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Idol Recommendation: XOX (Kiss Hug Kiss)


Since all I write about in this blog is MAG!C☆PRINCE, you must be thinking that they’re the only idol group I care about. Nope, I actually know and follow many other idol groups too, but I never really get attached much or they don’t really need  my support since the fandom is already big.. not like MAG!C☆PRINCE.

But still, there are also many good group that I’d like to recommend too.

So! I’m trying to make it a new segment for my blog!

(And also since I still don’t have anything to write about Magipri again now I hope this could be refreshing lol)

Other than Magipri, the group that have most of my attention right now is them:

XOX (read  as Kiss Hug Kiss/kissuhagukissu)!

I first know them when I found out that there’s going to be a 2,5D Stageplay production for B-Project anime (If you don’t know what a 2,5D Stageplay is, watch Magideshi Season 2 ). I am actually a fan of the anime and also 2,5D Stageplay, so of course I got really curious ^^

Usually for a 2,5D Stageplay cast, they hold an audition and mostly the one casted will be stage actors, but for this B-Pro Stage, somehow many of the cast turned up to be real idols and never have any connection with Stageplay, so it caused some uproar back them when it was announced first. There are Toman and Kizu Tsubasa from XOX, and Reo and Yuta from Ryoga, etc. People were getting mad since they prefer professional stage actors for the characters and started bashing and circulating gossips about these idols.

So as curious I was, I googled about them and found out about XOX and surprisingly I’ve come to like their music!!

XOX consists of five members, whom all are models. They were chosen from an audition called ‘BOYS Grandprix 2014’held by Sony Music x WEGO, and major debuted at 9 December 2015 (around the same time with Magipri huh). Though before that, they already released a photobook and DVD. Their label is Sony Music and they are sponsored by WEGO.

Since they are all models, they are all fashionable!!! Even their first MV for their first single ‘XXX’, it showed many combination of nice clothes! (I heard there are like, more than 100 pair of clothes for that but idk if it’s true). You could see Harajuku Style everytime you look at them!

You can watch it below


Honestly, their style are very charming and their songs are catchy! I really like them ^^

I also love how their voices all are different and we can distinguish each of them!

All of their other MVs also have their own unique theme, and I love them all! Like their latest single, High school Boo, that have its own plot twist story, or Ex Summer, with its interactive smartphone style theme! Check out their VEVO YT Chanel for more ^^

But, my most favorite song and MV is this: Skylight!!!


Honestly, this is my most favorite MV in my life! The fashion, the night walking theme, their makeup and expression and beautiful face, the song! Hshshshs! It’s really cool and very aesthetic!

I’d be happy if you like them too and support them~

Ahh right, before you started investing to them, you should know a bit about them first right? Here are some of my comments and info about the members

(Sorry if it’s not detail and biased to some members since I don’t really follow all of them)



Birthday: 14 September 1993

Twitter: @_SWEATM

Despite his pretty visual and petite stature, he is the oldest in the group and became their Leader.  He is very skinny, only 163cm tall and only weighted 38kg. He’s also very beautiful even compared to girls.

TOMAN is one of the icon of the Genderless Danshi (Boys) movement in Japan. Genderless Kei is a fashion trends that mix male and female clothing to achieve the androgynous looks. But TOMAN explained it simply by that the style is focused on freedom of wearing anything they want, despite their gender. You can see that TOMAN like to wear highheels, or feminine clothes. He is good at talking so he get invited to talk about genderless danshi in many show. His parents are designer, and that’s why from young age he is expected to dress differently from others.

Okay so I know XOX from TOMAN, since he got casted for B-PRO, many gossiped about him being troublesome for his high maintenance traits and not suited for stage acting. . But TOMAN knew about it and denied all the gossip and said that he will prove it in the stage.

And I think all the gossip about him is not true. Despite he takes care of his body and beauty very much (applying moisturizer/creams many times perday, avoid getting sunlight) , in the point that people call him being high maintenance, he never troubles other people and could took care of everything himself. He really work hard and guess what, he performed really good at B-Pro stage! He danced really sharply and strongly while wearing a high heels! Even me, a woman, would break my leg if I was in his circumstance…

So I guess despite his feminine and beauty appearance, he is quite manly and bold. Though as far as I saw him, he is usually very calm and adult-like. He also can do housework like cooking and washing, a waifu material.

He likes to eat avocado very much and like to drag Tsubasa to accompany him eating at his favorite avocado restaurant.

Kizu Tsubasa

Birthday: 7 January 1998

Twitter: @kizu_tsubasa

My favorite. I like his visual the most. He is the youngest, and his image is very cute and innocent, the type that make you want to spoil and protect him. His height (165cm) is almost the same with Toman and small as he is, he said he drinks vitamins regularly so he could grow up taller and became manly. But since there seems no change in his height looks like it’s all fruitless…

He is active as a stage actor. And his singing voice is nice too. So he doesn’t really get bashed like TOMAN (though there are also some rumors being spread but not much)

But I guess he’s actually a little devil..

He still get pocket money and new year money from TOMAN like a child, and he would get TOMAN to treat him to meal (TOMAN said it’s okay to give him money until he’s an 20 years old when he is acknowledged as an adult. Gosh, TOMAN is like Tsubasa’s mother). Actually not only TOMAN, I saw any older people who worked with him somehow will get bewitched by his innocent and cute image and would treat him to food. He always seems hungry lol.

If you see him he is definitely very child-like and sometimes silly. But despite his young age he has a very good fashion sense. His wink is superb too lol.



Birthday: 5 August 1995

Twitter: @takatimun

He is the tallest and the most handsome in the group. Looks very manly from the outside, but I came across many scenes that he is actually a sensitive and crybaby man. So he is actually a precious kid. Also he is a mix of Spanish x Philippines x Japanese.

He is also an actor since he acted in a Drama called Shibuya dragon.

And wtf his named is read as Batusing?? He once released a book named B to the ATU to the SING??

Tanaka Riku

Birthday: 23 May 1997

Twitter: @tanaka_riku

Don’t know much about him, but he seems cool and refreshing while he doesn’t talk much. Also he is said to be the brain of the group (smartest)? I read that he attends a law school and he has experience of studying abroad. In elementary school he already appeared on NHK TV on some show and was on some band in middle school.

A diehard fans of Toy Story and collects all the goods.

Shimura Sadao

Birthday: 21 July 1995

Twitter: @Shimura_Sadao

The main vocal? maybe since I noticed his voice the most in XOX’s songs. He is a mix of Phillipines x Chinese x Japanese. He could also speak Tagalog.

I couldn’t find more info about him on the net.


That’s all a little info I know about XOX~

What do you think of them?

If you think I made a mistake or you want to add the info, please tell me through the comment or the contact form okay~



They’re going to release their newest single, PINKY BABY this 29 November 2017! This time the song’s theme is Disco ^^

You can buy the CD in amazon or CDJapan

Actually there are 3 types, the CD Regular ver, CD limited ver (Type B) and the DVD! The difference is in the regular CD the coupling song to PINKY BABY is WE ARE, and in limited ver the coupling song is TOUCH.

(And I recommend the DVD since even though it’s kinda pricey, you could get a CD, DVD and a photobook!! Remember they are models so it’s expected that their pictures are high quality!!)

Support them if you can~

More info:

Twitter: @XOX_TOKYO


UPDATE: As of 28 November 2018 they announced that Toman is going to graduate from the group to pursue solo career, so Pinky Baby is his last single with XOX. I’m really sad to hear this news since I knew XOX from Toman and knowing he’s not going to be there anymore.. especially since he’s the leader and the caretaker of the group, I wonder what will happen to the kids sobs though at least they’re not disbanding.. but we should respect what Toman chose and keep supporting him from now on!

UPDATE 2: They’re adding two new members to the group! Osumi Yuta (@Yuta_Osumi) and Yasui Kazumasa (@xoxo_kid616)! I’m really surprised because before this I knew them from stageplay! They are both musical stage actors (Yuta in Tenimyu and Kazumasa in Enstarsmyu) and they were both in a group named Dress_No before.. Let’s look forward for their performance with XOX!



6 thoughts on “Idol Recommendation: XOX (Kiss Hug Kiss)

  1. Thank you for the info

    i love very much xox.sound, looks, and cuteness I like very much

    from me to Toman, may always be successful.and for xox do not break up, always together


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