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MAG!C☆PRINCE Drama ~ Spin the Sky ~ Review (part 3)


Can also be read MajiDora/HonkiDora.

The first drama Magipri members starred in. Aired in April 2016.

Magipri members are playing as themselves, as 2nd graders of Watanabe High School.

(In case you haven’t know any of them, please read this first)

There’s also guest appearance of Asuka Kuramochi, an ex-AKB48 member, who plays the role of their teacher.

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I’ll write the review in part as I don’t want to make this post too long.

Previous part here and here (part2)

p.s. Beware of Spoilers!!

Episode 9 “No place for me”

After class ended Hikaru left before Taishin could call him up. He then also left to catch him up.

The scene changed to Shuhei’s narration, about how he maybe chased after Kaoru too much. Kaoru then approached him and gave him back the book (the one in episode 8). Shuhei was surprised and asked if Kaoru had read it, but Kaoru said he hadn’t, as he had quit club and had no reason to read the book.

mgdr41Kengo symphatized with Shuhei who said nothing back, and offer him his chocolate. But shuhei rejected it. Kaoru then smiled and started reminiscing about how he always eat all the valentine chocolate Shuhei got back then in middle school. Kaoru said that Shuhei was a really strange person back then, admitted by Shuhei and they laughed, which Kengo commented sarcastically on it (apparently they still have this fighting for Kaoru realtionship tho it had become better in the recent episodes). Kengo left before Shuhei even finished making his comeback.

Kuramochi-sensei suddenly came in and asked if Hikaru’s already going home, and Kaoru answered that he had.

After sensei left Shuhei awkwardly asked Kaoru that he had become close with Kengo recently. Kaoru only anwered that Kengo came on his own, agreed by Shuhei. Shuhei then apologized to Kaoru for all what he did before.

Even though he should be the one who understand how Kaoru had hurt his leg, he kept pushing Kaoru to come back and play. That was because Shuhei felt that if kaoru wasn’t there with him, then he would have no place in the club. Kaoru answered that it was him who had no place in club rather than Shuhei. Shuhei denied it, but Kaoru insisted on that fact.


“But you still like soccer right?”

Shuhei’s question throw Kaoru off, and made him reminiscing about his time playing soccer. Shuhei then said if he didn’t like soccer anymore then he wouldn’t be so sour about it. Kaoru couldn’t say anything.

Surprisingly, Kengo still hadn’t left. He was hiding behind the wall thin entire time, listening to their talk. He approached the two f them, tried to act like nothing was wrong and complained that his favorite melon soda was sold out. He wanted to go to the convenience store for it, which subtly hinted Kaoru to accompany him there. The two of them said goodbye to Shuhei.


At other place, Taishin was tailing Hikaru to his workplace. There he peeked from the store’s window, as he saw Hikaru was learning earnestly about his work there. Taishin laughed a little about it, but became gloomy when he recalled what he said to Hikaru before. As he resolved something, he walked away.



Episode 10 “Stand by me”

What Taishin resolved was actually to come into the store and talk to Hikaru face-on-face. Taishin acted like a normal bread buyer until Hikaru realized he was there and got shocked. Taishin only smiled seeing his reaction.



Taishin waited until Hikaru finished work in the cafe that the bakery had. Hikaru asked what happened because he came so suddenly, which answered by Taishin that there was nothing. Hikaru then gave Taishin some of the store’s bread. Taishin tried a bite, and he praised Hikaru that the bread was so delicious.


Look how happy Hikaru is looking at Taishin enjoying his bread

Taishin asked if Hikaru was the one making the bread, but Hikaru said that the manager hadn’t let him and he was only responsible for assisting and doing easy chores. Even so Taishin praised Hikaru for it since he couldn’t picture himself doing it.

Taishin then apologize for what he said before, Hikaru also apologize since it was his fault after all. The atmosphere become bright as Taishin got the bread’s cheese stuck to his nose when he ate it. The two of them reconciled with laughter. In the middle of his smile Hikaru thought about how long since he talked to Taishin like this.

Taishin cheered Hikaru to do his best, but Hikaru said that he’s quitting his job to avoid getting expelled from school. Taishin only answered that it can’t be helped, but it seemed like his mind wandered off somewhere..

The next day, Kaoru, Kengo and Shuhei talked about how they also want to taste the bread Hikaru made, and planning to come to the bakery after school. But Hikaru sadly told them that he already quit his job and yesterday was his last day working. Since he wanted to continue again someday he promised them his bread if that time come. Taishin suddenly got angry and said he couldn’t accpet it after all. He pulled Hikaru to go to the teacher’s office.

Kuramochi-sensei got shocked seeing their sudden barging in. Taishin asked her to somehow let Hikaru’s job slide since it was for the sake of his dream. He even bowed down, which make Hikaru also shocked seeing his friend’s support.


But Kuramochi-sensei only laughed at them. She told them that she got a phone call from the store’s manager and they wanted Hikaru to do an internship at their store, not as a part-timer anymore. Since internship was okay, Kuramochi-sensei could give permission as long as Hikaru did well in school. She thought the manager already told Hikaru about it.

Feeling relieved, Taishin and Hikaru hugged each other happily.

 Walking back to class, Hikaru decided he wanted to become a baker who could dance. Taishin thought it was a cool idea and supported it fully. He then joked that he wanted to become a dancer who dance while eating bread. The two of them laughed and thought about they would still be friends even if they weren’t doing dance.



Episode 11 “I don’t know why”

In the beginning of the episode, a distressed Kaoru thought about how soccer was everything in his highschool life. Behind him we can see Taishin and Hikaru were back to their daily dancing practice, but soon stopped as Hikaru had to go to work. Taishin then followed Hikaru, as he thought the girl who worked with Hikaru was cute and wanted to see her.

Kaoru and Kengo who saw that smiled as they were happy the two reconciled. Kaoru then looked at Shuhei who was busy writing something on his book. Kengo noticed how Kaoru was staring at Shuhei, but let him be. Kaoru and Kengo then decided to go home.


In the park, Kaoru stopped to play the soccer ball he found before. Kengo asked that since Kaoru looked like already can play soccer now, wouldn’t he go back to the club? He also thought about what Shuhei said to Kaoru when he was eavesdropping them before.

Kaoru got angry at what Kengo said. He felt that there was no place for him in the club, even if he return he couldn’t become a regular player anymore. Kengo answered that if he practiced hard maybe he can soon become a regular again. Kaoru still insisted that he couldn’t since the doctor said that he couldn’t ever run as fast as before.


“But..you still like soccer right?”

“So what if I still like it?” Kaoru throw the ball angrily

The next day Kaoru went home by himself, leaving Kengo behind. Shuhei asked Kengo if something happened to them but Kengo shooed him, saying it was not Shuhei’s problem. Shuhei insisted to know, and Kengo lost his patience. He scolded Shuhei for not knowing anything about Kaoru and his leg’s injury after-effect (Kaoru couldn’t run as fast anymore), though he himself only know about it the day before. Shuhei got silent for a second, but then suddenly dragged Kengo out of the classroom.

Somewhere else, Kaoru was sighing about what soccer really is for him.


Chapter 12 “Spin the sky”

 Shuhei kept dragging Kengo while Kengo kept protesting him about it. Turned out Shuhei was dragging Kengo to where Kaoru was.

Shuhei then called Kaoru and apologized to him. He didn’t know anything about Kaoru and Kaoru’s injury. Kaoru said it was okay as he didn’t even told Shuhei about it.  But Shuhei somehow felt happy since that means it’s not like they couldn’t play soccer together anymore, and once again pleaded him to come back to the club.


Kaoru didn’t want to, since if he couldn’t run, he would only trouble them, and he didn’t even know if his injury would acting up again. He didn’t have anything left in him. A voice suddenly heard, saying “idiot”. The voice was Kengo’s.

Kengo knew that Kaoru was an idiot but not to that extend. He then showed kaoru a photo of him playing soccer with a happy expression. Even though Kaoru said that he didn’t have anything anymore, Kengo assured him that he still had his feeling for soccer in him.

Kengo continued to praise the photo, as Kaoru’s face in the photo really showed his love for soccer and he was shining brightly, looking so cool. That even made Kengo to think that he should work harder in his photographing. He wanted to see that expression of Kaoru one more time.


Kaoru then admitted that he was truly an idiot, for forgetting how a soccer-idiot he was. Shuhei was really happy and said they should start to play again tomorrow. Kaoru scold him for deciding things on his own, and he insisted that he still couldn’t do anything. Shuhei told him not to worry since he would teach him again and they laughed. Kengo’s expression turned a bit lonely.

In the class, Hikaru was rapping about their friendship, and thanking Taishin while at it. Taishin smiled hearing it. Kaoru was beside them wearing a jersey, ready for club. He would start going to club again that day. Taishin and Hikaru cheered Kaoru about it. In the other side of class, Kengo was examining his camera all alone.


Like he can read Kengo’s mind, Kaoru said it out that Kengo feels he would go back to being alone again if Kaoru’s busy with his club. Kaoru then invited him to go with them, and asked him to take a cool photo of them. Shuhei even asked kengo about it but Kengo said he would only aim his camera on Kaoru. Kaoru took the argument as the two of them being friendly, which rejected at the same time from both of them. Taishin and Hikaru then invited them to walk together.

In the end, the five of them walked happily side by side, while saying goodbye to Kuramochi-sensei.


The End


The conflict really ended quickly and easily..

Well overall the story wasn’t really clear and the acting was still so awkward.. but it was so fresh and simple you didn’t have to think about anything and can enjoy it easily. The fanservices are also bonus tho. It’s also very short so it wouldn’t consume much of our time for watching it and can be watched whenever we have free time.

If you love these boys or looking for something to rest your mind, this drama is really worth it! ^^

Totally recommended!

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