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九星隊 Nine Stars Released FLASH PV!!


Nine Stars finally uploaded the PV for FLASH today!!

Have you seen it yet?

In case you haven’t, here it is:



What do you think about the video?

Personally I think it’s really good!!

Especially for a just debuted group, the looked so professional and the CG effects are nice!

I thought they’re gonna copy Magipri since their outfit reminds me of UPDATE (and the indoor dance setting kinda looks like it too) but turns out it was so different!

And honestly, at first I thought they are so cool, and after a minute I got bored with the MV since it’s just repetition BUT I regret saying that since a couple of secs after thinking that they actually SURPRISED ME by doing that powder (?) movement! it’s really amazing and aesthetic I really screamed since I love it so much! I love aesthetic moves like that! I was wrong! The MV is not boring at all!

One thing I just kinda realized is that Yabu is mostly making a serious face rather than his usual sweet smile lol maybe he’s nervous? XD

And well, again I kinda disagree with how they’re using all black and all white since it’s harder for new fans to distinguish each one of them not like MAG!C☆PRINCE back then when I easily called Kengo as the pink pretty boy or Shuhei as the green refreshing boy.. But seems like it was the theme of the video so I can’t protest since the results turned out great.. and I should stop comparing them to their big brother..

Anyway, I really like the PV and can’t wait for their CD to come out!

It’ll be released at 9th January 2018!

You can buy it in amazon or CDJapan

Just like Magipri, the single have many kinds. There are the regular CD, four kinds of member CD for each of the four Naisuta members, and two kinds of DVD (black and white cover). The difference is for the members edition usually other they also contains a bonus track where the cover member is talking. Also if you buy the DVD you could get the MV video and the MV Making video! You can choose based on your preference and favorite member!

For me since I love the white cover DVD version, I think I’ll buy that!  But really, all of the covers are pretty! ^o^

For more info see it here

The coupling song, ‘Grateful Days’ is nice too! See it here

I know it’s kinda expensive, especially with the shipping cost from Japan but you still have some time to save your money to purchase it! or you can use your new year money to buy the CD! Or if you can’t deal with the shipping please at least buy their songs from i-tunes!

And we should give them more money since I saw that all they were wearing in the release event these months were mostly hands-me-down from their big brother, Magipri! It’s kinda sad for me, so we should at least buy their CD so they can have more funds to buy their own costumes!

Please support them if you can! ^^



3 thoughts on “九星隊 Nine Stars Released FLASH PV!!

  1. I don’t really know them much but the song is good and they look handsome 😋, also I love supporting new groups, I will definitely order their first single!
    I love Majipri so i should definitely give their little brothers a try! 💗


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