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MAG!C☆PRINCE 4th 本気☆LIVE at Zepp Tokyo DVD Review


My DVD finally arrived! It actually arrived a week ago, though.. but I was busy and finally I could watch it after some days.. and now I finally have time to review it!

The Live itself was held back then at July 2017 and the DVD was out at 11 November 2017! I actually wrote about it before here

Beware of SPOILER ^^

(By the way, sorry my screenshots aren’t so good since I took them from the medium-quality ripped DVD video and too lazy to play the DVD in again.. and the concert’s light wasn’t being supportive too sigh)


I bought it together with the Yumeland CD.. though the CD is kinda cracked at Kengo’s face :”( idk if it’s the shipping or when I stored it before I finally watch it


So! Starting from my first impression of the DVD~

If I have to be objective… Nope, I don’t really like the cover.

It’s unique but.. it’s just like you took random screenshots and just put them together on one photo. I mean, each of the member’s pic has different lighting and quality so if you take a close look the cover’s overall color is not quite balanced.. So in my opinion they should’ve had search for pics with at least similiar style or change the color scheme.. and somehow the photos are nice but didn’t show show their ikemen-ness that if I was a random guy I wouldn’t even get interested buying this DVD (forgive me and my designer heart for this rant sobs)

And well.. the DVD’s quality is not as good as I expected but maybe it’s because the concert’s lighting which is bluish and dark.. since one time I watched a concert which looked like this before and they had the same visual trouble. The audio is good tho, since I could hear the audience chant pretty well (and realize many manly sounds in it lol)


Oh! right!

Surprisingly, there were many male audiences??? And not only watching, they’re also being active on waving lighstick and screaming! Like, it was even so loud that we could hear it clearly since it’s on par with the girls scream  lol. I’m both so happy and surprised that magipri could also got this many male fans.. (And seems like they’re not only Kengo’s fans since I found some wearing taishin’s towel etc)

So if you are a boy, and you’re reading this, please don’t be shy and worried! You got many friends to fanboy together! Actually I also know two magipri male fans on twitter tho (one is my friend lol) and they have so much fun interacting with magipri members! I often saw many comments that said ‘I’m a guy but I like magipri’ or ‘They seem like nice and welcoming kids and we wouldn’t feel it’s hard to approach them even if we’re guys’. But honestly, I never thought they are this many.. ^^

Ah, right, going back to my review..

When I watched it, I was surprised this DVD doesn’t have a backstage video! sobs :”( since I kinda expected it but nope there’s only 1,5 hour performance video of the concert. But the concert was superb though, and the 1,5 hours concert felt so quickly finished that I unconsciously replayed them over and over again.

The boys have really grown up and their performance was good.. Now they finally have a bit of that ‘idol’ aura that they still lack..

The earlier songs of the concert were sang in a very high spirit, and Taishin and Shuhei were even doing a collaboration on acrobat while performing it! I’m really amazed by their stunt! Taishin was superb as usual but idk that Shuhei would do it as well so it surprised me! Taishin was doing so many acrobatics in the concerts that night lol I wonder if he didn’t get dizzy for that.


By the way the one who’s flying was Shuhei and beneath him was Taishin after doing triple flip

By the way, I’m too lazy to write the setlist of the concert.. but here are the songs they sing: All their main singles up til now, Kimi Revo, Glory World, Compass, Itoshikute Setsunakute Dakishimetekute, Ittsu Love, and Clap Your Hands.

And they sang some new song!! Kimi Love, Dreamland, and Wake up Calling. I especially love their newest one, Wake up calling! The song, the dance were really good! I think it’s my new favorite! Too bad I have to wait for another album to have the song..

There was also the part where magipri is doing collaboration with Nine Star, their little brother group, singing Hello Hello (which is their older brother, D-DATE’s song) and doing towel dance. I thought there’s gonna be more but the Naisuta kids were only appearing at that song.

But!! What’s important is, that they were celebrating Hikaru’s 22th birthday on this concert!! They even gave him a surprise and Omae-senpai brought a big cake to the stage, and they all sang Happy Birthday together. At this time Hikaru began to tear up and Kengo even teased him for that and Taishin helped him saying that it could be his sweats lol. Kengo said that Shuhei watched the video about Hikaru in rehearsal (idk if he meant the surprise video one or not) and started crying. Shuhei said that he felt really grateful toward Hikaru and was so touched when he remember that Hikaru is a really hardworking man (Awww! XD)

After that there was one more surprise, and then Arayan.. I mean, Araki Hirofumi, Magipri’s senior from WE and D-DATE, suddenly came as a guest and read a letter as someone’s replacement. Turns out the letter was from Hikaru’s dad!!!

Hikaru actually criedddddddddddd hshshshs omg so precious he cried so much when Arayan read it with his weirdly deep and soothing voice (sorry, I was so used to his creaky voice lol). And Kengo and Shuhei couldn’t stop saying “Araki-san…so cool..” behind him so they kinda distracted the heartwarming scene lol.


As he read the letter, they showed Hikaru and his dad’s photos since Hikaru was a kid (is it really okay to not censor his father’s face?). Looks like Hikaru was really close with and really respect his father.

Btw if you dont know, Hikaru congratulates his father’s birthday nationally when he was doing a live broadcast in TV (that 24hour terebi show) and that made many fans congratulates his father too. Later on his father texted him that he felt really happy for their attention for him

Hikaru confessed that this is the first time he received a letter from his dad. He also confessed that back then he actually didn’t want to go to high school after he graduated middle school, since he had always wanted to do a job in entertainment world and wanted to focus on that and do auditions instead. But his father encourages him to go since he said “highschool is fun! Don’t you want to work harder for your dream?” and so on that made Hikaru rethink his choices. He thinks that now he has the most calm and full of composure personality in magipri is because of his father.

(But seeing him wailing like this isn’t he so emotional rather than calm?lol btw he’s also crying in the recent episode of Magideshi too after his bread was praised by IKKO-san)

And it was revealed that Hikaru also has a big sister .. or maybe he had said that before but I didn’t knew or forgot.. he thanked his family, staff, member and the fans for supporting him all this time to chase his dream.

I really really respect Hikaru.. He’s working hard on supporting the members and taking care of them from behind, even though he himself has a big ambition, so I had always felt that he kinda restrained himself especially when he’s with the troublesome kids (Shuhei and Kengo). But thank goodness now he has his own music show that he can be free to do anything he want.

Anyway right after that they continued performing and  Hikaru still has his eyes swollen after crying and teary eyed until the encore but honestly….. Hikaru’s face after crying looks more.. precious.. prettier..and sexier..????? Like, When they zoomed his teary-eyed smiling face I suddenly have this pounding heart, and at the same time this proud feeling that he finally achieved his dream.. and I have this urge to protect him hshhshs we should support him, guys! He’s really that precious.


And when it was nearing the end of the concert, after the surprise event, somehow the vibe had changed and they became more soft and heartful at singing the songs.. though they still sang many cheerful songs.

Shuhei still being mischievous to Kengo in the concerts and teased him a lot when they perform. But it was cute seeing Shuhei put Kengo on his shoulder and they both sang that way lol. He also played with the colorful ribbon and stuff them on his pocket and also put them on Kengo’s head. Shuhei was being really calm and cool in the live, like, he’s different with the other members who put all of their emotions when singing and instead he just put a poker smile face. But! When he was shot in the camera somehow his gesture was very beautiful and aesthetic! I wonder if this is what his teacher meant by having the most beautiful silhouette in the group.

Kaoru was as usual being really carefree and throwing many fanservices to the the crowd. But I guess he looks really cool and ikemen when he performed huh.. But he’s being more talkative than usual and take charge of the MCing.

And should I mention about Kengo? He’s amazing as always! As the center, he performed really cheerfully and strongly, though in the middle his hair was ruined because all of the sweat lol. He really shined and so beautiful! ^^ Though he complained that he saw pictures of him in the earlier live and thought that his photos are all of hims doing a mean face (since he was so focused on performing). And despite that Kengo couldn’t stop being sarcastic and it’s funny lol.


Btw I didn’t really like the second costume.. Too bad they only wore three kind of costume here (the prince-y one, the pirate-y one, and their T-shirts). And I wish they would do the free segment again like the first live, with many talking and games..

But well, despite having many minus points for me, this DVD is worth it!! The performance you couldn’t see elsewhere, their amazing dance and of course!!! a must have item for all Hikaru’s fans out there!!! The fans were cheering so amazingly that I felt that I became a part of them! I kinda cheered myself but too bad I don’t know any of their fan chants ^^

You can buy the DVD at  amazon

You can see the trailer here

And enjoy some of the screenshots I took (may get updated if I have time)

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