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MAG!C☆PRINCE Drama ~ Spin the Sky ~ Review


51yugg-xgvlCan also be read MajiDora/HonkiDora.

The first drama Magipri members starred in. Aired in April 2016.

Magipri members are playing as themselves, as 2nd graders of Watanabe High School.

(In case you haven’t know any of them, please read this first)

There’s also guest appearance of Asuka Kuramochi, an ex-AKB48 member, who plays the role of their teacher.

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I’ll write the review in part as I don’t want to make this post too long.

p.s. Beware of Spoilers!!

Episode 1 “What is this!?”

The first episode is fully introducing the characters and hinted how they are all connected.

The drama starts with a despaired Kaoru on the rooftop, about to fall off. But it was a dream and he was actually sleeping in the classroom. Kengo, his best friend, woke him up by noisily taking photos of him with his camera.


When they walk home together they passed by Kuramochi-Sensei a.k.a Mocchi, whom Kaoru admits was very cute. Kengo just stared at him with disinterested eyes.




(I bet Kengo’s thinking “I’m far cuter than she is tho”)

After that, they encountered Shuhei, who was about to go to his club activities. He then told Kaoru that there’s going to be a soccer match next week and he hoped Kaoru will come to watch it. As he left, Kaoru’s expression turned sad. He tried to kick an empty bottle near his foot but it seems his foot hurt. A flashback of a doctor telling him something appeared. Kengo seemed to know but kept quiet and only saw him from afar.

Continuing their way home, they met Taishin and Hikaru, who were practicing dance in the park and welcoming them with their rap. Kaoru and Kengo left after talking about Kuramochi-sensei to them. At the bridge there’s some cute scene where Kaoru was eating stuffed bun and Kengo demanded to give him half of the bun. Kaoru teased him before he gave it to Kengo, calling him a “puppy”. Kaoru then pet Kengo’s hair with such fond eyes, happy that he was there with him. Yeah, so from this point on, we know that this drama would be full of KaoruxKengo scene.



Episode 2 “I’m so sad”

My favorite episode ^^

This episode was from Shuhei’s point of view. He thought deeply about playing soccer with Kaoru was everything for him,so when Kaoru retired from the soccer club.. suddenly school and club activites became boring to him.

Again, Kaoru was sleeping in the class and when Kengo and Hikaru tried to wake him up, he still didn’t react. They gave up, but at that time a hand poking at Kaoru’s head successfully woke him up.. that turns out to be Shuhei’s hand.


Shuhei confronted Kaoru about why’s he not coming back to club since his legs are already healed. Kaoru couldn’t answer.  Kengo doesn’t like it so he acted like a scary kid he is and told Shuhei off. He pulled Kaoru to go home with him, but Shuhei also pulled Kaoru’s another hand so the situation somehow turned into a catfight and they’re fighting over Kaoru.


“What’s with you? Who are you to Kaoru anyway?”

“Me? I’m his friend. You got problem?”

(Yeh, above are their dialogs for real. Reminds you of romance drama thingy?)

The fight somehow ended after they talk about how Kaoru doesn’t have anything else than soccer, how he was so goofy and clumsy (bump into table, calling his teacher “mom”, and splurt milk from his nose.. besides, all he does is sleeping). So how can he doesn’t want to play soccer when he’s basically useless without it? The two agreed on it and come on a term. Kaoru only gasped at them cruelly talking about him like that.

Once again, Shuhei pleaded Kaoru to return to the club, but Kaoru rejected because he thought even if he continue to play, he can’t become a pro. Shuhei got sad, and still couldn’t accept it. He then walks out of the class angrily and reminiscing about how lame he was for it.

“even men feels lonely if their friends are taken from them..”


Shuhei got broken-hearted


Episode 3 “You’ve got a friend”

This episode is from Kengo’s point of view.

He said something about how he’s always been alone in class until he met Kaoru.

Kengo arrived late at school because he slept in. He even forget that he still has his sister’s cute scrunchies tied up on his hair. Hikaru and Taishin were shocked to see him wearing that til they dropped their books because apparently after wearing that scrunchies Kengo looks really cute like a girl.


Taishin then borrowed the crunchies to play, he asked Hikaru to try  wearing it. Taishin only gave 35 points to Hikaru’s cuteness. Shuhei became their next victim with the scrunchies, who only got 5 points off him. They came into conclusion that Kengo suits it the best after all and asked Kengo to wear it again. Kengo agreed after Taishin bribed him with three ice creams.

This time Kaoru came back after throwing trash and got shocked to see Kengo with his beautiful scrunchies, he even dropped his trash bin.


Everyone dropped their things seeing Kengo’s cuteness

Kuramochi-Sensei also came in and got an idea to give him make up. Everyone praise Kengo for being so cute with the makeup and even want to go out with him. Kaoru still couldn’t stop staring at Kengo with a dazed face, that even made Kengo uncomfortable and put out the scrunchies. Everyone boo-ed when their view’s end.


Kaoru and Kengo then walked home together again. Looking at Kaoru, Kengo thought about how his ‘everyday’ came back to him after meeting the taller man. The scene turned into a flashback when they first met. Kengo was taking picture randomly with his camera when Kaoru called out to him, asking what pic he was taking. Kengo then turned to take pict of Kaoru, whereas the later only laugh and said to make sure the pic of him came cool. That was the first time Kengo found his important friend.



Episode 4 “Sorry, dear friend”

This episode’s focus is Hikaru.

Hikaru’s dream was to become a dancer with Taishin…at least, that was what he planned until just recently.

The episode started with Hikaru and Taishin practiced dancing in the back of the classroom, watched by Kaoru, Kengo and Shuhei. Kuramochi-sensei suddenly came and called Hikaru out, that only left the others wondered why.


Turned out Hikaru was secretly doing a part-time job and Kuramochi-sensei saw it by accident. Kuramochi-sensei warned him because working part-time is breaking the school’s rule. Hikaru apologized and said that he was going to start working at the bakery he partime-timed at, as soon as he graduated school. Even so, Kuramochi-sensei only agreed to keep it a secret from other teachers, as long as he quit immediately from his job, or he will get dropped out of the school.

When the classes are over, Taishin got curious and asked Hikaru about why he got called earlier. Hikaru lied and said it was nothing, that sensei only questions him about classes. Taishin let it go and invited him to practice dancing again after that. Hikaru rejected it and went home first..

But to be called back by Taishin in the corridor, whom throw him a box of juice while giving a cute random rapping. Taishin then went off after told Hikaru to drink it.


Hikaru stared at the juice fondly, thinking that Taishin always knew when he was down and how his juice always save Hikaru from it. Hikaru then went to his job at the bakery, looking happy surrounded by all the breads there.


Honestly, Taishin is an angel. He’s a perfect friend we all need in real life

The episode ended when he finished his job and stared at Taishin’s juice again, now looking all gloomy. He felt bad that can’t tell Taishin about the things he really want to do, as he was scared Taishin would got mad at him and they couldn’t dance together anymore.


To be continued in the next part ^^



Yeah it’s about friendship not BL but we can see clearly that they throw so many fanservice there.. I laughed so much that they put the fight for Kaoru scene at the second episode

And despite their character, they have the same traits as in the real life (ex: Kengo with his photography, Kaoru with soccer, and Hikaru with his bread baking)

Btw, I really like how each episode is titled with short english words XD

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