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Idol Recommendation: MADKID


Finally no overtime today! So I can have some time to blog..

Today also, I’ll introduce you to a very recommended J-POP group that I like!

Today it’s MADKID!!

*clap hands*

Soo.. I actually was blogwalking and stumbled upon Karu-chan ‘s blog and discovered them recently!

At first I was like, nayyy, since tbh I don’t really like idols with those those edgy flashy looks (+colorful hairs) so in one glance I am visually sooo not really into them. You see in this blog that all I adore are cute and simple idol right?lol but well from the previous misjudgement experience, I learned well and decided to give their PV a chance to watch..

And woahhhh! Honestly, I’m surprised!!

Their songs and dance are reallyyyy good!! Hshshhs! I never expected I could like this kind of song! It’s like, so upbeat, fast, hiphop,rap but still has this refreshing J-POP feelings into them? I found many  other idols tried to make these kinda songs in the past but they ended up making it plain and stable so it’s boring for me.. but I like how MADKID’s voice goes really well mixed in the songs! I could say their songs has surprising elements with their up and down notes!

(but forget that, since when did I understand music, geez..)


 You can hear them yourself if you’re curious! check out this song!


Though, my favorite song is this! I looped this song again and again lol

Their style is so neat and fashionable!!



Oh yeah! A bit info about them..

As you can see, MADKID is a five members vocal and dance group that consists of three vocalists and two rapper. Their catch phrase is “Play with me!”

I think they’ve been there for a long time but finally they’re having their major debut  under Columbia Japan Music today, 31 January 2018 with their single ‘Never going back’ !!! It’s the song that I put above, if you like it, then you should but the CD since it’s still fresh from the oven.

Never going back got into 10th position of Oricon Daily ranking at their first day of release!

Still not convinced? Well, you should know who you’re going to spend your money on, so.. read a bit info about them below





Born: 15 June 1993

The leader and the main vocalist of the group. You may notice him easily from his bright red hair (though idk if in the future he will keep that hair color)

He actually growing up playing baseball, but when he went to karaoke, a friend cried hearing his song. After that he began to pursue career in music industry, he joined a music agency and perform lives at Shibuya. He then met Kitaura Masataka who produced MADKID. Kitaura gave him many singing jobs at first, but when You-ta wants to form MADKID, Kitaura came and asked to be the producer of MADKID.

As noticeable as he is, I noticed him more for his aura and great vocal!

His twitter: @YOUTA_MDKD



Born: 27 July 1994

One of the two rapper in the group. His rap is more of the high tone.

He started to learn sing,dance and rap at middle school because he idolize Michael Jackson. He is in charge of rap, choreography and lyrics in the group. He is influenced mostly by Michael Jackson and Usher, and he like dance vocal group’s songs from 80’s and 90’s.

He produced bracelets with SHIN.

I really like his handsome face and how he naturally moves as he dance!

His twiter: @YUKI_MDKD





Born: 12 April 1994

One of the two rapper in the group. His rap is more of the low tone.

He performed in stage play when he’s still 9 years old. Since then he learned dancing, and since middle school practices rap alone. He likes tofubeats, seiho and PSG.

How do I say this.. to me he’s a bit.. eccentric? lol or should I say anti-mainstream in both of his fashion and way of doing things XD I like it when he’s wearing his big spectacle tho!

Haishhh take more pics of yourself please.. not just ramen pics.. it’s really hard to find good and clear photos of him for this blog! Yishh I guess he do likes ramen but because of that I ended up putting whatever!

His twitter: @LIN_MDKD



Born: 21 July 1994

Coming from a family of musician, he started playing piano at age 4. But previously before he joined MADKID he mostly work as a stage play actor. He likes K-POP songs.

His voice is actually thin, but unexpectedly it harmonizes well with You-ta’s voice. It is said that his voice range doesn’t quarrel with others’ so harmony can naturally be made and he added more thickness to the song.

I think for me his charm is his droopy eyes! And I also like his voice! And not like Lin, I really like to see his nice photos lol

Despite his appearance, I think he’s good at talking 🙂

His twitter: @KAZUKI_MDKD



Born: 2 October 1993

He is the newest member in the group, You-ta persistently invited him to join MADKID and kept being rejected for a year until Shin finally accept his offer. The other members  even also agreed that they’re better off only as 4 member group if Shin wouldn’t join them. (Guys why are you so fixated on him lol but thank you)

I think he is the prettiest in the group haha

He listen to Sam Smith’s songs.

Okay so back then I already know him by the name of Shinnosuke because of Original Quest and he was accidentally the backdancer of Konomi Takeshi’s concert which I watched. But back then I didn’t really notice him more because of his pink hair (yea, back then he had pink curly hair) which is too bright for my eyes and gave me a flirty devil image lol. But now that he dyed it back to black, he looks cuter and I came to like him! He’s still kinda seductive when he dance but I really like his healing smile!

And I watched that he was a baseball player in highschool, aiming to be a pro player but gave up because of injury. And! His reason to be an idol! He actually had a little sister, who died because of leukimia even though he donored his bone marrow to her. He then want to support people who struggle especially with sickness like his sister with his smile TT_TT

 I really like his dance! imo at MV he seems the most casual but at lives videos he’s the most powerful and enthusiastic but at the same time seductive! And I enjoyed his expression! But well I know it’s for the sake of harmony but I wish they’ll give him more part to sing since I like his light voice..

His twitter: @SHIN_MDKD


Even though they don’t have any color image or something like that, they’re really easy to distinguish thanks to their colorful hair and their unique face features! Their one-word stage names are also very easy to be remembered.

Actually… I don’t know much about them haha sorry and since Karu-chan already writes so much about them, if you want to know more about the member, see the profile she made here ^^

(’s not that I’m lazy okay? I just want you to know the detailed info first-hand from the pro herself *cough*)


Okay now that you’ve known them, what do you think? Will you support these guys? ^^

Buy their CD at cdjapan or amazonjp

They released DVD (Type A) and CD (Type B).. so not like Magipri with those many versions that make you confused about which to buy, you can easily pick from two now XD

But I recommend you to buy the DVD, since of course, the MV and the MV Making! And wtf, the price is so… cheap??? like, it’s only 300 yen higher than the CD but you can get the videos! And it has three songs in it?? What a deal!! O_o

Or if you’re not interested in hardcopy or you can’t deal with the shipping cost, you can still buy their songs at i-tunes!

I honestly still can’t do well with this kinda flashy type of idols but I still look forward for more of their songs from now on!

More info about them:


Twitter: @MADKID_official

Follow their LINE Account:  here



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