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Majidora ~ Spin the Sky Episode 2 Subbed


I literally bombed my JLPT today so I got the urge to make this. Cause seriously… the N2’s listening is so hard! In Majidora Shuhei spoke weirdly so it’s really difficult to catch what he said but at least he’s far better than those JLPT speakers! 😦

I finished this in two hours so no time to proofread but well.. this episode is only about catfight so it’s not that important lol

I really like this episode.. tho if I watch it now I was like wtf?? It’s kinda cringey but hilarious at the same time lmao

Watch it here:


It’s only 7 minutes because I cut the preview for previous episodes. You guys don’t need to see it right?

Btw someone suggested to me regarding my concern in the previous post (about how I want to share my videos but also want to respect the idols and management so I want to be lowkey though the label is so chill af), so maybe after some episodes, the rest will be set to private videos on YT (not that I know how, but I’ll learn). So maybe in the future you can only access the videos through the links on this blog.. but well thats only just a plan and idk how I’ll continue in the future.. Don’t worry ^^

Anyways, thanks for everyone who watch, comment, like and subscribe! I may not reply to comments in YT bcos I’m lazy lol but your appreciation really made my day and motivate me~

After this, do you want me to continue subbing episode 3 or should I sub another song?

I wanted to sub bakupuri too but I don’t understand bakumatsu topic and all orz

Tell me your suggestion through the comment or contact box! ^^



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