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[Youtube] English Sub – Clap your Hands


Since I’m productive enough this weekend, I made another subs!

The second song I managed to sub is… CLAP YOUR HANDS!!


Check it out!

What do you think of my hard work?

If you enjoy this please like, comment or subscribe okay~

I also like this performance and song so much on MajiLive DVD, and luckily I have already made a translation before lol so I don’t have to work hard translating and subbing at the same time like the previous video.

Btw have you seen my Dreamland video too?

*Shameless promotion lol*

For you guys who already watched it, even gave my video like, comments and even subscribed to me… Thank you so much! ^^

I hope my videos can bring more fans to Magipri fandom!

Anyway, I’ll try to be more and more productive and continue subbing if I have time haha. I just started so I still have to try many things. I don’t even understand what to do with my Youtube channel lol I mean, I wanted to change the banner etc etc but why I can’t??? Ughh..  And well I originally debated myself should I also put the romaji lyrics on the sub?? But since I’m too lazy and tired I didn’t try it yet.. Do you think I should put the romaji lyrics in my next video?

Also idk how to put effects in lyrics like karaoke.. and again too lazy to color coded the lyrics..  not to mention a title or ending screen or editing the video *bad subber orz* so please don’t expect that much from me haha

And Idk should I write a new post everytime I uploaded a video? I may not have any rants to accompany the video in the post lol (I’m too used to talk too much so if my post is empty I felt so weird) but if I didn’t make one maybe you guys will miss the video right?

So yeah, I’m still really noob at this, but I’ll learn it along the way..

Anyway next week maybe I’ll be busy again, so idk if I can update this blog or not haha

Wish me luck!



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