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Nine Star’s Announcing Their 2nd Single


I’m sorry I was late in posting this, since I was so busy in my work..

You do remember their debut single, FLASH right?

FLASH that was released back then in 9 January, and successfully stood on Oricon Chart Ranking with Daily no. 2 on their first day sales, and Weekly no.6! That’s really amazing for a just debuted group! They managed to sell more than 10,000 copies of their CDs just on their first day of release!

Soo, of course they can’t miss this chance when they’re proved to be high on demand!

Nine Stars is announcing that they’re gonna release their second single, ‘Kiss Me Fire‘ !

(What’s with magipri and naisuta single title recently lmao are they even proper english wwww but it’s easy to say and unique tho)

Kiss Me Fire will be released at May 2 2018! Three months to go, still enough time to save up to buy their CD right??

And guess what! The composer is once again, Kenji Kabashima, the one who also composed their debut CD FLASH! He also composed Magipri’s RUSH before.. so of course, you can expect great songs from him! I really like his songs!

And again, same as their first single, the choreographer is FISHBOY! FISHBOY is a famous dancer that even participated in many overseas dance competition before! He’s also the one who taught Naisuta kids how to dance right from the start when they were still in their final audition and know nothing about dancing.. The reason why naisuta kids can be good at dancing in such a little amount of time was him! I’m glad he sticks with Naisuta until now! (I still remember his distressed face when he first taught them dancing wwww he’s a really great teacher)

They explained that Kiss me Fire is a love song that pierce through ikemen-loving girls’ heart(?). Yeah I don’t understand what they mean too so let’s just look forward for the song! And let’s see if the kids has improved their dancing ever since FLASH now lol

Here’s a spoiler of Kiss me Fire!

What do you think? Sounds good right?

(tbh I thought the song is plain, but after that suddenly I can’t stop that ‘Kiss me fire fire fire baby’ tune in the beginning part from looping in my head.. I guess they brainwashed me with that! XD)

Anyway, any of you buying FLASH? What’s your impression about the CD?

I might review them too in the future! ^^



By the way, today 10 February 2018 is Oike Mizuki’s 21st birthday!

Happy Birthday you dance-lover six-pack boy! XD

(Gasp I only knew just now that you can insert a twitter post like this! sobs and why can’t I put it in the center?)

Back then I saw Mizuki as someone calm, but watching him up til now, I realized he’s such a mypace person lol

I hope he can grow more in the future!

UPDATE: So the coupling song to Kiss Me Fire is announced to be titled ‘STAY GOLD’.. and the choreography is made by Mizuki!!! Amazing! XD


Oh and I know it’s late but have you guys seen their imotonowifi CM video? ^^




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