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MAG!C☆PRINCE 4th Maji☆LIVE Report


I just came back from a nice, long holiday~

I planned to update this blog more frequently though, but I don’t know what should I post so I’ll just write about this for now~

(But I’ll try to post more download links soon)

So in 17th June 2017, Magipri held their 4th Honki ☆ Live (The name for their live concert shows) in Zepp Nagoya. This time the spectators are up to 3000 people! ^^

They would also hold the Live in Zepp Tokyo next 8 July 2017!

Of course, I can’t attend the concert since I don’t live in Japan, but I get to find many interesting reports in twitter about the Live and I feel like I have to share a bit of the excitement with you!


Nine Stars are guesting in it 

MAG!C☆PRINCE’s little brother group from Kyushu, Nine Stars are also performing in the live, doing a collaboration singing Hello Hello (D-DATE, Magipri’s big brother group’s song, so actually this should be called a three group collaboration lol). They also perform dancewhile at it. It’s really interesting and cute to see all of them together on the stage. This is a great chance for baby Nine Stars to learn much from their seniors and motivate themself to hold a concert like this someday.

They will also perform in Magipri’s concert in Zepp Tokyo too

By the way, Kengo said that his oshi in Nine Stars is Yabu Yusuke lol.. kinda surprising for me..  Since Yabu’s purple and Kengo’s pink they’d naturally paired up together in the both group’s performance (leaving Shuhei all alone since no green in Naisuta), so I think it’s because of that Kengo become infatuated with Yabu.. but surprisingly when I watched their LINE LIVE Kengo couldn’t stop talking about Yabu so finally Shuhei blocked his mouth with his hand lmao (either jealous or he had enough, but boy kengo rarely talks anyway so let him be! XD). Anyway great choice Kengo he’s my oshi too though they are all precious.Shuhei and Taishin prefer the captain, Takuya though. Who’s your Naisuta oshi? Tell me about it ^^



Kengo actually hurt his legs

It is revealed that Kengo actually hurt his legs in the concert, but managed to hide it entirely through the end of the concert. He really didn’t show it on stage, but the staff’s are saying he’s finally showing a pained expression when he got in the backstage. The director then praised him for being a proud center of magipri, since he managed to perform amazingly despite his legs condition.

Kengo also confirms that in his blog posts, and telling the fans to not worry since he got a good rest and his legs are healing quickly.



Shuhei fell down on his own

After they perform Glory World song, Shuhei was really surprised to see the Silver Tape (or the silver laser thingy but he called it by that) that he fell down backwards on his own lol. It is later revealed that magipri members had been told about the silver tape so many times during the rehearsal, but Shuhei enjoys the concert too much and forget entirely about it. He got scolded but was forgiven because it was actually kinda cute XD

The scene is here



Fans are given the chance to record

Usually it’s forbidden to record the concert, but there are two songs when the spectators are given permission to take picture and even record it in this live, it’s UPDATE and Hello Hello! So if you go through the tag in twitter you’ll find many different pics and records from the fans about the live.



Two new songs were introduced

Magipri’s new songs are performed for the first time in this live! The title was Wake Up Calling and キミ⚡️ラブ (Kimi Love).



The signed ball are back

Just like the previous live, in this live they also threw out many balls that have their colors and written sign on them to the fans!



Next Big Concert announced

Magipri will held their one man concert in Century Hall Nagoya which is a big hall and many big concerts were held there before. The concert will we held at 23 December 2017, also celebrating their debut anniversary.



Seems interesting, doesn’t it?

If you’re interested take a glimpse of their live, I’ve uploaded the video of their previous live in my 111 album post

I hope they can grow more and more and get to perform on bigger venue, as Kengo once dreamed to hold a concert in front of 10.000 audience ^^



Because I’m too lazy to make a new post so I’ll just put it here.. it’s short anyway

So after the Tokyo Live, they revealed that there are 2 new songs that are gonna be our as their new 5th single CD! And surprise, it’s not Wake Up Calling and キミ⚡️ラブ that they’ve been introducing before, but a whole new songs!

The title is YUME no MELODY and Dreamland! You can check Dreamland’s preview here

Honestly I already like Wake up Calling and Kimi Love especially everyone praised how Shuhei got many singings there but when I heard Dreamland it was so good too hhhhhh and Yume no Melody is arranged by Heroism (the one who arranged UPDATE) again so I guess the quality must also be high I can’t even complain :”D

But that means I have to wait for the next album to hear Wakeup Calling and KimiLove..

Anyway, the single is gonna be out at 18 October 2017 so let’s save our money to buy their song and support them! ^^

Another Tokyo LIVE tidbid:

Many senpais from Watanabe Entertainment came to watch the Live, like Maeyama Takahisa from D-BOYS,  Kondou Shouri and Naya Takeru from PATCH, Mikami Masashi, and Araki Hirofumi even made an appearance as a surprise guest when they give Hikaru his birthday cake! Yeah, at the Tokyo Live, they’re also celebrating Hikaru’s 22th birthday ^^

And the day before their Tokyo Live, Kengo and Taishin were participating in D-BOYS’s first LINE LIVE! The LINE LIVE was really interesting as it gathered D-BOYS, PATCH, MAG!C☆PRINCE, and Nine Stars together! (Yes, there’s also Takuya and Mizuki from Naisuta there!) Just a little info that they are all from the same agency, Watanabe Entertainment; D-BOYS’s basis is in Tokyo, PATCH’s is in Osaka (Kansai Area), Magipri from Nagoya and Naisuta in Kyushu. If you want to see their interaction, you can see it here

By the way, I’m not sure what happened but after the live people started using  hashtags, even the senpais lol maybe Kengo asked the audience to use that hashtags. He blogged that he was very happy about people using it.

Oh, and in this Live Dreamland is performed and can be recorded, so you can check the  tags again to find videos and photos, or check them in youtube for longer videos




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