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幕末☆PRINCE (Bakumatsu Prince) episode 4 English Subbed!


Happy weekend ~! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Yeah, I know, I went missing again, huh? For almost a month again, lol. Sorry!

You may not want to hear my excuses anymore, so I won’t say anything..

But for people who asked when will I upload Magipri and Naisuta CDs again, I have to explain a bit so you can understand and wait a bit more.. Actually, I had broken my handphone and camera because of an accident, so I needed a lot of money to buy a new phone and to repair my camera.. so it wasn’t possible for me to buy the CD back then.. not to mention I was really busy with my hectic real life so when I had the money I always forgot to order the CDs lol. Even now I’m still poor.. but I still tried to buy them, okay? But of course it needed time to come to me from japan. So please wait a bit patiently! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

In the meantime, I still insist you to buy the CDs yourself too! Because they’re definitely worth it! And you won’t have to wait for me again heheh. I mean look at me, poor but I still try me best to support my idols by purchasing them~ (kinda proud of myself fufu I hope you can feel this too!)

Ohhh! And you know what, for Cheer Raji (their regular radio show), they’re gathering challenge from fans through e-mails and back the before I went hiatus I unconsciously sent one.. when I came back recently, I found out from Japanese fans that my challenge actually went through the radio show!! OMG!!! So proud!! I was challenging Shuhei to explain about Magipri in english because I’m an international fans, so I’m really curious to hear it! Especially I know his english level was.. it’s my life lol (if you know this you deserve a veteran discunt) But I didn’t hear the radio, so anyone, did anyone record it? Please tell me if you know or have it! It was on 25 October’s Cheer Raji! Pls!

And for Magipri updates, uh.. I’m kinda lazy to write it since you must be already know if you’re following their twitter, but I guess I’ll try to sum it up especially the new album news hehe (btw, have you watched this video?)

I hope there are more international Magipri content providers, though, so when I’m not there someone can back me up..

Anyway, as an apology for my MIA this month, please enjoy my new sub!

This time it’s Bakupuri again, but I guarantee this episode is very interesting, especially for Kengo’s fans! XD

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