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MAG!C☆PRINCE’s Activities


The rising idol group, MAG!C ☆PRINCE!

Not only they sing and dance, but they also did various things in the range of these one year.. and will get more things to do from now on as they get more and more famous ^^

Here I’ll give you some brief info about their major activities they have done

If you haven’t know about them, read this first

General Live Show

As an idol group, their main focus is of course perform on stage, singing and dancing to the audience.

Magipri usually do a mini live show in AEON Mall in various prefecture of Tokai Region almost every weekend. The show also acts as a way to do promotion to their upcoming CD and they calls it release event. They have two sessions per day, with an outfit theme per session. So you might see them in different clothes if you come to different sessions. Not only in their official idol clothes, they also often wears casual clothes that matches the theme, and you can see how different their style is from that.

 If you buy/pre-ordered their CD/goods you will get a ticket to interact face-to-face with them in the general live show’s handshake event.  You can chat with them, and even have a cheki (polaroid photos) taken with them! Magipri doesn’t have a too strict rule so you can request any poses of them in your photo and they will grant it happily. Body contact (appropriately) is okay too!

Honestly, these boys are sweet when you meet them in real life so coming to see them is really worth it (not that I have met them tho lol but my friends told me so).


Releasing CD

As of now (February 2017) Magipri has released three single CDs and one album, and have one new single ready to be released next month.

The CD usually contains 2 songs, one upbeat song and one slower song. It also contains the instrumental version without vocals. If you haven’t know yet, when they released a CD, it’s always come in 7 version. Five CDs are focusing on each member as they became the center of the CD cover, and the CD would have a special track of the focused member’s talking. There is also a regular version, where you have the cover as normal with all of them together but with no bonus track. One last version is the plus DVD version that contains MV and making of the video.

First single, Zettai Aishiteru

Second single,Spin the Sky

Third single, Over the Rainbow

And their first Album, 111 (released at 11 Jan 2017)

All of them always come within top ten of Oricon Daily and Weekly Rankings on their release date. Check the download tags if you are interested.

Update: They’ll be releasing new single in May 2017, UPDATE



As of now (February 2017) Magipri has done 3 Maji Live or mini concerts, that have almost 2000 people coming in the latest concert. Sometimes they would have guest appearing in the concert, like D-Boys senpais (Yanagishita Tomo), ex-AKB48 member (Asuka Kuramochi) or FallinloveHajime.  They would also have special segment, like doing an adlib competition or a comedy segment.The latest concert even had them throwing balls with their signature on it to the guests as a gift.

Honki☆Puri/ Honkipri (本気プリ)

Written in a way that can also be read “majipuri” that resembles Magipri name. Honkipri can be roughly translated as “Serious Prince” or “Real prince”

Honkipuri is aired every Sunday at CBC TV on 24:50. It was a show that requires Magipri members to do a challenge every episode, from doing part-time job, practicing sports or eating til they drop. They also often had Watanabe Entertainment’s senpais as their guest and MC, like Rocchi, Kokado, and fallinlovehajime. Occasionally there would also be a special part called “Majitabi” or “Maji Travel”. This segment features each one of the Magipri member traveling alone to other countries, like Shanghai, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. This is also to promote Imoto no Wifi, a portable wifi used on overseas, that sponsors them.

The show is really funny and easy to watch. It maybe random things they do, but sometime it sticked to them as their skills, like Shuhei who became a pro boxer because they learned boxing briefly in one of the episode.

If you are curious, you can watch some of the videos here (not mine)

Or you can check Youtube since there are some who re-uploaded them there.


Maji☆Dora/ Honki☆Dora ~Spin the Sky!~

Translated as “Real Drama”. The first drama all the magipri members starred in. Also features Asuka Kuramochi, one of ex-AKB48 member to act as a teacher.

The drama is short, only eight minutes each (including opening,ending, the story before that episode, and preview) and have only twelve episodes. Magipri members all acted as a highschooler faced with each of their problems; Kaoru with his inability to play soccer, Shuhei who always push Kaoru to play soccer again, Kengo who as Kaoru’s best friend prevent shuhei from doing that, Hikaru who can’t decide between baking bread and dancing,and Taishin who got angry after Hikaru break his promise with him.

The drama has Magipri’s second single ‘Spin the Sky’ as the Opening song, and its coupling song ‘Aishikute Setsunakute Dakishimetakute’ as the ending song.

The drama is funny and short, but keep relaying important messages about friendship each episode. The plot was not much and their acting wasn’t so good since it was their first drama but it was fresh and we can enjoy some BL here (KaoruxKengo and TaishinxHikaru, also one-sided ShuheixKaoru)

It had been released as a DVD. You can check the trailer here

Read my review about the drama here ^^


A radioshow they usually have a few times a week. Starring fallinlovehajime as the MC.

Every member would occasionally have their own segment, like Kengo who has a segment about idol and having them as guests, or Hikaru who has rapping segments.

Maji☆deshi (マジ☆弟子)

The show is familiar with honkipri but it’s broadcasted in all region of Japan in different days. The show focuses on how Magipri just ‘grew’ from just a countryside idol to be a Tokyo idol and learn how the become a true entertainer there.

The deshi part means “student”. Every episode features different famous guest to be their coach and teach them skills needed to be a professional idol. Like learning entertainment world’s language, kabuki, acrobat performance, line dance, and even magic. Taishin even joked that they will become the first idol group that can perform magic from now on, as people always asked what ‘magic’ from the magic prince’s name means. At the end of their study, the coach will give them rating on how good they are.

Every episode also features a specialty food from Nagoya to be promoted and given to their coach.

You can watch the episodes here (not mine)


Or Bakumatsu Prince.

Bakupuri is a drama where all Magipri members acted as shinsengumi members. Kengo as Okita Souji, Taishin as Isami Kondo, Shuhei as Saito Hajime, Kaoru as Hijikata Toushiro, and Hikaru as Yamanami Keisuke.  The five shinsengumi members time-traveled to the future and then learn to live as a modern person, as they also teach the viewers about history.

Sometimes there would also be guests appearing and acted as a historical person who visits them. Like their D-Boys senpais; Araki Hirofumi, Ikeoka Ryosuke, Maeyama Takahisa and Mikami Masashi.

The episodes are also short, 8 minutes each and have 12 episodes. The opening song is Over the Rainbow while the ending song is Glory World.

Read my review about this drama here


Kitkat short movie: “Rush~Kitto, Itsuka”

Collaborated with Kitkat, Magipri acted in a two episode short movie about cheerleading club. Once again they acted as a highschooler, and do cheerleading (as they learned once in honkipri), while facing the upcoming graduation exam. The movie’s purpose is to cheer all the highschoooler who’s about to take the exam dated not so long after the movie is released. They also have a kitkat special version of magipri’s cheering message written in each of the kitkat.

The movie also promotes their new single ‘RUSH’ as the opening and Sakura my friends as the ending song. One of SKE48 member, Furuhata Nao, acts together with them as their cheerleading club manager.

Honestly I really love the video’s color and how the scenes was done. Shuhei also did many adlib here that felt really natural. Their acting skills definitely improved.

You can watch it here

本気☆LINE Live

Magipri would occasionally do Line Live. Some times they would have it in member’s own room, or sometime when they are performing a live show. The line live usually lasted for around 30-60 minutes filled with talking and doing random things, or explaining about the new CD/merch/show promotion. They also like to read the viewer’s comment real-time and would respond to it.

As of now they have done more than 10 live. Watch them here

Imoto no Wifi CM

As Magipri’s sponsor, imoto no wifi had them starring in their Commercial movie.

You can watch the CM here and here



Hanazaka Times

I never watched it so I don’t really know about it. But it’s like a TV morning show and some of Magipri member usually appears on Saturday morning and join the talk.


I also never watch it so I don’t know much. It appears Hikaru and Taishin is the most frequent to appear there and would do the eating segment.


Kengo is an otenki oniisan (weather forecaster) in PON! That aired in NipponTV every Thursday morning. He was the only otenki oniisan as the other forecaster are otenki oneesan (girls).

OL desu ga, Kyabajo Hajimemashita

Kaoru acted as  a host waiter in the cabaret club in the drama. His acting felt pretty natural there though just as a supporting character. They are using magipri’s “Ittsu love” as the drama’s ending theme.

 Sport Danshi (究極の男は誰だ!?最強スポーツ男子頂上決戦2016)

Taishin participated in the competition, against other actors and idols and strong men. He won the Monster Box after breaking record of jumping 22 box in the preliminary and 23 box in the final. He even won against the last year’s winner Sano Gaku in a rope pulling match. He also participates in the 2017 Sport Danshi as the Monster Box defending champion and won again for the third time. If you want to watch it you can google the title and there are many who upload them.


They have released their first photobook this February.

Take a peek at the photobook here

Note: Hikaru is also chosen to be an MC of the newest music show on CBC TV (doesn’t have any name yet so they accept suggestions on its name) that will air on April. The MC’s assistant will be Ikeoka Ryosuke’s little sister.

Update: the show’s name has been decided as “MAG!C ☆MUSIC” )

Update 2: Starting April 2017, Kaoru is going to have his own radio show titled “Kao-chan’s Channel”, while Shuhei will become a regular in “Totemo Wakudoki” show.

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