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Nine Stars are Youtuber now!? Σ(・口・) Watch Their Hilarious Videos Here!


I’m trying to make a click-bait overreacting headline here, just like a typical Japanese Youtube video usually are! lol

 What do you think? Hahahaha

Okay so another refreshing post for you guys! I actually just had time to watch this too now, and found it soooooooo hilarious! I want all of you to watch it too and laugh with me!

I think Nine Stars kids are finally showing their characters and being rude but love each others so I really love them!! Their interactions are so cute!!

So in Barisugo8, their own variety show (in case you didn’t follow them, it’s like Nine Star’s Honkipuri) they are challenged to be a Youtuber and make their own video! The video got uploaded in TNC TV’s channel and the one who got the worst view result in one month until 30 October 2018.. will get a punishment game!!

Quickly, watch their Youtube video here!

Takuya’s Video:

This video is so funny! They are doing message relay game and lmao the message changed so much each time it got relayed that they’re unconsciously dissing each other!  Especially Yabu lol who got attacked by Mizuki and Takuya! XD But I think Yabu is the blackhole in this game haha

Also the baby tried to protect his pride by saying he lost to Takuya in MisCon because of his hair is… priceless XP


Mizuki’s video:


His main idea was to play a joke on other members, though the reaction was not so loud, but it’s still funny on how he’s so expectant about his pranks lol. And I think the funniest thing is how Masaki suddenly became sarcastic and debated Mizuki about his failed attempt lmao but also being a good kid and pretend to fall at the prank

And Mizuki’s prank to Takuya! It reminds me of one episode in Bakupuri lol I suddenly wanted to sub it so you guys can watch the similiarity ! XD

(Also don’t worry the bugs are only toys and only appear briefly in the video)


Masaki’s video

This is kinda yucky and boring actually if not for the interaction between Masai and Mizuki there. They’re mixing all of the ice cream they can buy in convenience store into one and tasted it. What’s funny is how Masaki constantly got mad at Mizuki because he secretly eating the ice cream by himself lmao XD I love these two’s interaction so much! They’re like a real brother somehow (because my image of Masaki is a baby brother but now he stood up against Mizuki so much haha)


Anyway not important but, the ice cream Mizuki ate here (that looks like a bread) is my favorite ice cream ever!! It’s like a waffle with ice cream and chocolate inside! I dunno what brand they ate, but I usually eat the one from Glico! (maybe they’re eating the same since Glico is from Japan? haha) the ice cream name is Haku! Try google itand prepare for your saliva! It’s really really delicious and satisfying since it’s big but cheap! (In my country it’s less than 1USD) :9

If you have Glico in your country too, please also try it! ^o^


Yabu’s video:

He’s trying to show off his sport power as a 22 years old but failed horribly lol he’s actually kinda weak XD It’s funny how he failed at anything but trying to keep his pride lmao but I wish there are other members there too (especially Mizuki) to diss him in the video to make it more hilarious!


So what do you think? Whose video you like the most?

Me, I love Takuya’s the most! the relay game is so funny and the dissing and the kissing hahah I really love when they’re together like this! But really, they are all so funny to watch so I enjoy them all.

But tbh I kinda want Yabu to be the loser? Since he’s so bulliable, I want to see him doing the punishment game! I bet it will be hilarious too and they should make a video of it. But if you don’t want him to get the punishment you should watch it and share it to your friends so he can win, okay? 😉

And yeah, they should make their own Youtube channel and post videos like these again after this! I really like to see more videos and their hilarious act!


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