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MAG!C☆PRINCE First Photobook Review


MAG!C☆PRINCE released their first Photobook in February 2017. Up there is the cover of the PB ^^

So, I bought this a while ago and decided to review it a bit ^^

Unfortunately I don’t have a scanner, so I can’t scan it for you guys and the only thing I have is this not-so-highspec camera in my phone.. so enjoy the bad quality image lol

(But I assure you, the real PB has a really sharp and nice photo printed in it, not like in my image! XP)


Firstly, the general info about the PB.

The price is 2500 Yen (tax included). I think it was cheap since I found many other Japanese idols’ photobooks are costed around 3000-4000 Yen. And they only consist of one idol, but for this cheap price you could get 5 handsome man in one book! (OwO)

The size is big.. I don’t know the specific size but its length is the same with A4 but 5cm++ broader than it (Well, the size of Japanese photobooks are almost the same tho). And it’s thick, since the book consists of 90 pages, with good quality paper. Yeah, it’s heavy too.

So yep, with almost the same quality, size, and pages number as other idols books, magipri’s is considered very cheap! ^o^



Btw, like any other Japanese books, it has double covers. The red cover is the outer cover, but the real cover of the book is the black with multiple candid photos one.



Next, to the photos inside!

The photograper for this photobook is Takao Tounoki

There are  10 segments, with each different style of clothes: From their ON Mode (black prince-like uniform) to a Red Dress Code, or White, pure, innocent style like you could see in the cover. And ooooooooooooh there is an OFF Mode, consists of photos of them sleeping /semi nude, and home-wear clothes.

There are many other segments other than what I said tho, I don’t wanna spoil you the fun ^^. Anyway, some of them even has stories, like cooking or camping. Some are big one-size pics, some are collated, and some consists of many small photos.

Here are the spoils of my fav pics:


Shuhei’s so pretty here…


And Hikaru, since he had released a photobook before, with his experience was the most photogenic in this book


Taishin and his nice figure


Sadly there are no nude pics or at least a pic that show some skin of Kengo.. I feel sorry for guys who buys this book with the hope of it lol 


Kaoru, keeping up his sexyness while still hiding his belly…



And many photos of them being together:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

TashinxKengo or ShuheixKengo? Both are cute~




Overall, I’m really satisfied with this PB. I really liked their style from when they are debuting until now, and they have so many style and coordinations all this time. But in this PB, mostly are clothes you didn’t see them wear anywhere else, it’s refreshing~ Anyway, my fav style is the White one since they all somehow look more gorgeous and has this out-of-world feeling in it! >_<

Plus Point: Cheap, good quality paper, many range of photo theme, the photos’ contrast are nice.

Minus Point: Since it’s their first time in a photobook, they mostly have the same facial expression except for Hikaru .



In conclusion, it’s really worth it! ^^

Especially if you like their fashion style, or want something pretty to heal and refresh your eyes and mind (yes, it happens to me)

Please buy this book if you can, to support them!

Buy it at:

amazon or cdjapan

2 thoughts on “MAG!C☆PRINCE First Photobook Review

  1. I love this photobook too! ^0^
    Since Kaoru is my favorite member I liked his photos the most but there are many great pictures of each member. My favorite part is the “Do you know our colors?” part. I really love these pictures pointing out the members colors.
    Besides did you saw they will release a new single. I think it’s going to be released in September. I am super excited for it! ^-^


    1. Right? I wonder if they’ll release a second one^^
      Ahhh, that part was aesthetic! It’s really showing their color strongly hshsh
      Yeah, the title is Yume no Melody! It”s going to be released this October actually, I’m also really looking forward to it, especially the MV! ^^


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