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( 九星隊 ) Nine Stars Released Reach for the STARS MV!!


Okay  again, I was late making this post, though it’s been released for a week already? lol

I’m actually lazy to write a post but Nine Stars new MV is  such a mood booster to me!

Now that I have time, I’m enjoying this song and MV again and I hope you feel the same with me watching this! 😀

Here is the MV!


Finally what I’ve been wishing for the past two songs of Nine Stars! Outdoor shooting MV! Though the style is absolutely different than the two before, it really fits the summer stye! But it will be released in the start of fall? lmao

This time the MV focuses more on their summer activity, their happy faces having fun at its best. Playing banana boats, running by the beach, eating desserts,slide into the ocean, etc. It all looks so much fun and enjoyable, so it makes me smile too! These kids are so cheerful and shiny they really fit the summer well~ ^^

But I wish there’ll be more proper, aesthetic zoom in for each member tho. The activities stands out more than the members itself so yeah I remember they all are smiley and cute but if I was a new fans I wouldn’t really pay attention to each member?

And also I really don’t like their outfits when they’re dancing in front of the houses.. Their shirts are white so it made them not really visible by the background and the  picture taken is not really nice to see.. like, it’s too shiny..

Well, despite all, I really like the song and MV, as usual. This is very different from before, so maybe I’m just not really used to it yet. But I feels that they really stands for Nine Stars’ first concept, ‘to cheer up Kyushu!’. Seeing their energy and cheerful appearance, I think it gives me who watch them spirit too~

By the way, the scene when Takuya feeds his friends are so cute~ and I also like it when Masaki wears sunglasses because he’s so cool and handsome! lol I’m still eyeing Yabu, tho, not like Kengo who seems like oshihen-ed (change favorites) to Masaki 😉 oh and seems like Mizuki’s red hair made him stands out and some people who watch MV mistake him as Shota from DA-ICE? haha

What do you think of the MV? Please tell me through the comment or contact tab okay!┐(・。・┐) ♪

Oh! Don’t forget that Reach for the STARS CD is going to be released at 10 September 2018! Start saving your money to buy them okay~!

(Then again, releasing a summer-ish song in the middle of fall? I don;t know what to say haha, it’s unique or what.. but hey we can feel it’s still summer in every season while hearing this song!)

You can pre-order it at amazonjp or cdjapan

Let’s buy it so they can get into the top Oricon Chart ranking again!


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