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So Magipri’s finally releasing the PV for their next single, SUMMER LOVE!

Not like their previous songs which focuses more on dance and aesthetic points, this time the PV is more into scenes. So nope, no difficult dance like Best My Friend, the choreography is kept at minimum level and it’s all about them having fun. Looks like they became less ambitious with this song?

And their costumes! Finally a colorful casual clothes again! Has been ages since Over the Rainbow huh.. I really love how the bright tone of the video can make their colors look so dominant!

Kinda boring if you’re looking for something new and aesthetic but the positive side is, if you only look for something fun and many zoom ins, you’ll like it! Also, one thing I really came to realize, somehow their voices became soooooooo better!! Especially Taishin! I love his voice in this song! Even Shuhei the bad singer sounds less edited in this! (●♡∀♡)

Have you seen it yet?

You can watch it below (don’t forget to comment and give it a like ok~)


What do you think about it?

I really like the Shuhei and Kengo’s lovey dovey scene btw!

Oh yeah, I kinda forgot to post about this before but, the release date is being changed into 20 June 2018!

Before, it was scheduled to be released at Hikaru’s birthday at 4 July.. Idk what made them fasten the release date.. Is it because they want to avoid another singer who released CD at the same time? or because they wanted to focus on their Live Concert? Well, at least we can get it faster than before! So don’t forget to preorder one, OK?

We still got one month to save up and order the CD!

You can purchase the CD at amazonjp or cdjapan

Or usually they’ll release it at i-tunes too!

But if I have to say, the hardcopy CD is more woth it since there are so many choices you can get!

Since, there are one DVD (usually they released two ver??), one regular CD version, and each member’s CD version. So you can choose one (or more) from seven choices available!

If I can give you a suggestion, buy the DVD since the PV is so good! (and you know they won’t upload the full ver in Youtube anyway), you can also see behind the scene of the PV~ Or if you want to support just your oshi, buy your favorite member’s version that came up with their face as the CD cover and also a bonus track of their talking!

For me, I think I’ll definitely buy the DVD for the contents.. but tbh I wanted the regular CD more or Shuhei ver because the CD’s cover is sooooooo pretty! I don’t really like the DVD’s cover sobs sobs.

You can see the available CDs below ^^

How is it? Which will you buy?

Tell me your impression in the comment or through the contact form okay~



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