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MAG!C☆PRINCE Announcing 本気☆LIVE Vol.6


So yesterday Magipri was performing their release event at Tokyo and giving us many new things there!

First, they performed the new songs that’s going to be released next 4th of July, ‘SUMMER LOVE’ and ‘Spin the Sky’.. wait what? Spin the Sky is their 2nd single’s name so why’d they use it again and called it new song? Is it a remix or arranged version? Or a different song with the same title? *thinking hard*

Second, you must’ve known this already if you read my previous post! Magipri’s older brother unit that consists of Taishin, Hikaru and Kaoru performed their unit’s song for the first time! They finally concealed the unit’s name, that is ‘Knight of Cheers’! Okay so now they’re not princes but knights lol, many media referred them as knights on a white horse (btw, the cheers is taken from their fans name, Magipri fans is called Cheers). Their unit song’s title is ‘My Princess’! So judging from all this I think their unit is gonna be so cool and handsome! You know, like using their adult vibe and praising us fangirls with hime hime hime daisuki (whoops wrong song)

Btw, Shuhei and Kengo’s unit seems like hasn’t shown us anything, but it is announced that their song is gonna be titled ‘ 『超絶☆お陽Summer』or read as ‘Chozetsu ☆Oyou Summer’! Looking from the title, I bet it’s kind of cheerful song about the two of them enjoying their summer vacation lol. Pretty different from their big brother’s cool unit, maybe they want to show off their youth? (Yea I know they’re only 1-2 years apart but these two are lmao). But hope it’s not gonna clashes with SUMMER LOVE tho.. Oh! And Shuhei will be the one who choreographed the song! Shuhei was so happy ^^ Really, BOSS gave them so much freedom huh lol and apparently, talking about freedom, magipri members are the one who decided their own unit’s name! They haven’t officially told us their unit’s name in twitter but Kengo has been tagging his tweets with Shuhei with tentsutsu (or in proper english is Ten two two) which referred to their birthday, since Kengo and Shuhei are both born at 22 October! So I think the unit name will be 1022? After all, many fans also recommended that name when BOSS asked Shuhei and Kengo to quickly decide their unit name (another interesting recommendation from fans is ‘Jiyuuna Futago’ or ‘Carefree Twins’ lol since they are born at the same time and always together like a real twins but with very different personality and traits)

And lastly, they are announcing that they’re gonna hold their sixth concert at Zepp Nagoya and Zepp Tokyo again! The concert at Nagoya is on 16 July and the Tokyo one is on 21 July. If you are in Japan at that time, don’t hesitate to reserve a ticket now and come! Because at their last concert, the tickets were sold out at 10 minutes  >_<

Tbh I want them to move to a bigger venue tho.. since Zepp can only contain 3000 people and I think Magipri fans who want to come will be bigger than that, and not to mention the concert is at summer holiday, so maybe it’ll be kinda hell to get the tickets? lol idk maybe in the future. And since it’s in Tokyo again I hope many senior from Watanabe Entertainment comes again too!

And I wish they’ll release a DVD of the concert or broadcasting the concert on NND again for us who can’t come! I really enjoyed their concert! Personally wish for DVD for best quality of visual and video but NND is okay since it’s free hahah. Ah but since I’m a person who enjoy backstage video I still prefer DVD after all.

Oh and I bet Nine Stars is going to be a guest again too? Well I want D-DATE or any WE senior to also be a guest if possible! Magipri’s performance are always good but I also want them to add a fun talking session too..

In case you’re wondering what their concert is like, you can watch the 5th MajiLive here or read my review about the 4th here

Anyway, that’s a quick update for Magipri! I can’t wait for the concert!

What do you think about this? Feel free to tell me through the comment or contact form~


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