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Don’t forget to subscribe~ ( ˘ ³˘)♥


Hi guys! I may seems not really active lately but..

Have you check my Youtube Channel yet? Or subscribe on it? Because..

I actually updated more english sub videos there! XD

But I’m a little lazy to make a post for each videos like usual lol so this time I just put two here! Because you know, I hate to see a blank post, or a post with only a very few sentences and contents.. (what kinda disease is this?) so I always try to write more and more haha. So sorry if you think I’m blabbering too much. You can skip all my random gibberish tbh and go straight to the video lol

Anyway the main topic today is!

For your information, I always make subs based on my mood. If I feel like it, I can do one in just an hour! But if I’m lazy, it would take me two weeks to actually finish a 7 minutes video sub lmao. So yeah, sometime I’m busy, or don’t feel well, but actually, there are time when I just disappeared because I’m just too lazy to write or search up anything! 😉 (Whoops)

Yeah so, you may be confused by that since you won’t know when will I make a new content (I try to make a new one every weekend, tho) since I’m just like that.. So the answer is!

You’d better subscribe to my channel and my blog!! 


Push it, push it, the like, follow, and subscribe button~

Hahah nope I’m not trying to gauge up subscribers or followers, okay? I’m just content knowing you guys out there read my blogs and watching my YT videos about Magipri.. I just don’t want you to miss out any because of my roller coaster mood  ( ˘ ³˘)♥

And! I never answered your comments on my videos but! Since today somehow I feel lonely and hyper, I decide I’ll reply all of your comments! Even the old one! Sorry for just replying now, okay? I was too lazy before orz but I’m sooo soo happy whenever someone commented! Feel free to drop any comments in my videos!

I was also thinking to make a new twitter for rainbowpudding so you can know updates from this blog faster too, and maybe we can even make a gc about magipri? But well.. I’m not even opening my  personal twitter much these days… What do you think? Should I make it? 😦

Okay then, if you haven;t watch these yet, enjoy! An english sub for Bakupuri (I kinda tried this but it’s too hard so I won’t continue lol) and my favorite song, RUSH! ^^

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