Blog Anniversary! ┐(・。・┐) ♪



┐(・。・┐) ♪┐(・。・┐) ♪┐(・。・┐) ♪

Yesterday was my first anniversary blogging! How nostalgic~

This is so not important though lmao

But welp back then I only planned to put only magipri profile and their old songs in this blog just for a basic package for new fans and stop there… but idk why I continued to write things until now haha so this one year anniversary notification kinda struck me hard

And I’ve written 54 posts in one year! (I think 2 posts is trashy post so just take it as 52) That means kinda like I posted once every week huh~ not bad I think since I’m a type of person who is so lazy and get bored so easily when making things.. What an achievement! lol

And thanks for everyone who actually read my blog! ^^

Because that means you come here because you are at least a bit interested in Magipri, and that makes me happy everytime I see many people come here, since that means more people are getting interested into them!

Or if you accidentally come without any clues here and only know them because of my posts, I hope you ‘ll come to like them too!

Especially you guys who are liking/commenting my posts! I really appreciate it! Fangirling alone is lonely so please do approach me lol ^^ I also became like to blogwalking especially about idols but there’s not so many blog out there and the updates are so slow/ kicked because I’m also slow. I hope I could get more new friends in this fandom, that also includes you guys who are reading this!

If you have a blog and write about idols too or find them please tell me okay~ I’d love to read and discover new idols!

I’ve also started writing about other things too! I started an Idol Recommendation segment and I also want to write more things like drama/movie/stage/book review or recommendation in the future! But of course, I’ll still continue to write mainly about Magipri and continue sharing things here!

Especially because they’re going to appear in drama! and I think that’ll gather new fans so if you find them please help them kindly to know about Magipri okay~ I bet there’ll be a ton who ask about Kengo’s gender so at least you should tirelessly answer them haha. And I hope my blog can help you to do that so direct them here too if you need anything okay  ^^

For now, my goal for the second year is to blog more! It’ll be great if I can blog 100 post a day huh~ /you wish. I’ll still be moderate at sharing tho. I’ll work hard so I can always buy whatever they released.. You guys should work hard too okay! I’ll be really happy if you consider to buy their CDs or i-tunes!

tl:dr I actually wanted to share something for this special moments but since the DVD haven’t arrived yet I have to postpone it.. sorry! Wait patiently for it~ ^^

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