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Kyushu Boys is now Nine Stars!



Well~ After a month of hard work for their last audition, yesterday (21 May 2017) the final audition event was held, and the announcement is…

Yabu Yusuke, Oike Mizuki, Nakamura Masaki and Yamaguchi Takuya all passed! \(^o^)/

They had all graduated from being Kyushu Boys finalist!

In case you do not know about Kyushu Boys, I had written about them here



In summary, for their final audition, they have to perform dance. They all never did any dancing before, except for Oike Mizuki who worked as a dance teacher since high school. They have to learn dancing in one month under FISHBOY, a famous dancer from Watanabe Entertainment (WE).

Even FISHBOY was very distressed since he said it normally took 3 months for all beginner to perform a proper dance, while they only got one month.  Nakamura Masaki was very stressed too since he’s the one who can’t do dance well with his zero experience. Mizuki also has to teach them all, and since he doesn’t want the gap between him and the other members to look further (since they will dance as a team), he limited his movement and that caused the teacher to give him bad score too. Yamaguchi Takuya got partnered with Masaki for their dance lesson test, and somehow they clicked up and now like to hang out together. It’s funny since Takuya is a huge extrovert while Masaki is a shy person lol. Yabu Yusuke is.. well idk, he seems to struggle but he’s still the usual Yabu who smiles through everything though being bullied. Ah, by the way Yabu is the oldest of them all, and one day after the final audition is his birthday! So he get happy that he can celebrate both of his 21st birthday and his audition result ^^

(Tho, since usually the oldest member would get picked as a leader, I wonder about Yabu.. since he looks so not leader-type.. though Mizuki teased him with the ‘onii-chan role’ )

So, at the final Event in Solaria Plaza Fukuoka, they managed to perform a dance with passing mark! The event was surprisingly very crowded for a just debuting idol group, maybe it’s thanks to the Barisugo8 TV show or the mass promotion from WE who brought many famous comedian to guest at the event. There were Blouson Chiemi, Shining Ikezaki, and two of MAG!C☆PRINCE members, Hirano Taishin and Ooshiro Hikaru!

See their dance performance here



Anyway, since the audition has finished, the group name is now changed from Kyushu Boys, and become 「九星隊(ナインスターズ)」or translated as ” Kyushu Troops ( Nine Stars )” ! Though I think it’s a bit weird they use the word nine as in they only have 4 people in the group, apparently the nine refers to the first kanji from “Kyushu Troops” which can also be read as “nine” while also refer to their Kyushu Region. And the Stars also refer to the second kanji from Kyushu Troops which can be read as star. so we get the name Nine Stars !

Btw, for short, people would also call them with NaiSuta ( ナイスタ )

I think it will take them a long time before their major debut.. like magipri, maybe they’ll need at least 6 months, though we don’t know when they’ll start their regular performance (if they use the same promotion method with magipri). I can’t wait to hear their song! Though..more bias means I’ll need more money to purchase their CD orz

And I’m looking forward to their growth! One thing I like from Magipri and WE idols, we can really see their personality and skill change by the passing time, like how Kengo changed from being selfish into a caring one, or Shuhei who is poorest at dancing now become a dance machine.

I hope you guys will like them too, as magipri’s little brother! ^^

Update: See this post for member’s colors and the group’s chosen leader


Oops, I almost forgot.

Do you know that Sport Danshi ( 最強スポーツ男子頂上決戦 ) was broadcasted last week (11 May) in TBS TV? Mizuki were participating in it, representing Kyushu Boys! There were also Taishin from Magipuri, and many strong idols competing. Taishin was participating for the third times and with this he won the Monster Box Challenge for THREE TIMES! fyi, Monster Box is a challenge to jump on vault boxes, and as you passed one the boxes would get taller and taller.. Taishin passed the 23 boxes world record, that’s about almost 4 meter tall. I’m really happy that he kept become the defending champion there.

And!! This is the first time Mizuki joined but… he WON the Ultimate Wheel Challenge! It’s a challenge where you hung into a wheel with only your hands and turn it with! I’m so proud that our newest idol group can do so well~

(Watch it to see Mizuki’s amazing abs! ^^ oh, there’s also magipri members too there who came to watch Taishin, everyone except for Shuhei who had other job, came, if you’re interested)


Mizuki was living in Nagoya before he moved to Fukuoka to join Kyushu Boys audition.. and after he won Sport Danshi, he came back to Nagoya to join Magipri’s Line Live once! It was so funny and interesting, seeing him interacting with Magipri members! He would sometimes playing along with Shuhei’s antics (which made the baby happy since everyone else ignored him) or showed off his dance even though his slipper fell off lol. Kengo also said that even though magipri is his senpai (senior).. and that they finally had a kouhai (junior) to teach.. Mizuki has far greater skill in dance from them that they can teach nothing lmao.

Watch it here

Ahh.. seems like I blabbered too much.. I guess I’ll update this later especially when they released their CD.

Please support Nine Stars from now on~ ^^


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