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MAG!C☆PRINCEがマジでチャレンジ! Maji Challenge!


A light, refreshing post for you guys since I barely have time to catch up and sum up all the news when I’m gone~ lolz (´꒳`∗)

This is actually and old thing since it happened months ago, but surprisingly I don’t have time to write it until now

If you are a keen reader of this blog and Magipri fans, you must’ve known about Honkipuri or maybe even watch some of the episodes, right? If not, as I quote:

“Honki☆Puri/ Honkipri (本気プリ) :Honkipuri is aired every Sunday at CBC TV on 24:50. It was a variety show that requires Magipri members to do a challenge every episode, from doing part-time job, practicing sports or eating til they drop. They also often had Watanabe Entertainment’s senpais as their guest and MC, like Rocchi, Kokado, and fallinlovehajime. Occasionally there would also be a special part called “Majitabi” or “Maji Travel”. This segment features each one of the Magipri member traveling alone to other countries, like Shanghai, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. This is also to promote Imoto no Wifi, a portable wifi used on overseas, that sponsors them.”

So basically, it’s Magipri’s variety show ever since before they major debuted! Now since it’s almost three years to their major debut anniversary, Honkipri has been airing for such a long time!

So, Honkipuri is originally broadcasted on CBC TV which is a regional Nagoya TV. And from now on Honkipuri is also broadcasted in SBS TV which is in Shizuoka! Furthermore, to celebrate and promote the show, SBS TV wass posting videos of Magipri kids doing many challenges! Just like how Honkipuri usually went in the show.

The challenge has many variations, kendama, hola hoop, step counting and the winner would be the one to get the time to talk in front of the camera and promote the show~

It’s very short and simple haha, but made me miss my kids so much ugh maybe since I have a twitter now I can try commenting on their post sometimes!

Personally I like the one when they have to be the last man standing on the circle the most! Because when the winner are talking, the others are busy rounding and waving to the camera at the back lol so funny that I can’t concentrate on what the winner are saying (no spoiler) and rather peek at the background.

Anyway, I have listed MajiChallenge videos from SBS channel below so it’s easier for you to search. I hope watching these cute videos can boost your mood while waiting for my next update! ( ˘ ³˘) ❤

As usual, tell me what challenge do you like the most through the comment or the contact form! Or since I have a twitter now you can always talk to me there~ (shameless promotion hahah)

So, enjoy! ^^





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