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Honki☆Puri (本気プリ) Download



So I’ve been noticing that some of the Honkipuri videos in 9tsu that I previously shared the link with you in another post, have disappeared. Fortunately I saved them so I will put the videos for download here for backup purpose..

These videos are not mine, and these are all I found since last year.. No one uploaded them again yet. I also can’t found CBC TV in the Japanese TV streaming sites so no luck to record them either. But if you find another videos that are not in this folder, please tell me about it! I will really appreciate it ^^

Honkipuri is aired every Sunday at CBC TV on 24:50. It was a show that requires Magipri members to do a challenge every episode, from doing part-time job, practicing sports or eating til they drop. Earliest episode also had them putting up poster for their fist single CD advertisement throughout the region, since they have been doing this show even before they had their major debut in 2015. As a variety show, you could really see their personality and their interaction. Yeah, there are some episodes that showed the members arguing and fighting with each other (for real). The director somehow wouldn’t even cut those scene maybe for dramatic purpose.

They also often had Watanabe Entertainment’s senpais as their guest and MC, like Rocchi, Kokado, and fallinlovehajime. Occasionally there would also be a special part called “Majitabi” or “Maji Travel”. This segment features each one of the Magipri member traveling alone to other countries, like Shanghai, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, etc. This is also to promote Imoto no Wifi, a portable wifi used on overseas, that sponsors them. Sometimes there would also be some segment that shows their live concert, so if you want to know how their concert is, you can check them ^^ (or see the 111 DVD I shared in another post)

Well if you like to see Hey Say Jump’s Itadaki High Jump, I think this show is kinda similiar in the mission-style variety aspect..


Anyway since these videos are not mine, I won’t tell you any what-not-to-do or something, you are free to use it as you like (except the uploader is against it, but they had been disappearing for quite a while now). I also wouldn’t protect it with any password.

Enjoy! ^^

Download Link


Notes: There are some who uploads their records of honkipri in Youtube, and since I’m not sure I could reupload them here, I won’t add them in the folder though I still have the file in case they disappear.

I think my favorite episode is when they are making christmas cake, since it was so funny to see how Kengo, Shuhei and Taishin really fails their mathematics and mistaking how to count mililiter, liter, and gram.. and of course fails at their cooking too lol. Tbh there’s one other honkipuri episode that’s also about them cooking other foods, but I only managed to find part of the video. Kengo, with his wifely, beautiful face, really really doesn’t know anything about cooking, but he likes to try to do many absurd things when he is cooking that Shuhei and Taishin must stop him. Shuhei, though looks childish, somehow can cook normally, and usually he would take the lead in his team with Kengo and Taishin, even though he is also not really good at it. Taishin is there somehow just to make sure his little brothers are safe in the kitchen lol. And well, Kaoru and Hikaru is so good at cooking that the cooking teacher usually praise them.

And because honkipuri is doing many eating mission, somehow Magipri become famous for being an idol group that eat so much but has nice body. Altough the one who is the most famous with it is Hikaru.

What is your favorite episode? Tell me about it ^^


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