Has sport background but actually not really athletic in other things than soccer
  • His body is stiff so he is the worst in dancing, even now
  • Despite his big body, very weak at fighting, when he did boxing match in Honkipri, he surrendered and lost very quickly.
  • The other members except Kaoru and Kengo shows their sixpacks, so it makes the fans wonder if Kaoru’s belly is not that fit anymore. And he always get agitated whenever they mention about him changing clothes or showing his stomach. (Edit: Just watched OHMY!TABI and Kaoru now doesn’t have problem to put out his clothes in front of the camera!! o_o His belly is not flabby like we all thought but he doesn’t have sixpacks like other members lol)
  • Ever since he did a quick kabedon in magipri’s kitkat short movie, the members and fans always tease him about it until he laugh about it so much himself
  • Fails at rap so everyone also tease him about it
  • Live by himself ever since he graduated highschool so he is good at cooking
  • Has three dogs in his house in Gifu
  • Has the best fashion style, dress like an adult
  • Like to listen songs, and always give lyrics quoted on his blog
  • Has his own radio show named Kaochannel

Comment: “I have always been longing for the entertainment world, there are opportunities to get close to that world, and I am really happy that I could take that opportunity this time. In the future activities, I would like to aim at the top while doing anything, singing, dancing, acting, all of them!”

Abe Shuhei  (阿部周平)

Member color : Green

Born: 22 October 1997

Height: 177cm Weight: 64kg

Blood type: A

Hometown: Aichi

Hobby: Skateboard (special skill: Alley), mountain drive with father, calligraphy (jun-shodan level)

Sports: Soccer,softball, football, karate (grade 2)

Favorite Music: western music (Linkin Park, Backstreet Boys, RIHANNA), K – POP (Dong Bang Shin Ki)

  • At first he was always using keigo (polite speech), looked really calm and composed like an adult so the other members misunderstand him to be a cool guy, but after that he finally showed his true self : a giant dork baby.
  • Also Kengo said Shuhei looked like a rich-ass kid at first so they didn’t like him
  • His parents really like entertainment world and they influenced him, then he saw magipri’s audition info from the newspaper and applied for it.
  • Looked clumsy and spaced out, but actually very athletic, especially strong in fighting sports (he did karate, but now he also learns taekwondo and boxing). Was in the process of getting a pro boxing C license after tried the sport once in honkipri, but because of busy schedule seems like he stopped. Generally very good at every sport he tried, even though he never done it before
  • Other older members (and even himself) call him by “Abe-chan” and treated him like a younger brother who is still a kid. He like to distract other members a lot, but usually they forgive him easily and would just laugh at him. He’s the laugh maker in the group.
  • Usually not talking much but doing many weird actions instead. His way of talking is very fast and not clear as he admits it’s his bad habit. His vocabulary is also bad, not knowing many words and made many kanji mistakes. Sometimes also use bizarre, unique words unknown to others. Generally talks like a baby.
  • Is the same age with Kengo and even has the same birthday
  • He and Kaoru were the worst dancer in the group until the dance coach almost gave up on him, but he tried hard and now he’s far better at dancing and live performance. His dance coach finally compliment him that he has “sense in dancing” and that “his silhouette is the prettiest”. Now really like to dance.
  • Likes dinosaurs
  • Likes K-POP and would only sing K-POP songs in karaoke
  • The other magipri members  gave him a green skateboard as his birthday presents
  • Respect Kaoru very much. Many times he admitted he wants to be like Kaoru. Also likes to climb onto Kaoru’s back. From the fans’ report he also seems to get jealous easily when fans are taking a intimate photo with Kaoru while ignoring him, and likes to interrupt them. Sometimes cling and climb to Taishin and Hikaru too and even Kengo.
  • His fashion sense is the weirdest in the group. He likes to wear weird patterned t-shirt or baggy clothes and choker.
  • The only member who has his hairstyle changes everyday
  • Has a dog named Fami-chan and really loves it. Also has a really fawning big brother, mother, father and grandmother. His mother likes to watch magipri’s LINE LIVE, while his brother would send his friends to go to magipri’s event when he couldn’t go himself.
  • Alumnus of Okazaki Gakuen High School. Their uniform is blazer.
  • Unlike the other members, he doesn’t eat much
  • Fell sick in their Album release event week, right after their 3rd Live. So he couldn’t participate in anything and gone for a week.
  • Made many big mistakes in live, like had his towel got stuck to the ceiling when he throw it as a dance performance, or mistaking a remote as a mic.
  • He can’t really sing so has the fewest solo in magipri’s songs
  • He wants to do more variety show as his career.
  • He became a reporter of Totemo wakudoki, a Mie region TV Show

Comment: “When my name was called, I was so tensed up, that I could hear the sound of my heart in my ears, but after that  my body got lighter and happiness spreading out of my body. We from MAG!C ☆PRINCE will challenge various things, so I want the group to bring excitement to Tokai’s three prefectures and  become familiar with everyone!”

Ooshiro Hikaru (大城光)

Member color : Yellow

Born: 4 July 1995

Height: 175cm Weight: 61kg

Blood type: B

Hometown: Aichi

Hobby:  Cooking, shoe polishing, Drawing (foods), touring bakery, making bread, exploring supermarket’s food corner

Sports: Basketball (5 years), Dance (half a year)

Favorite Music: JPOP (AAA, EXILETRIBE, Shikuramen, Cream), KPOP (BIGBANG, Block B), Western music

  • His style is the most idol-like and seems like he has some entertainment world experience before joining magipri.
  • Released a photobook before joining magipri
  • Good at rap and in charge of it in the group.
  • He’s the tsukkomi in the group, and the 2nd big brother in the group after Taishin. He’s the kind and caring type of big brother. Also very positive.
  • He has a really big appetite and is famous for his eating power. But even so he’s not getting fat and even has sixpacks. He’s also really strong towards spicy food, when the other screamed how spicy some food is, he would stay calm and commented that it’s delicious.
  • Really likes bread. Can talk about it for 3 hours straight long. Always stopped at nearby bakery when going home. He can also bake bread himself, and even has a grade 3 baker certification
  • Even though strong at eating, can’t really eat chocolate without combining it with other food
  • The member who replied to fans comment the most in 755. He’s also the most diligent to update magipri blog and twitter. Seems also the most friendly and attentive to the fans in the event site, so fans really like him for it
  • Likes to cook and sometimes cook with Kaoru
  • His sports skill is not noticeable but sometimes he can do them unexpectedly well than the others.
  • Can do backflip
  • His charm point is his thick eyelashes
  • Really like tokusatsu ever since he was a kid and dreamed to play in one. It was also his motive when he want to become an idol and join magic prince’s audition
  • Generally aims to do many things in his idol career from acting, singing and modeling
  • Seems like he has talent for service industry, since he has good skill when explaining and promoting magipri’s merch to viewer in live, and has the best manner when they’re learning to be a salaryman in honkipri.
  • His family consist of him, father, mother, and a big sister. He’s really close and respect his father a lot. He congratulate his father’s birthday in one live TV broadcast, so many fans congratulates his father too after that, and his father texted him that he was happy for their attention. His father also wrote him a letter for his 22nd birthday surprise in Magipri 4th concert.
  • Actually back then when he graduate middle school, he didn’t wanna continue his study to highschool since he wanted to pursue career in entertainment world and would take auditions instead, but his father encourages him to go so he could work harder for his dream, which made Hikaru rethink that and agree to enroll to highschool.
  • Shuhei calls him the “fashion leader in magipri”
  • Made a soccer ball-shaped bread for Kaoru’s birthday
  • Cried when his bread got praised by IKKO in Majideshi
  • He often wears parka/jacket as his fashion style
  • Has his own TV show named MAG!C☆MUS!C that interviewed many famous artists while introducing his recommended songs.

Comment: When I was selected I was really happy and my trembling did not stop! I do not remember the details but it seems I was full of joy! Since I will be in MAG!C ☆ PRINCE from now on, I want to do my best with all the power  I have to encourage everyone in Japan to know Tokai’s three prefectures! I want to continue running without forgetting to appreciate the thought that I have now in the start line!”

If you are further interested, please follow them here ^^

or check out their website here ^^

I also write about their activities here or check the tag for more tidbids about them



2 thoughts on “MAG!C☆PRINCE Profile

  1. Thanks so much for this information. I really love these guys and it was amazing to get to know so much more about them. I would like to know, how did you come across them?


    1. Sorry for the late reply! I was so busy these days >_<
      I'm happy that this info is helpful to you
      I got all this information because I was watching them from the time they major debuted, so this is like the summary of my one year observation ^^
      There were also many which they talked/wrote themselves in interview/article/social medias that I remembered til now but kinda forgot where the source is from lol


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