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Maji☆Deshi (マジ☆弟子) Season 2 Start!


I forgot to post this since I was busy with my office trip but..

This October, Magipri’s show Maji☆deshi (マジ☆弟子) start airing their 2nd season!

If you don’t know what it is, here is my synopsis for the 1st season of majideshi before:

The show is broadcasted in all region of Japan in different days, for example it was aired in TV Tokyo at Sunday, then aired in TV Nagoya at Tuesday. The show focuses on how Magipri just ‘grew’ from just a countryside idol to be a Tokyo idol and learn how the become a true entertainer there. It has 12 episodes.

The deshi part means “student”. Every episode features different famous guest to be their coach and teach them skills needed to be a professional idol. Like learning entertainment world’s language, kabuki, acrobat performance, line dance, and even magic. Taishin even joked that they will become the first idol group that can perform magic from now on, as people always asked what ‘magic’ from the magic prince’s name means. At the end of their study, the coach will give them rating on how good they are.


(I’ll maybe keep updating the guest name here if I have the time lol)

1st guest — DISH, a famous dancing rock band (which means they dance while performing rock). Magipri is learning their kinds of unique performance, like dancing while playing instruments or throwing off paper plates like a flower petals

2nd guest — Hideyuki Nakayama, a famous entertainer with 30 years of experience in entertainment world. Magipri members learn how to speak in a reversed entertainment way and doing quiz of it.

3rd guest —  Maeyama Takahisa, Yoshihiko Aramaki, Hoshimoto Yuzuki and Kitamura Ryo. They are all famous 2,5D Stage and Musical Actors and at the show’s time were just finished performing Ensemble Stars Stage. Yuzuki is very pretty like a girl so he and Kengo had fun together as a pretty combi. You can also see the members cosplaying here! (Tbh I’m a 2,5D stage fans esp Tenimyu and I watch Ensute and know all the actors here so this episode really cracks me up! I’m surprised they took this theme! hshshhs very  very recommended to watch!)

4th guest — Ryuchel. a popular persona in Harajuku. He is a famous model who’s also the husband of Peco, another famous Harajuku model. Ryuchel is best known with his Onee (Girly) chara with his cute and very unique style, and he’s also one of the leader of ‘genderless danshi’ movement in Japan. Magipri are learning the culture of Harajuku from Ryuchel, from food, selfie pose, and fashion! (featuring Kaoru as a Tacos seller)

5th guest — Keisuke Okada, a popular comedian with hundred of characters. It seems that he became acquintance with Kengo in PON!! where kengo becomes the otenki oniisan (weather forecaster). And now not only Kengo, all of the Magipri kids are trying to become a weather forecaster with unique characters! The coach is helping them to make a very unique character to appeal more as an idol!

6th guest — Morikubo Shotaro, a famous seiyuu (voice actor) with 20 years of experience. Once again, magipri kids are learning the way to become a voice actor, but now in a very unique way from the master! Whispering to trees, showing love to random everyday objects.. and try to voice a short video! (Anyway, once again I’m surprised that they invited Morishow!! Since very,very honestly, Morishow is my favorite seiyuu all this time and seeing my best seiyuu with best kids together is heaven!! )

7th guest — Tsujimoto Tatsunori, Tamura Yukihisa, and Kobayashi Yutaka from BOYS and MEN, a famous idol group that started from a local idol group from Nagoya. They are teaching Magipri kids about Nagoya and dared them in a competition of ‘showing their love to Nagoya’. Also sharing their stories as idol and doing joint performance. Their songs and clothes are not to my liking but I really have a very big respect for BOYMEN since they didn’t get any support at first (unlike Magipri who has WE backing them with jobs and connection) and even though they formed at 2010 they only had their major debut at almost the same time with magipri. So they really struggled a lot by themselves and became really famous now with a concert of 10,000 people with their own power! Also the kids are really hilarious and even though they’re rivals, boymen and magipri’s interaction is really cute!! (featuring Hikaru’s ownmade bread vs Yutaka the patissiere)

8th guest — Kashiwagi Yuki, Oya Shizuka, and Kuramochi Asuka (Graduated) from AKB48. They are all from the same agency as Magipri, Watanabe Entertainment so technically they’re Magipri’s senpai. This episode is very hilarious and every coach are teaching about different things. Yukirin is teaching about handshake event (featuring Shuhei as the event bodyguard). Mocchi is teaching about baseball (since she loves baseball and her father is a baseball coach). And Oya is teaching about interesting reaction.

9th guest — IKKO, a famous makeup artist. Magipri are invited to her villa and learning about hospitality. Shuhei and Kaoru are doing massages (plus ikemen whisper), Hikaru cried when his bread is praised by IKKO-san, Taishin showed his abs, and a private concert ^^

10th guest — BLUE TOKYO, an aesthetic art dance group that mixed tumbling and dance as their dynamic acrobatic performance. Some of BLUE TOKYO members are actually Taishin’s highschool senpai. Of course, at this episode Magipri learned their acrobat performance and did a collaboration! They’re trying many tricks that used a ring hoop, a stick, and a club (?idk what is that sticks you usually use in juggling?). Kaoru was being a blackhole at first, but he’s surprisingly good with his hands!?

11th guest — Yosuke Tagawa, a former idol singer. Magipri kids are learning how to make a good bromides photo and the proper communication to interact with people in a show.

12th guest — None. Magipri kids are enjoying their break at Disney Resort Tokyo. But as they played at the attraction, they’re also challenged with many tests that is connected of what they learned in all the past episodes.

13th guest — SKE48


The show is interesting since they learn many kinds of things from different famous guest, so we can see their hidden skill while interacting with the guest! ^^

But well.. I hope the one’s speaking is not only Taishin.. I know he’s the leader and MC but I want the other members to be proactive too when they met the guest..

Anyway, you can watch it in the usual place here

You can watch season 1 too there!

Actually there are many who re-upped them in Youtube etc but this site is the source so if you want to watch them faster (they usually uploaded at Monday morning) you should watch it here ^^

I’m really thankful to the people who recorded and uploaded them so we can watch it!

Tell me your impression about majideshi or your favorite guest in the comment, okay? ┐(・。・┐) ♪


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