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Idol Recommendation: CUBERS


Soo.. another recommendation today.. Are you ready?


Actually I thought I heard the name a lot, but never got to really knew about the group.. But accidentally I came across tanoshimitiger’s post and after I read it I became curious about them! And then I found out that hey, they’re actually good!? Though, I can’t comment in some blogspots *sigh* so I’ll just say my thanks for getting me to know them in this post ^^

Formed at July 2015, the group consist of five boys who passed the audition that started from April-July 2015. At 7 October 2015, they made their CD debut with their first single “SHY”. Their label is Bermuda Entertainment Japan.

Their website mentioned them as a “Listening Boys Unit”, though I don’t really understand the meaning behind that claim. Their color image is red and blue (that’s why they named their album with cyan and magenta) and their costume is mostly with that color.

I think their biggest charm for me is their growth!

At first when I watched their first single MV I thought the song was boring and the video is lacking, thought I really think their smile is cute and I knew that they’re trying really hard.. but based on that one MV I concluded that they’re not my taste at all..


I tried to watch another MV.. their 2nd single.. 3rd single.. album song… Bit by bit in each PV I could feel their improvement, and wow… I don’t know if they changed their composer but now I really like their songs??? It’s catchy and suit their voices! Really love them!

Their style also improved, and the dance is good!

I really respect idols who can grow so much… so I fell in love with them!

(I’m sorry if you like their 1st single and feel offended tho.. but this is just an opinion based on my music preference orz)

Also lesson learned that I shouldn’t judge a group by just their first impression ^^;

Anyway since I like this song more, I’ll put this song instead for you to check it out!



Also like this song too!


What do you think? The song is bubbly and cute right?

Though.. I do admit that their biggest weakness is, despite their amazing voice and improved performance, their MV sucks lol.

Like in the first video above, the camera shook so much that it’s hard to focus watching it, and in the second video the video’s editing is so obvious and kinda lame so I barely hold my laugh wwww. So I think that the next thing they have to improve is their MV!

Soo.. if you like the song, here’s a little bit of the members’ profile that I found!



Born: 14 November 1993

Skill: Soccer

TAKA entered CUBERS audition by the recommendation from the persons involved in the industry. At first he couldn’t really care less about the member since the final stage was near so he work hard towards that, but then he felt the members are so dependable since they’re good at sing and dance.

In soccer, his position is side-half. He said he’s not popular at all even though he was doing soccer, instead, he was envious of the baseball club in his school since they got many people supporting them and even cheerleaders while soccer club got none.

He is the strongest drinker in the group.

Taka is also a musical stage actor, since he starred in High School Star Musical Musical (StarMyuMyu) and Tsukiuta Stage (Tsukisute)

Many people said to him that his lower eyelashes are long. Imo he is the tallest and the most handsome in the group!

Twitter: @taka_cubers



Born: 6 January 1997

Hobby: Watching and reading anime/manga

Yuu entered CUBERS audition through public recruitment. He applied it through a magazine but he was late and passed the due date so he was put in waiting list. But Horikiri, CUBERS manager, called him to take lessons. While the others have always been together taking lessons from the start, Yuu joined the last, and Horikiri  decided to put him in a one month lesson trial, to see if he could really pass the audition. The other began to think of him as a seeded member because of that. But after they knew Yuu’s story, they began to call him ‘Cinderella Boy’

He really likes cat and often plays at a place where cats are gathering. An auntie who lived near the place calls out to him and told him a story about her husband that got really sick not too long ago but the cat who is always coming to their house suddenly passed away, and after that her husband’s condition’s getting better. So they took it as the cat is sacrificing itself for the husband.. and after hearing that nice story Yuu got a juice from her.

Honestly his face is so flat everytime lol –> like this!! (o_o)

But with his chubby cheeks his flat expression is so cute! I also think that his voice is light and unique!

Twitter: @you_cubers



Born: 5 March 1991

Skill: Cooking

He was taking singing lessons at Tsubasa Entertainment, and from there he got called out for CUBERS audition.

He can ride a motorcycle,he said he wanted to go riding it to the sea.

In the CUBERS academic test, it is said that Haruto is the lowest scorer with 16 points.

He said he is good at cooking Japanese cuisine because of his parents. He think of that only as his hobby, but the other members called him a professional. They all really like his cooking.

I really like him! I really like his smile, it’s so healing! And he’s like the type that take care of others so he make a perfect husband (plus he can cook lol). Also he has the best voice in the group so I think he is like the main vocal there?

Twitter: @haruto_cubers



Born: 26 August 1993

Skill: Dance (POP)

Ryousuke entered CUBERS audition by the recommendation from the persons involved in the industry. He moved a lot, from Osaka, Saga and even Korea (he said his favorite place is Korea). Because of that he can speak Kansai and English. When he was a student he had a part time job related to English. But he said that even though he speaks english, he is not good at english lesson at school. He also said he didn’t like science. In the CUBERS academis test, it is said that Ryosuke is the top scorer with 70 points.

He is good at dance, soccer, and sports, and claim that he doesn’t have any weakness lol.

I wonder why every time he took a selfie, he always have those sulky face on…

Twitter: @ryosuke_cubers



Born: 28 July 1993

Skill: selfie

9taro entered CUBERS audition through public recruitment. he is said to be the most bulliable in the group. When he is asked if he aimed for those bulliable joke, he said that he was just standing there normally..

He said that his hobby is Myonmyon Time, he said it is the time when you just came home from work or school tired, that you should take a bath but you don’t want to so you just lazying around and roll over on the bed.. I don’t really understand though but he also use it as a hashtag on his twitter.

He sucks at sports and prefer to cheer at people doing it instead.

He is the weakest drinker in the group, can barely drink by just Casis Orange. He likes to draw cute illustration.

His voice is the most cheery among the members and he’s cute

Twitter: @9taro_cubers


How is it? Do you find your new oshi?

Which member and song do you like the most? Tell me in the comment, okay~

Or if you cant’ distinguish them yet, I recommend to watch their Kimi no Negai wo ( 君に願いを) PV!

I may not really following them, but I really look forward to more of their growth in the future~! ┐(・。・┐) ♪

Btw! if you want to support them, you can buy their latest CD at cdjapan or amazonjp !

Usually they’re releasing two version of CD, though I don’t understand the difference. They might seem pricey at first but you know what, the CD contains 7 songs so it’s actually a cheap price for many songs at one package!

Though, I hope they’re using the members face as the CD cover rather than some illustration to make it more interesting lol

And hope they’re gonna release new CD again soon! ❤


More information:

Twitter: @cubers_official





4 thoughts on “Idol Recommendation: CUBERS

  1. Hello, this is me tanoshimitiger! I’m so glad that you noticed them TwT ) / And thank you for blogging about them! ♡ I don’t really know more about them, and what I wrote just about my personal thoughts about them LOL
    However I’m so happy that someone outside Japan noticed CUBERS. 本当にありがとうございます!
    Btw, I’m totally agree with you about You. He looks like (o_o) all the time! Haha. But he’s soo cuteee, when he laughed at Kyuutaro… omg, my heart was asdgsgshj! :”D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! It’s actually thanks to you writing your personal thought about them that I came to be so interested to the group! (´▽`)ノ♪
      (I actually wanted to comment on your blog after I read it but can’t sobs sorry)
      They’re so good and need more attention!
      Yassssss true he’s cute when he makes that (o_o) face but he’s cuter when he smiles hshshshhs


  2. I was extremely pleased to discover this website. I wanted to thank you for ones time for this wonderful read!! I definitely savored every bit of it and I have you saved to fav to look at new information on your web site.


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