Rainbow Pudding FAQ


I’m still thinking about new material to post in this blog..

But in the meantime, here’s a little trivia about this blog.. Idk maybe I want you to know more about me, though it’s not that important lol


Q: Why you made a wordpress not tumblr? It’s easier to reblog etc there!

A: I think it’s kinda hard to search something in tumblr and for the post archiving, while I wanted to make a blog that is accessible for all and where it’s easy to look for things. Though I do have a tumblr, but I use it for other things and don’t wanna switch between accounts. You can’t reblog here but you still can like, share and comment right?

Q: The blog’s visual is so plain

A: Sorry, I’m actually not that good with web technologies so I don’t know how to customize more than the basic theme.

Q: Why is it named Rainbow Pudding?

A: Well, it’s just a simple name made in 5 minutes. Rainbow is from Magipri’s colorfulness and pudding because I’m hungry. I have a different name in my private social media account tho but I don’t wanna use it here.

Q: Why are you so fixated on Magipri?

A: I like other idols too. But after one year of observing their growth as an idol, I realized that their fandom isn’t growing much and they need more support. It’s even hard to look for Magipri things unlike other idols so I decided to make a database myself. I know that they’re not a really special idol for many people but I believe in Magipri’s power to evolve. I want to at least spread love for them until they become famous enough for me.

Q: Who is your favorite member in Magipri?

A: Shuhei, if I wasn’t being too obvious.

Q: What is your favorite Magipri song?

A: Over the rainbow, since I can distinguish each of the members voice so easily there rather than the other dominated-by-kengo’s-voice songs. I also love the outfits in their MV. Oh and also RUSH! But somehow I like all of Magipri’s songs.

Q: How do you first know Magipri?

A: My friends on tumblr lived in Nagoya so she was already their fans from the start and when the Zettai Aishiteru PV is out she shared them on her tumblr. I accidentally found it and somehow the song and PV really fit with my liking. When I saw Shuhei… I fell in love at the first sight. At first, I thought he was a really calm, shy, proper kid since he has a very refreshing and healing smile. But when I checked their twitter videos I found out that Shuhei is this weird kid who is the noisiest there so the gap moe really hit me hard.. and I realized that they’re produced by my most favorite agency, Watanabe Entertainment. So of course I have a big expectation for them. My friend then made a giveaway since she bought many CDs to support their first single, and I got the Shuhei CD from her. Since then, I became their fans and continued to buy their CD.

Q: How’d you get the CD?

A: Back then I usually bought the CD from my friend since it could also help her get a cheki photo with the kids in the release event lol (you need at least to order 3 CD for that I think), but recently I prefer to buy from amazon.jp since it was cheaper (big discount everytime) and my friend is now also busy with her other idols.

Q: I don’t know how to purchase CD in cdjapan/amazon

A: Actually, me too. If I bought from cdjapan I need my friend’s help since it needs paypal and I don’t have any paypal account. When I bought CD from amazon or surugaya, I usually use proxy service so I just gave them the link and pay them to take care of everything until it arrived to me. So if you want to purchase it there but don’t know how, my suggestion is use a proxy service instead, but if you have a paypal account, you can purchase them yourself for cheaper price.

Q: I don’t have money to buy their CD

A: I know it’s pricey to buy a CD moreover with the shipping price, since I’m struggling myself to purchase one. But since they always announce their release date three months before, you should have enough time to save up. Believe me, having the real thing in your hand is really satisfying, especially if you get them with your own effort! The  DVD’s quality is different too and all their CDs and DVDs are really worth their price!  Moreover,  in my opinion their CDs and DVDs are cheaper compared to other idols. Oh, and if you don’t have much money you could always buy their song in i-tunes or listen in Spotify instead, since their songs are available there! I heard that some albums are not available in some regions, but the latest single is available everywhere so maybe they’ll improve on that!

Q: Is there any way to support them other than buying CD?

A: Yes, you could follow their twitter and give them encouragement comment! Or sending mails to their radio broadcast. Or comment and love their LINELIVE. Or watch their Youtube videos and comment there. Or actually sending them fan letters to the agency! But please refrain from sending them any weird message (like sexual, creepy, threating comments) and if you could please send them message in Japanese or simple English as they don’t really understand any other language. Tell them that they have fans from all over the world, I think that’ll make them happy, especially they have traveled to many countries in their Majitabi segments. Oh, and also please don’t say anything to them about ‘I downloaded your song’, okay? Copyright is very strict in Japan so they could take it seriously, and idk maybe they could find this web and sue me so I have to put down all the link. Lastly, please spread Magipri love! I mean, you could tell your friends, families, or stranger about Magipri so more people would know about them. If you saw people find Magipri and asked who are they ( I saw this happen a lot in theit YT videos and esp they’re asking about Kengo is a girl or not) please tell them, okay? ^^

Q: Can you upload the CD faster? I want to hear it now!

A: Sorry, I need at least 2 weeks to get the CDs because of the shipping. I have also put up a rule myself to only upload them after a certain amount of time (2-3 months for CD and 3-6 months for DVD) to respect the effort of people who buy them and so Magipri could gain more profit in those time. If you want to hear their song sooner, please find any other source than me who is uploading faster or you could buy the CD yourself ^^

Q: Post more frequently!

A: I’m trying, but.. I’m busy, and sometimes I just don’t know what to post since there are times when Magipri is being so stable and cool and nothing significantly new happen for me to report. I’m doing translation but it also takes more time and effort. I’ll try to post other things than Magipri maybe.

Q: I want to be your friend can you give me your soc meds account?

A: Yes!! Now I have made Twitter : @rainbowpuddblog and Instagram: @rainbow_pudd so you an follow and message me there! I usually always easily followback if I’ve confirmed you’re a Magipri fans or at least a JPOP fans. And I’ll gladly reply to any of your comment or messages! ^^


Do you have any questions for me? Comment or ask me through the contact form and I’ll answer/update here! ^^


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