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Majidora ~ Spin the Sky Episode 3 Subbed


Sorry I was really late with this! orz

As usual, I was really, really busy with my real life that I didn’t even have time to catch up with Magipri news lately.. (and I wanted to search for Majilive tidbids and make a post about it sigh but idk if it’s still possible) and maybe, I will still be busy after this.. T_T

So this was rushed in an hour but here you go as requested! Episode 3! Woohoo!


Enjoy watching! ^^

Still a long way to go until the last episode but please bear with me lol

Btw I didn’t really like this episode because they are clearly overreacting over a scrunchie and liptint.. But Kaoru’s gay over Kengo expressions are so priceless lol and what’s with them dropping their things like that (though I understand since if I saw something beautiful in front of my eyes I probably will react like that too)

Oh yeah! I’m really happy to watch your comments in my videos! I swear I’ll reply you all someday if I have time :”( I never opened my rainbowpudd YT account other than uploading videos..

If you like what you watch, don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe since I really really appreciate it so much and it gives me so much power to continue subbing~! Also, please share it to your friends so more people got to know about our Magipri~

Hopefully I can upload the next episode fast hshshs wish me luck!


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