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MAG!C☆PRINCE Facebook Fanpage

No, no, it’s not official, nor do I own it! lol

So just, recently I found out that there are some international fans like me who work toward the same goal! To spread Magipri love around us~

Someone made a facebook fanpage for Magipri! ^^

The fanpage name is MAG!C☆PRINCE Thailand Cheerz

or click here


Though it is on Thai language…. *sobs* I can’t read but at least there’s google translate so all is (kinda) well lol

But I can see that the admin is really working hard on it! And they even posts updates about Magipri consistently, really fast and detailed! Not like me lol I’m so lazy to even post something regularly here orz /slap myself

They also edited Magipri pictures into cute ones<3

Reminds me how to edit my photo pics again to be a better quality orz /slap myself again

And also videos and subs! (Thai subs tho www)

And give away!!!! Awww they’re really nice!

Interesting post like this there www (also found out that I can embed a fb post here too! yayy! I’m so outdated sobs)

It’s not that I’m comparing my blog to them! Though seeing them made me contemplate many things.. like I have to be more diligent to write so Magipri will get known more esp by international fans :”D

I’m happy that I got friends in spreading this fandom~!

You too, have you told all of your friends about Magipri today?

Let’s all support Magipri together  okay~ ┐(・。・┐) ♪

Like the page and follow it if you can to respect their hard work and show that magipri has many fans~

And the page is so updated and they shared many interesting things so I think if you got bored waiting for me to update about Magipri (sorry lolz and I don’t even update everything and just summed it all up) you should check their page instead!

Actually I also found a latino magipri page too but since it’s not active and I forgot the page name I won’t be adding them to this now..

If you have any blog/page that is supporting Magipri too, please tell me okay!


By the way! Don’t forget that 14 February 2018 Magipri is going to release Best My Friend!

 Have you pre-ordered it? If we pre-order it you can get discount (on amazonjp) and we can help them to get Oricon Chart Ranking no. 1~ But it’s also okay to buy it anytime you want tho~, we all have many kinds of different way to support them right? ^^

Btw I found some records from when magipri performed Best My Friend on TV! (it’s divided into two parts)


Honestly I’m soooo proud of my kids! The performance was so good! The MV quality! The dance! The idol smile! The breathtaking opening sequence! Shuhei being the center but also at the same time enough part of everyone! I sooo can’t wait for the DVD to come out so I can watch the full MV!

How about you?

It’s still not too late to buy the CD you know~ ┐(・。・┐) ♪

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