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Majidora ~ Spin the Sky Episode 6 English Subbed


Ssshh.. Please say nothing! I know what’s in your mind!

Anyway, long time no see guys! I keep delaying my project but finally I finished one again! Woohoo!

Translating things really need a mood, huh.. when I’m in the mood, I can do it only in our hour, but when I’m not… I need one month maybe? lol *kicked*

Well, since I’m not really active lately, I’ll try to catch up little by little.. do you have some info for me? Heheh~

I always write a lot in my previous posts… but I really have nothing to say today.. so maybe just.. enjoy?

Oh yeah please comment, like and subscribe my Youtube channel! It’s almost 100 subscribers! Maybe by then I’ll post something new again~ just maybe~ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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