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MAG!C☆PRINCE Little Brother: Tokai School Boys Audition!


Soo, there’s a surprise today~

You know that that MAG!C☆PRINCE was an idol group created as a result of Nagoya Boys back then in 2015 right? And Nine Stars is result of Kyushu Boys Audition last year?

And now,

They are making a idol group audition once again in Tokai Region!

Magipri’s little brother after Nine Stars!

This time, the theme is ‘The most famous boy in the class”! Hence, the audition limited the audition to be participated by boys who is in the range of 1st Middle school until 3rd of High school. And so, the audition is named ‘Tokai School Boys“!

To tell you the truth, I actually can’t stand idols who is so young, like middle school kids..  if they acted so grown up it even creeps me out.. so I never really like them. But this time, I’m expecting this group because, hey, it’s Watanabe Entertainment?? Their taste are always the same as mine, they see skill and talent more than only face, and of course… usually their idols are always kinda air-headed and let free so I can be relieved. They can still be kids as they are. And welp, WE has their own artist school, Watanabe High School, so the kids can even enrolled there if they want it. There won’t be any problem in education~

They’ll be a real little brother group for Magipri (because they’ll be younger in age not like Nine Stars), and even in the same region! I think it’ll be a young and fresh idols~

A comment from Taishin and Hikaru:

Collaborating with Hanazaka Times and Honkipri:

So maybe this means the final audition will be aired in Honkipri or Magipri will be something like their mentor??? Aaaa I can’t wait!

Actually, there’s someone famous who said they’ll be entering the audition too?


Hayashi Takuma.. His twitter is @wd77541

I don’t know who he is, but he already have 40k followers on twitter and I think he’s a 3rd year student of WE School? And not to mention, he’s so handsome! XD In his twitter I found out that he always had a matching clothes with his baby brother?? So cute~ I hope you pass the audition too :*

Btw what I hope most is that if they have color assigned like Magipri or Naisuta, they’ll get a green! Because Shuhei has been complaining a lot about when in twitter Magipri is mentioning and cheering each of their color partners, Shuhei didn’t have anyone to retweet. He was told that he can retweet anyone then, but he still sulked and decided to just be a hakooshi (fans of all the member of the group) instead! lol Takuya was nice enough to said that he wanted a retweet from Shuhei tho~

(This means Naisuta will get a little brother too, but I think they’re not really ready to be a big bro yet haha except Takuya who has that Oniichan image on him)

Well, I was expecting WE to make another idol group in another region tho (like Osaka or Okinawa?) but then it’s Tokai region again~ does this mean Magipri is aiming to become a national idol so the young kids can take care of the regions for them? Or maybe Magipri’s image is turning to be more adult?

Anyway, I can’t wait to see what this audition will bring us!

Tho this means I have to feed three groups in the future haha orz

What do you think of these news? Does this excite you too~?


For more information:

Twitter: @tokaischoolboys


Update: The members chosen!

P.s Btw since the theme is school boy, they’re throwing old school pics of Magipri member for us for promotion XD




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