Sorry guys! Though usually I updated this blog once per week, I will be hiatus for a while!

From tomorrow on, I will go on a trip for about 2-3 weeks and probably won’t have any internet/ time for writing my blog. I also want to enjoy my vacation so maybe I won’t open internet so much to check this blog.. I will still try to keep up with Magipri news tho, but I will only post about it after my vacation is over.

I actually was trying to post something today for you before my trip starts, but I was still so busy so this post is all I can write.. Sorry!

Anyway, when I’m back 2-3 weeks again, I’ll upload Best My Friend, so wait for it okay~!


P.s.1 If you’re lonely, you can still contact me through AMINO or twitter (ask) or youtube! ^^

P.s.2 Btw recently I started using Spotify and realized that you can hear Magipri’s 111 album there for free! So happy ^^ (though I wish there’ll be many more of their songs there haha so if you are i-tunes user you can get more songs in it lol)

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