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Nine Stars Release Visual and PV for Kiss Me Fire!


Woohoo! Today they’re releasing visuals and short PV for Nine Star’s 2nd single, Kiss Me Fire!

If you haven’t know about Naisuta, please check the Nine Stars’s tag in my blog to know their journey ever since their audition to now! ^^

(Purple is Yabu Yusuke, Yellow is Nakamura Masaki, Red is Yamaguchi takuya, Blue is Oike Mizuki)

See the pic up there? So cool right!? And it fits really well with the single’s title!

Okay for now, let’s check out their PV!



The PV is so goooooddd!!

I mean, they don’t look like they’re new idols? that just major debuted two months ago?? They look super professional and cool!

The fire CG is kinda lame lol (except the first fire when they appeared! That’s my favorite part! The part where they lok like they’re kissing tho lol) but still acceptable because it fits the song and especially, the aesthetic part is back again! but now with fire CG instead of powder smoke! Hshshsh I really loved those kinda scene and now that they brought it back.. i hope it become their routine in every PV they’ll make in the future!

And the fashion was surprisingly… really good?? I really love how fashionable their outfit is and how it really fits them all! Like, Yabu with that hat and Mizuki with his no sleeves.. and overall I think I like Masaki’s outfit the most! ^o^

But.. why is in the dancing part where they wear jacket Takuya’s t-shirt became orange? It’s not even red anymore lol

They still use the same black background theme tho.. but it’s okay since it plays well with the CG. I wish they’ll use outdoor background someday haha

Back then I thought they’ll copy paste MAG!C PRINCE since they’re brothers but turn out they two groups are really different! Even though Naisuta is the litttle brother (and actually they are at the same age as Magipri members), Naisuta looks cooler and more adult than Magipri somehow lol.

But you know! Naisuta really improved at their dancing now! I’ve seen their performance on this song and the dance is harder than FLASH! But they still have the fun parts and aura, so I guess they are the cool but cheery type of idol group ^^ Anyway Yabu seems the most changing and shine the brightest.. back then he was only cute but why now he became a seducer devil.. I mean, the CD jacket, the PV when he’s in  the front.. he’s like.. having this werid seducing aura.. phoromone? or something in his gesture.. :”D

I have yet to hear the coupling song, STAY GOLD, but I expect it to be good too!

Oh right! don’t forget, Kiss Me Fire is going to be released at 2 May 2018! Save your money from now on and buy it so they can climb into Oricon chart raking okay~

You can preorder them at amazonjp or cdjapan

Or I hope they’ll release their song at i-tunes!

What do you think about Kiss Me Fire and the PV?

Please tell me in the comment or through the contact section! ┐(・。・┐) ♪


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