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[Download] MAG!C☆PRINCE 本気☆LIVE Vol.5 on NND



Did any of you watch the broadcast on Nico Nico Douga back then? ^^

Since NND also set a time limit for broadcast videos that we’re timeshifting, I recorded it so you guys who were late can watch it too~

Or maybe you can’t get enough of the broadcast and want to watch it again and again~ 😉

First!! I have to warn you.. This is recorded using Bandicam, so the video and sound quality is not that good! If you don’t mind it then it’s good, but if you can’t bear the quality please don’t complain okay? I also want this to be out in DVD so I can get better view on both visuals and sound…

And also the video size turned out to be kinda big and I don’t know how to tone it down.. I’ve tried splitting the file for easier download using HJSplit but it’s not working?? and the program became error.. so I’m sorry you have to download it as it is

This time they’re bringing many songs that is not on their previous concert and songs we maybe rarely saw them perform~ This is the first time for me to hear Smile For Tomorrow too and I really like it~ (Btw, the song is the coupling song for their new single Best My Friend and also used for their charity campaign advertisement before)


  1. Dreamland
  2. Clap Your Hands
  3. Over the Rainbow
  4. Spin the Sky
  5. Kimi Revo
  6. FLASH (Nine Stars)
  7. RUSH (MAG!C☆PRINCE & Nine Stars)
  8. Hello Hello (MAG!C☆PRINCE & Nine Stars)
  10. Sakura My Friends
  11. Compass
  12. Ittsu Love
  13. Itoshikute Setsunakute Dakishimetakute
  14. Wake Up Calling
  15. Smile For Tomorrow
  16. Yume no Melody
  17. Glory World
  18. Kimi Love
  19. UPDATE
  20. Arigatou Kimi E

Actually there are still encore songs but it is only accessible for premium users of NND.. and I’m not a premium user so.. ^^;

Their performance is good tho.. I personally like the scene whn Kaoru and Taishin is being lovey dovey or when Hikaru and Kaoru are hugging while singing (since I kinda rarely saw their interaction lol)

There is also a video of Nine Stars and video video from SPYAIR promoting their songs! I laughed when one comment was curious about Momiken’s black eyes and said that his eyes is censored lmao


This time I won’t protect the file with password

Reupload full or part of video everywhere is okay.. BUT!!! Please credit this blog to respect my effort for recording this ^^

You don’t have to link it, but please at least mention me as the recorder properly

(Tbh I myself can’t really upload it in youtube since I don’t understand how to and back then I’ve tried but failed.. Also if it’s youtube I’m scared that sometimes in the future if I get unlucky I will face copyright issues and it will get taken down haha.. though I understand that it’s easier for people to find things there)


Download it HERE


Anyway, please enjoy!

If you’re interested more about their concerts, you can get a glimpse of their previous concert on 111 DVD

Or you can buy their first concert DVD that covered their 4th MajiLive!

Tell me what do you think about the concert in the comment section okay~

Which is your favorite song?


Btw! Any one bought Nine Star’s FLASH? They got on ranking 2 on Oricon Daily at the first day release after selling more than 10,000 copy! Congrats~

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