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I made a Youtube Channel!!



Also my first time subbing a video!!! Hshshshs

I think I’ve told you before that I wanted to try doing many things, and this is one of the things I achieved so far! I now can trim a video and put a sub on it!! Woohoo! :”D

*Clap hands*

Seriously, I’m so proud of myself because I finally manage to do it ALL BY MYSELF!! Yeah nobody teach me and help me to do it so I gotta learn all the basics by myself.. If you know me well you must’ve known that I was not good with technology and such lolol I didn’t even know how to upload vidoe in Youtube before lol so this so much achievement for me!

See the result of my hard work! I’ll be so much happy if you enjoy it!


Not so bad huh?

Anyways I took the videos from the 4th MajiLive DVD.. I know I’m being risky and hypocrite for uploading their videos on Youtube even though I forbid you guys to do it.. But I kept being impatient at how steady the condition is for Magipri, so I want more and more people to find out about them! And I know many people find about Magipri from Youtube (since you can randomly encounter any video there)! But I will still stand on my ground, I wouldn’t upload videos of full MV, yep, so I’ll just sub videos from concert instead. I hope this won’t cross the boundaries.

I’ve been thinking about which songs to sub first, but last night I rewatched the DVD and thought that this part of concert is so cute and showing much of their charm (I like this encore version better than the full performance one haha). So in one night, I did a translation, trimming video, and subbing all at once! I think I can do it if I’m in the mood lol.

(Ah, btw I’ll post the Dreamland translation post later, okay?)

I tried trimming the video using Bandicut, and subbing is with Aegissub. To encode the sub I used XviD4PSP. What do you think of these apps? I think these apps is quite easy for an amateur like me? Or do you have any more reccomendation?

Anyway, I feel tired now after a long night. I’m still thinking of what song to sub next. Tbh I wanted to sub the Wake up Calling because that’s my most favorite performance in the concert! But sadly I can’t find its lyrics anywhere… I wanted to let you guys see it TT_TT

Subbing is pretty hard, huh… I’m really respecting those people who subs a lot of more than one hour videos.. I can barely sub a five minute video lol anyone want to help me?

If you guys have any idea about what song to upload and sub next, tell me in the comment or through the contact box okay~! I might consider it in the future! 😉

I hope I won’t be lazy and become more productive! Uwooooooh!


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