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Nine Stars First Fan Meeting Info


I said that I won’t write about them again until they make their major debut but.. since I think this info is important I’ll just put it here briefly.

If you didn’t know anything about them, read my post here and here

Today, 11 June 2017, Nine Stars had their first Fan Meeting event. I think they’re kinda doing talkshow and a dance performance there.. Idk for sure, but in this event they’re releasing more info about Naisuta from hereafter.

Ah btw, the pic above is Naisuta’s new logo.

So, today they announced the member’s assigned colors. Just like magipri, each member has their own colors befitting their image.

Yamaguchi Takuya has become the captain of Nine Stars! His image color is red.

Oike Mizuki is blue.

Nakamura Masaki is yellow.

Yabu Yusuke is purple.

Since the kanji name for Nine Stars is Kyushu Troops, they are using ‘captain’ (Taichou) term instead of the usual ‘leader’


Honestly I was surprised that Takuya became the leader since I thought it will be Mizuki who seemed the most mature in them.. but Takuya is the most cheerful with strong personality person in Naisuta, he seemed the most capable to pull all of the soo different members into one, so I think it was a great decision after all ^^

Like, at first when they practiced for the final audition, he was the one who pull them all to take selfie together, or liked to hang out with each members.. he’s also the one who’s taking care of Masaki, who is very shy. Now they are best friends and Takuya always like to post Masaki’s picture in his twitter.

And I was relieved that Yabu is not the leader, since in many idol groups usually the oldest is made to be the leader, and Yabu is the oldest. But his personality is so bulliable and funny that I don’t think he can control the other member XD but I was surprised he got the purple color lol

Just like magipuri, starting this July they are given job to appear as a regular in ももち浜ストア that is broadcasted in TNC TV and they will also appear in RKB Radio. And don’t forget their already running Barisugo 8 show! We have to wait for their debut single tho ^^

They also will be guesting in Magipri’s 4th concert, and collaborated in the dancing. I can’t wait to see their interaction with each other!

By the way, they finally made Naisuta’s official twitter, @nine_stars4

So please follow and support them! ^^



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