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Masaki Got His First Individual Job~


Our Yellow Prince Nakamura Masaki from Nine Stars finally got his first individual job! It’s also the first individual job for Nine Stars!


So his first job is to appear on a CM (advertisement) for Wallet+ application! Based on my understanding, it’s a mobile app to manage your money so you can save them for the things you want to do in your future. The app is released by iBank company.

I’ve been wondering why they could land on this job but when I opened Wallet+’s web, their ambassador is actually Seto Koji, their senpai from the same agency lol. But really, it’s nice that Masaki can get this job~

You can see the ad below!


The 30 seconds ver:


The full 60 seconds version:


What do you think about it? ^^

For me, Masaki’s expression still look so tense, but his voice is so cute and it keep stills in my ear! His voice is so cute! Also his smile when he sees the penguin lol. I’m glad that our once shy Masaki could do a good job!

Btw sorry for the short update, since my internet is error… I wanted to post many things but my internet recently just… *sigh* it even takes me one night and day to upload this.. I may have to postpone some things until the connection get better..

Until then~!


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