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MAG!C☆PRINCE’s little brother group, Kyushu Boys


While waiting for Magipri’s newest single release, UPDATE , let’s prepare our heart to welcome their little brother group from other region, Kyushu Boys~ ^^

If you read my magipri post here, you must have known that they are made from an audition based in Tokai region, and first was called Nagoya Boys, before changing their name into our well known MAG!C☆PRINCE.

After finding magipri successful, their agency, Watanabe Entertainment, made another attempt of audition in another region, to make a new idol group! This time it was held in Kyushu! Hence, they are named Kyushu Boys (九州BOYS)! though, this is only a temporary name since they are going to change it anyway soon.

The audition was held since March 2017. Now they are in the middle of the final test of the audition, before announcing the name of the group and the members in Solaria Plaza at 20 May 2017. The audition had 2188 participants, from 7 perfectures in Kyushu region. In April, they made a special TV show named Barisugo8 (バリすご8) that would cover the final test of the audition.

 You can watch them here

(Apparently the uploader had deleted his account and video, but thank god I managed to save them before they disappear)

You can download the first 3 episodes of Barisugo8 here)

Anyway, in the show 4 final contestants were introduced, while the 8 MC (8 old men comedians from WE) are assisting them or giving them challenges. What a unique way of audition lol, but after watching this I suddenly have the urge to support them even before they debuted.

I have to say that I love all the 4 finalist~ They are all so handsome and all had unique talents. You may notice this from MAG!C☆PRINCE , but WE seems to prefer choosing a person with high quality talents to be their idol rather than based only by their looks and voice or dance ability^^

But one thing I wasn’t so sure is, the group was said that it’s supposed to have 7 members, but the announced finalists in the show are only 4 people. So I guess from 2000 participants only these 4 are great enough? Or are the other 3 hidden?

Well, here are few data I found about the 4 soon-to-be idols:


Yabu Yusuke

20 years old, his birthday is 20 May.

He is a 2nd year student from Fukuoka University. His major seems to be Economic.

He was participating in his university’s mister contest

If I have to say in one word, he is a Yamato Nadeshiko lol.

He is a traditional man whose special skill is shuudo (japanese calligraphy) with 12 years of experience and kyuudo (archery). He likes traditional Japanese food and traditional Japanese green tea.

His figure when wearing hakama is so pretty.. moreover he always has this beautiful smile on his face. The MCs are also complimenting his voice as cute.

I’m not really sure, but it is said that his calligraphy skill is no.2 in national tournament.

But seems like he actually is a natural airhead? lol

He already became old men MC’s favorite toy to tease.

In Barisugo8 he is challenged to write 888 “Thank you” in calligraphy. Though, he failed and could only write 359 times

 His twitter is @ryabuad571 




Nakamura Masaki

20 years old

A 3rd year university student from Seinan Gakuin University

His special skill is soccer, he is a lefty and in the best 4 player in Fukuoka. Sporty type.

Though his appearance seems wild and catchy, looks like he is actually quite shy and has calm demeanor. Seems bulliable.

He also looks like the most clueless about dancing and the one most suffering in the dance lesson.

In Barisugo 8 he is challenged to do 888 lifting without passing the barrier around him,and he passed the challenge after 5 tries. It was hard since the wind was strong and his contacts lenses fell.

His twitter is @mr2333lvns 




Oike Mizuki

20 years old

He is originally from Aichi, and when he knew about this audition he thought this was his last chance to become an idol so he moved to Fukuoka in order to join the audition. He has been working as a dance teacher since 2nd year high school.

He has a strong muscly, sixpack body that made everyone gasped in surprise.

He seems the most adult-like and gentle. Kinda nurturing like a big brother.

He will participate in Sport Danshi this spring representating Kyushu Boys, and will compete with Taishin from magipri.

He is challenged to do a Koi Dance with 88 people. It was a very difficult thing for him, since he just moved and doesn’t have any single friend in the area. So he gives out flyer to passerby, though hardly anyone stops. Finally he did some dance in the street so people would stop to look at him and gave him the chance to give the flyers. In the end, he couldn’t gather 88 people but only 40 people, but he did a good job teaching them to dance.

His twitter @19970210mizuki 




Yamaguchi Takuya

20 years old

A 3rd year from Fukuoka University.

He is the winner of Fukuoka University Mister Contest 2016, beating Yabu who is participating in the same contest.

His special skill is Japanese drum. He often performed with his group named 呀狼~GARO~ (Ookami ~GARO~)and even said that he once performed in one of Arashi concert with 30.000 visitors.

He seemed to be the most fashionable and has a mighty aura around him. A cheerful and friendly guy type who seemed to pull the other along.

He is challenged to tap the drum 8888 times nonstop. Even if he practiced drum a lot, it was still quite a number and he used up all of his energy to pass the challenge.

His twitter is @ta318ku 



The four of them are challenged to perform a dance in the announcement event this 20 May as their final test. Which is bad news for everyone except Oike, since they never did any dancing before. They are given only a one month time to practice under Fishboy, a famous dancer from Watanabe Entertainment.

Since they often practiced together, seems like they all have become friend already and like to hung out together after practice. They also follow each other on twitter and like to reply to eac other there/ Well, they are all the same age after all so maybe they have a lot in common.

From the first impression, I think this will be a very different kind of idol group than magipuri, since their looks are more matured and handsome, more than the cute and youngish MAG!C☆PRINCE. Also they are all very tall lol. I hope the audition will successfully finish and they all would really become a group, since I already like their interaction and the group’s combination of members.

Watch and support their road to become an idol~

Follow the audition at @barisugo8


Edit: As of 21 May 2017, their group’s name changed to Nine Stars

See the audition’s result here

(From left to right: Yabu, Nakamura, Yamaguchi, Oike)


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