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幕末☆PRINCE (Bakumatsu Prince) episode 6 English Subbed!


I’m back from another vacation!

This time I fell down when we climbed some caves near the sea, I bleed my legs and it still hurts.. :”)

But no worries, I still have my duty to give another Magipri content this week!

The one I subbed this time is this.. Bakupuri episode 6!!

So, I actually said before that I don’t want to sub Bakupuri anymore because it’s really hard  and I might can’t do it.. but last week I watched Mizuki’s Naisuta’s Pranks videos and the one when he gave Takuya the fake coffee immediately made me remember this Bakupuri episode’s scene!

So.. I finally decided to do this! the coffee episode is rather easy but the coordinate one… ugh… Yeah, please don’t get mad at me if you see me made any mistake, okay? I tried, at least.. 😦

They talked really quickly I can’t catch what they’re saying..

And! If you follow my twitter or instagram, you might know that when I’m woring on this, the electricity on my house blackout every night for a few hours, so it really stressed me out! especially the first time it happened, I haven’t saved my sub and the laptop died and the file is half gone! Ugh! I finally made it, now.. sobs..

(*cough* and actually I was really into Thailand BL dramas recently, so I did a marathon of them instead of working my subs lol sorry, anyways have you guys watch Love by Chance? I really love it!!!)

Oh right! Now that you mention it, please follow my twitter and instagram, okay? I’ll update a lot there, too! And we can talk easily there~ I want to have more friends!

And lastly, don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment!

I appreciate every comments and reply to all of them! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Enjoy the video!

(btw, the thumbnails of Kengo evilly pouring the drinks is memetic lol)


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