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Majidora ~ Spin the Sky Episode 4 English Subbed


Again, sorry for the delay! Haha.

You may already get bored of my reasons tho T_T

I made this sub in a rush so sorry if I made mistake or mistranslation anywhere! But I think I got the main point? Haha, I don’t feel confident with my Japanese since I watch too many Korean videos lately.

Anyway I just heard Bel!ever and I really like it~ In the concert they even performed it while showing slides of their photos since they become Magipri members until now.. and they put a message in the end of the slides.. ‘We’ve come this far because of everyone’ and ‘please keep believing on us from now on’ (the pic they made as their twitter header).. that made me kinda tearful since it’s been a long time after their fans.. I want to make them go further, tho.. TT_TT

Do you know they’re announcing their next concert already for their 3rd year anniversary? This time they finally changed the venue so I’m really excited! They’re gonna hold it at Nihon Gaishi Hall! I checked the venue’s website and the maximum capacity is 10,000 people! Though, it’s also flexible so they can change it to 5000 or 7000 seats too based on the demand. But I was hoping for this since before their latest concert.. because they kept on performing in Zepp which only have 3,000 seats.. so I wanted them to perform in a bigger venue! (and I’m bored with the stage shape too haha)

But they kinda lack projects lately.. I wished they participate in more shows rather than only the current one.. Like more dramas, variety show, talent show.. I want more people to know them >_<

Though I’m also really busy irl so maybe I couldn’t keep up if they get more and more active orz I can barely have time to write updates about them lol so I hope you guys can keep on track with Magipri yourselves too *kicked*.

Anyway, I’m still hanging on there, so, enjoy watching!



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