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MAG!C☆PRINCE Drama ~ Spin the Sky ~ Review (part 2)


Can also be read MajiDora/HonkiDora.

The first drama Magipri members starred in. Aired in April 2016.

Magipri members are playing as themselves, as 2nd graders of Watanabe High School.

(In case you haven’t know any of them, please read this first)

There’s also guest appearance of Asuka Kuramochi, an ex-AKB48 member, who plays the role of their teacher.

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I’ll write the review in part as I don’t want to make this post too long.

Previous part here

p.s. Beware of Spoilers!!

Episode 5 “Let me alone”

Okay, you can guess it, this time it’s from Taishin’s pov ^^

As Taishin and Hikaru dance happily together, Taishin thought about his dream to be a pro dancer with Hikaru. Reminds you of the same things Hikaru said in the previous episode.

When they walked to the next class, Taishin forgot something so he went back to the classroom while Hikaru went first to tell the teacher. After he retrieved the forgotten book, Taishin stumbled to Hikaru’s table and flipped it down, making all Hikaru’s belongings fall of everywhere. Taishin hurriedly put them back together…


Only to find Hikaru’s books about baking bread there

It made him wonder why Hikaru has those books even though he was doing dance with him.

The scene changed into Kaoru who was throwing some water ballons from upstairs to Kengo who was below him. Kengo couldn’t catch them at all. Shuhei came and caught one. He smiled at Kengo,  “Oh, you couldn’t even catch even one?”


Kengo definitely didn’t want to lose to him.

He tried one more time to catch the water ballon but instead the ballon pops up and splashed the water all over him… wow, I’m amazed how they can slip some more of Kengo’s fanservice there.. Kengo was all wet sexily.. well, Kaoru and Shuhei laughed him off tho.

As they laughed, they saw a dispirited Taishin passed by. Shuhei called out to Taishin but Taishin couldn’t hear him and left them without any reaction.



Taishin.. ignores Kengo’s fanservice?

Taishin and Hikaru were doing warms up on their usual dance routine in the park. Taishin then asked Hikaru if he hid something from Taishin. Hikaru got confused, but Taishin then averted the topic with asking Hikaru if he likes Kuramochi-sensei. Because he felt that Hikaru were often secretly talk with her.

Hikaru of course denied it, and finally confessed that Kuramochi sensei caught him doing part-time job. Taishin asked what part-time job he was doing, and Hikaru answered it was a bakery. Taishin then came to understood the meaning of the books he found earlier..

Taishin suddenly canceled their practice that day, and decided to enter the next dance tournament alone. This of course made Hikaru furious. He admitted that he couldn’t practice as much because he had a job but he wass thinking of quitting his job. Taishin scold him that if he’s not focusing on dance it would only drag them down and they can’t become a pro dancer. Taishin then left Hikaru angrily.

Taishin felt that it was only him that were so hyped up about them being a pro, and since Hikaru didn’t tell him anything, it only made him looks like an idiot.


Episode 6 “What’s going on”

More fanservice from Kengo. Here, have some Kengo’s cute sleeping face.


And Kaoru was creepily  admiring how translucent Kengo’s skin is.. when Shuhei came and told him about the next soccer match. Kaoru is impressed by it, but went silent when Shuhei asked if he want to have revenge on his opponent at that match. Shuhei wasn’t so in rush like before and told Kaoru to think about it by himself.

Kengo then woke up and asked Kaoru if he can go to his home that day because he have something to show. Kaoru agreed to let him come. Then they saw Taishin about to go home by himself, but when they asked where Hikaru is, Taishin just shrugged off and said that he didn’t know. Kengo then invited him to walk home together with them.

But at the corridor they encountered Hikaru who was talking with Kuramochi-sensei. Kaoru teased him about it, but Taishin was still angry and left without saying anything. He didn’t even look back when Hikaru called him to go together. Kaoru and Kengo whispered to each other, wondering what happened with the two.


Kengo came to Kaoru’s room which was full of soccer things. He wanted to show Kaoru the photos hes taken until now and wanted Kaoru’s opinion about it. Kaoru left the room for a minute to grab some drinks, but when he came back, he found Kengo is sleeping again, leaning on his bed. Kaoru then cover Kengo with his blanket and sat beside him, but the sleeping Kengo suddenly slipped down and now is sleeping on Kaoru’s lap.


Kaoru got fazed and wondering what to do. He tried moving Kengo’s body but his hand was smacked and Kengo wouldn’t let go of his hand after that. Kaoru couldn’t even move an inch. And worse off, he started getting his heart pounding because of Kengo’s cuteness..

But he at least managed to remind himself that Kengo is a boy. Kengo is a boy but.. he started to waver.

Just then Kaoru’s mother came into the room and got shocked to find his son is bringing a girl home lol.



Caught up bringing gf into your room be like

Kaoru tried to shush her by telling that Kengo is not a girl. His mother wouldn’t believe him but after that Kengo woke up and she found it was true. Kaoru then introduced the two of them. His mother coudn’t stop teasing Kaoru about how cute his friend is.

After Kaoru’s mother left, Kengo still found himself sleepy. Kaoru offered him to sleep on his bed, which Kengo accepted and continued sleeping there. Kaoru stared at Kengo who is now sleeping on his bed, thinking why was his heart still beating so fast..

Episode 7 “It’s hard to say”

Kengo and Kaoru found Taishin was dancing alone at the park. They asked if Taishin was having a fight with Hikaru, but Taishin just told them to shut up. After that he left the park.


Kaoru then found a ball and started to play soccer with kengo. Kengo was complaining that Kaoru was so fast and it seemd that his feet were healed already. Kengo was happy that his friend was doing fine.

But actually he was not..

A flashback appeared when kaoru was talking to his doctor three months ago. The doctor said that it needs three months for him to go back moving like usual, but he need one full year to reach his previous running power. But if it’s one year, then that means he would  have already graduated by that time.


Kengo asked him if he was alright and Kaoru avoided it by saying they should go home.

Hikaru was reading his breads book in the classroom. He couldn’t focus as he was still thinking about what Taishin said in the previous episode and how Kuramochi-sensei kept pushing him to quit his job. Shuhei then came into the classroom in his club jersey, asking Hikaru if he still isn’t going home.

Shuhei was surprisingly being sharp and asked if Hikaru was fighting with Taishin. Hikaru admitted it and said that it was his fault. Shuhei then talked about how hard friendship is, that they couldn’t say what they were thinking properly to each other. Hikaru agreed to it reluctantly.

The episode ends with Kaoru and Taishin both looking at the sky, wondering what they should do now.


Episode 8 “Don’t stop my heartbeats”

Taishin was thinking about his fight with Hikaru. Hikaru wanted to call him but ended up saying nothing and left instead. Kengo and Kaoru pitied him but when they called him, Taishin wouldn’t react. He was so dispirited that he didn’t even bat an eye even if Kuramochi-sensei was right at the classroom door.

Shuhei then approached Kaoru, giving him notebooks from their coach, containing details of the club member to prepare for the next match and asked for his opinion. He then left after giving Kaoru his time to think about it again. Kaoru only sighed while staring at the notebook.

Kengo complained that the class’ atmosphere was so gloomy with his two depressed friend’s existence there.


Finally Kengo dragged the two of them to Kaoru’s house. Kaoru’s mother welcomed them warmly as always and now commented about Taishin was an ikemen until Kaoru pushed her out of the room.

Taishin then told them about Hikaru who found things he want to do but didn’t tell him. Kengo said that maybe it’s because he didn’t want to hurt Taishin. Taishin regretted that he said hprrible things to Hikaru. He then resolved to talk once more to Hikaru. But since he stood up so suddenly, he made Kengo spilled the water he’s drinking.

The water spilled all over his clothes so he asked to borrow a clothes from Kaoru and started unbuttoning his shirt in a sexy way… that left both Kaoru and Taishin stared at him with their mouth open.


mgdr38“You saw him with erotic eyes!”

“No, isn’t it you who did that?”

Calm down boys you both are guilty.

The situation became worse because Kengo wear Kaoru’s clothes which are too big for him. The two stared blankly and wondered if that’s what called boyfriends’s tshirt..


He two of them distracting themselves in panic as Taishin went to the toilet, leaving Kaoru and Kengo in the room. Kengo happily sat down and ate his cream bread. Kaoru still with dazed mind, wondered that is this what it would feels like to have a date with your girlfriend.. so he unconsciously cleaned the cream on Kengo’s mouth with his finger and ate it.

Kengo was shocked, then also followed by Kaoru himself. Kengo guessed that Kaoru must be thinking of him as a girlfriend, which get denied by Kaoru, though not convincing. But Kengo seems happy about it??

Kaoru then still defending himself while going out of the room, wondering what’s wrong with himself that he could act strange like that.


to be continued in the next part ^^


Tbh I like Hikaru and Taishin’s conflict the best than the others XD

But we haven’t come to the climax yet

And really, fanservice is good but too much is..ugh, idk. I want to focus on the story or appreciating Shuhei’s diminishing appearance more than Kengo’s continuously doing fanservice since I’m getting bored of it.. but maybe it was good for Kengo’s fans. Well, at least the BL jokes were still somehow hilarious.

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