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Tokai School Boys Audition Final Contestant


This is so late, I know..

I should’ve written this a week ago when it’s still hot but as usual, irl sucks..

If you have read my previous posts, you may know already about the recent Tokai School Boys Audition. Whew, I wrote that long ago I also almost forgot about it lol it’s been like 3? months? since it was announced?

They finally revealed the final contestants for the final stage on Hanazaka Times! (This audition collaborated with Hanazaka Times, an early morning show broadcasted on CBC TV where Magipri usually at).

The final candidates were 5 people! Like what we predicted before (ref to my prev post), the boy in the middle, HayaTaku, got in! lol. Well, I already know about it since before at the beginning of July tho, when he tweeted about he got into the final stage with his friends Momokun, though they announced it on TV last week. But sadly I couldn’t find more about most of the members.. They don’t even have any social media >_< back then I could find the Naisuta members easily on twitter and their tidbids but no luck for this.. Well it’s okay since good innocent kids should stay away from bad influences on twitter.. But I want to know more about them!!


Hayashi Takuma (林たくま), or more famous by the nickname Hayataku.

Born: 3 April 2000

In his 3rd year of highschool, he attended Watanabe High School (the school built by the agency who is holding the Tokay Boys Audition, Watanabe Entertainment). He’s already a twitter darling with 60k followers (back then in my first post he had 40k lol he gained many in 3 months?). Even Magipri’s twitter followers gained in 3 years lost to him…

Idk much, but looks like he is a tiktok idol? And also a model? His filter was kinda crazy lol but I really like his photos, how he took a photo is really good, the angle and poses! Like those you usually found at aesthetic instagram accounts. Not like Magipri or Naisuta members who mostly do boring selfie photos lol (sorry, but this is true haha). earlier I said that he likes to take photos with his baby brother but it seems like I was mistaken, and the baby brother was actually a famous little model too.

So I found out that he was one of the winner of Japan Ikemen Highschool competition back then in 2016 when he was still a freshman (he got a semi-grandprix, maybe that’s like a runner-up?), winning from other 1000 contestants there. Maybe that’s why he got so popular.

Idk about his talent tho, but he takes a lot of photo of him playing soccer, so maybe soccer? Maybe his talent is more of his follower lol

I’m kinda worried since he was already so celeb-like and I think he would pull the group with his power.. I predicted he would be the leader? haha

Anyway, follow his twitter @wd77541


Otani Yuya (大谷悠哉) , but more famous by the nickname of Momo-kun (idk where it comes from)

Born: April 10 1998

Just like HayaTaku, he was already kinda famous with 25k followers and he is also an tiktok idol. Prior to this audition, he is already best friends with HayaTaku (you can see that they have too many of each other’s ohotos in their account) though it seems that Momo-kun came from different school (based on the uniform?). It seems like they came close from their modelling job and their tiktok activities.

Momo-kun formerly was a part of GOAL STARS, an social media idol group (?) consists of 5 members. Back then his name was Momotaros. Though, I can’t really find anything about the group nor why they didn’t work out.

I also don’t know about his talent but it seems he played basketball a lot.

Follow his twitter at @s_410yuya


…And, as I said before.. it’s really really hard to find about other three other members! I almost came out to nothing! Hshsh I only know about their name

The one who stood at the very left side is Noguchi Yusuke ( 野口友輔 ), then the one with blue shirt at the right of HayaTaku is Kato Daigo ( 加藤大悟 ), and at the far right side is Otomo Kai ( 大友海 ). Btw it’s kinda funny how Kato resemble Kaoru and Kai really looks like Shuhei lol.

But based on this source, Kai is a soccer player?

Also! Kato Daigo-kun was actually scouted by Omae-san in Honkipri segments?? They found him when he went shopping alone it seems. He’s currently 17 years old, so handsome and can sing~ And it’s interesting how this random encounter brought him to the final stage of the audition lmao


Noguchi Yusuke:



Born: June 3 2002

Seems like a bright kid and cutie youngest (but mischievous)


Kato Daigo:



Born: September 19 2000

Kaoru v.2 also another Meme Face


Otomo Kai



Born: June 26 2001

Blank Face (¬_¬) but actually Shuhei v2 and another chaos


They already warmed up to their senpai, MAG!C PRINCE and Nine Stars, as they went to CBC Radio Natsu Matsuri event where both of them performed at. At Magipri’s stage, they have the chance to introduce themselves to audience. And they even wore those Magipri t-shirt lol is this the image color they’re getting in the future too? Who knows.


Anyway, I haven’t found out what they have to do in the final stage of the audition.. but it’s said that they have to face various challenge until the final results in September. Maybe they have to perform dance like Naisuta? looks like it will be broadcasted in Honkipri? I’ll update later if I find something..

So, what do you think of these boys?

For me since they already has two semi-celeb, it’s already so different than Magipri in concept lol and I haven’t know anything about them so I can’t say who picked my interests at. But I like Daigo’s smile from the Honkipri segment tho (since I’m so weak to smiles…). And it’s so nice that they got 5 members again, so this time Shuhei won’t be lonely and would get a younger brotehr for real! lol, you know, how he didn’t get a counterpart in Naisuta. I hope all of them passed!

Good luck! ^^

For more information:

Twitter: @tokaischoolboys

Website: http://www.tokai-schoolboys.com/

Update: Tokai School Boys officially changed its name into Hi☆Five! Check this post for more info 



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