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Nine Stars is Going to Major Debut Soon


Forgot to write about this…

Last week at 23 July 2017, Nine Stars made an appearance at TNC Matsuri. They were standing on stage with the Barisugo senpais, doing talkshow, minigame, and perform!

The appearance was broadcasted in LINE LIVE here and here

(It was parted into two videos maybe because the staff who recorded it push the button by mistakes, she seems new into this and even forgot to turn off the camera even after the performance so you can see her walking around with the camera in the end for a while)

Btw, Nine Stars had made their Official LINE Account, so please add it!  ^^

I can’t comment about the video now since I haven’t rewatch it and kinda forgot about the content but the game was funny and Yabu was so cute lol. Ah! and Masaki, my shy and pure Masaki, since when did he change.. he was cheekily cheating when he played the game and it was so funny but adsgshsj whom did you learn that from lmao..

I’ll maybe update this later if I have time…or not if I’m too lazy

BTW!! What’s important is, at the end of the show, Nine Stars were announcing that they had signed the contract with Universal Music and they’ll be having their major debut soon! That means they’ll be releasing their first single in the near future!

The song’s title is “FLASH”, and the one who composed it is Kabashima Kenji, who was also responsible for composing Magipri’s song “RUSH” before. So if you like RUSH, that means you’ll also love this new song! But it’s also kind of their introduction song so it has this kind of Zettai Aishiteru vibes in it, a cheerful song!  (Though, notice the two song’s not-so-creative title lol)

They performed the song in the end of their show! I was so amazed that they can do this kind of idol-like performance in a short time.. even though they’re still bad but hey, remember 3 months ago they even never did any dancing before! And seeing them performing, dancing while singing like this made me kind of proud..

If you’re too lazy to watch the entire show, you can see them performing FLASH here

Honestly I was kind of surprised they can debut in such a short time, I mean Magipri need 6 months for it? But we still don’t know when Naisuta’s song gonna be released though.. and that means I’m going poor since now I have to support Nine Stars too because I already like their debut song hshhss

Do you also like the song?

Please support them if you can ^^


2 thoughts on “Nine Stars is Going to Major Debut Soon

  1. I didn’t knew about them before. Thanks for writing about them! I really like the debut song! Maybe I will buy their first cd. I always love to support new artists. >0<


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