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I Made a Twitter Account! (^O^☆♪


So, since I’m coming back after a long time, I figured I should made an improvement and I decided to finally made a Twitter account for this blog! (^O^☆♪

I had a twitter before, but it’s for personal use and only have a little content about magipri, sooo.. I didn’t want to share it (but some of the readers here already know, tho lol). I’m not really active on twitter recently, tho, but I’ll try to keep at least retweeting Magipri news~!

I want to interact with you guys more, so I think using twitter it will be easier!

So when I’m disappearing like yesterday, I may still giving updates from twitter, lol

I used AMINO before too but it kinda lacks people.. (and since I broke my phone recently and using a new one now, I haven’t installed Amino again, so if you guys want to reach me you can do it from twitter instead!)

My account is @rainbowpuddblog !

Please follow me, okay? uwu

Please talk to me, okay? uwu

I want to try talking to Japanese CHEERZ in twitter too, tho I’m scared.. wish me luck!

I wanted to make an instagram account too, but since it’s more about IGStory and pics I think it will be hard TT_TT

And you may notice since I wrote it everywhere, but I can talk in Bahasa Indonesia, English and Japanese! So if you can talk in one of those language I’d really appreciate it! But since I also have the power of Google Translate, I can try other languages too lol

P.s I may also update the progress of my projects there?? So for sneakpeek don’t forget to follow me! 


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