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Idol Recommendation: Color Creation


Another Idol Group Recommendations today!

If you’re a sucker for good voice, then you’ll most likely fall for this group!


This time, it’s COLOR CREATION!

(or usually shortened to KaraKuri)

The group was formed last year, and the member was chosen from Saito Genki Audition. The audition was held at September-October of 2016 tho. The main objective of the audition was to make a charismatic, boys vocal group. If I recall, the audition was separated into three stage, where all the contestant are given two song and both needs public votes on the Saito Genki’s web and the jury’s point for the contestant to pass. The first song is EXILE’s  Choo Choo Train and then it’s Motohira Hata’s Himawari no Yakusoku (you know, that famous song from Doraemon Movie). You could vote for them twice per day in the period of the audition (Yeah, back then I also voted! If you are curious about whom I voted… you have to read this article until finished~ fufu~)

You can see the audition videos where they sang those two songs here!

(Hmm I think back then all contestant upload their videos there but now they deleted all and only left the winners’ video?)

And now,

Color Creation is going to major debut at 23 May 2018! Woohoo! ^^

I’ve been following them since the audition and now that they’re going for a major debut, of course I can’t stand still and not support them! I’m not really a hardcore fans tho, but I really love their music!

(Actually their major debut is announced since February  this year but I’m waiting for the MV preview to be released until now so I can show you how it’s really worth it to buy for!lol)

So their major debut single is titled ‘CANVAS’ ! Watch how amazing the song is below! ^^


How is it?? So good right?

And the MV! The white ambience is making  the video looks soooooo aesthetic despite being so simple! Love it! >_<

Actually before this major debut they’re already releasing some songs as indies, and they all are alsooo sooo good!! So I really loved their songs since before! Not really gonna surprised for the major debut’s song to be that good because it’s as expected lol

(And based on their website, they said they’re already selling those indies songs as much as 8,000 copies in just three months! Amazing!)

This is my favorite~ Waiting For You!


Or you prefer a more merrier, cheery song? Here you go!



(I noticed they always had girls as a main icon on their MV haha, maybe that’s their style)

Anyway, it is said they named the group COLOR CREATION because they ‘color people’s life with their singing voice’!

Just as their name means, the members all have strong voices and high singing ability! And on top of that, all are handsome!

Oh right, before you decide to buy their CD, let me introduce the members first~

(Sorry if it’s full of bias like usual lol and this time I’m kinda lazy to dig their photos so just bear with their official photos)

p.s. btw, even before the major debut they already have so much twitter follower and if all of their follower’s combined, they already have 70,000 follower




Born: 4 April 1995

Half-Peruvian. You may recognize him the most because of his half features and his white hair tho. If I’m not mistaken he is the 1st winner of the audition (kinda forgot because it’s so long ago) so his singing quality is said to be the best among the member. He is also good at sports and origami, to the point that it is said the origami he made is such a high quality that can be used to decorate a high-class restaurant.

Despite his cool and handsome appearance, he seems so cheerful and funny, and like to do weird things lol. His name Rioske is a pun from the usual Ryosuke name in Japan.

I mean, look at this photo from their Christmas one man live where he’s acting as a christmast tree (yep, it was him on the most left)

His twitter is @cc_rioske_





Born: 16 May 1994

A soccer boy from Shizuoka, and he won a Best Award in Vocalist Contest at his school ESP Musical Academy there.

I really like his voice among the member! Because I’m more into light voice~ The management claimed that his singing voice can enter anyone’s heart when they hear him sing.

And it’s so cute that he has a flat face, mostly with this kinda sullen expression on him haha, even if he’s smiling for a bit. I think he looks younger because of that~ Just see all of his pics if you don’t believe me XD

Btw he said his favorite artist is Jennifer Hudson

His twitter is @cc_takuya_




Born: 9 June 1992

He was a finalist of EXILE VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 4. Very confident of his singing ability. He is also good in sports, and once aimed to be a professional soccer player. Contrary to his looks, he is a real Kansai person inside (if you know what I mean)

I think he gives off his charm the most when I see the group! Idk, like, his the most adult and sexy? haha I really like his face the most in the group! so handsome! But as I said before, don’t be fooled by his outer appearance because he’s actually cheery! 😀

His twitter is @cc_junpei_




Born: 23 September 1992

A pretty vocalist that came from Kumamoto. He is also good at calligraphy and painting. Called as a Cinderella Boy because he could win the audition and became the member of Color Creation while having almost zero singing experience before.

He’s pretty and I really like his wavy hair! I also like his voice!

His twitter is @cc_yuuto_




Born: 29 October 1992

Half-Filipino and once studied in New York. He’s good at singing and writing music.

So.. to be honest, I know Color Creation because of Kaz!

The story is long, but.. to put it simply, back then one of my favorite idol are kinda having a fight with his best friend.. like, I found him ignoring his bf, and my fav would rather spend all of his time with a friend he just reunited at that time.. whom turned out to be Kaz! Kaz somehow (purposely or not?idk) repaired their relationship little by little over the month and made my fav and his bf make up, and the three became so close! That’s the time I began following kaz lol . But other than that, even now, I still don’t know much about Kaz and he’s still a real mystery for me lol because I only know him as ‘a friend of my fav’.. but I do know that he’s such a nice and sweet guy because of that first impression! He also has a really nice voice though back then I’m not really interested in his career.. (but my second impression right after that is, what is this guy? and why does he has so much twitter follower?lol)

But one day, I found that he’s promoting this audition and ask us to vote for him since he was in it.. without thinking twice, I quickly voted for him with my two e-mail account and I pushed my sister to also vote for him with his account, everyday without fail for weeks! lmao I really wonder why I was so hyped back then even though I wasn’t not really into him.. but he’s a kind bro so he really deserves it! So I’m happy my efforts pay back that back then he came at the 2nd position! (if I’m not mistaken, since it was a year ago)

He once made a song himself here

Somehow he’s kinda the spokesperson for the group? Idk. He may looks calm and quiet but he’s actually kinda brazen.

His twitter is @cc_kaz_


Okay now you know the members! Have you found a new oshi? Whose voice do you like the most? ^^

Now it’s time to support them by buying their CD! Remember, still two months to go so you have enough time to save your money!

They will release two kind of Regular CD and one DVD. The two regular CD’s difference is the coupling song! A Version has Odds & Ends, while B version has Flying Memories. But!! Of course, as usual I recommend you to buy the DVD instead because other than the two songs (CANVAS and Odds & Ends), they also included the MV, MV Making, and.. videos of their first One Man Live!! So it’s really, really worth it with the price!! (usually with this price you can only get MV and MV Making) So with DVD you can also hear their other songs that is sung at live, like Everything Will be alright and One Way Ticket, in total of 5 songs!

Buy Color Creation CD at:




Let’s support them so they can reach a good spot in Oricon Chart ranking!^^

What do you think about this them? Feel free to tell me in the comment or contact form okay~ ┐(・。・┐) ♪


More information:



Instagram: color_creation_official


8 thoughts on “Idol Recommendation: Color Creation

  1. I love Color Creation!! “Waiting for You” is one of my favorites too, and I’ve already downloaded “CANVAS” digitally! I have yet to remember all of the members’ names except Riosuke and Kaz though lol xD But I was so excited when they happened to be at an event called Seasons, and I went because WAVE was going to be in it, and KAZ was actually literally standing right next to me watching when it wasn’t Color Creation’s turn to perform lol. They only did handshakes though at the event though, so since I’m just a casual fan, I decided to spend the money to take photos with WAVE instead xD but I love their music!! *sucker for good vocals*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yayy! I’m happy that you also like Color Creation! *high five* ^^
      And it’s amazing that you saw them! (lol wut that means Kaz is standing on the audience too if you’re right next to him?)
      Haha, I hope you can take a photo with them if you accidentally meet them again XD


      1. Yeah, because the event was at a live house called Shibuya VUENOS and it’s rather small haha, so sometimes artists are just hanging around in the audience when it’s not their turn to perform xD I was watching from the upstairs lobby and Kaz was right next to me haha. I don’t know if they’ll have photo sessions anymore, I saw they’re debuting under Warner Music and who knows how strict their rules would be after going major xD


          1. Yeah, but most the time, the fans and artists are pretty much like friends haha. I’ve been to VUENOS many times and it’s a small livehouse, and after the artist performs, you could see them just coming out of the dressing room right next to the bar. But usually fans are respectful and they’re there to enjoy the whole event and wait until it’s buppan time to talk to the artists


  2. I’m sorry I’m late ;^; But I’m curious about Kaz’s story. Who is that idol of yours and that best friend of him?


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