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Shuhei will act in Kono Koi wa Tsumi Nanoka!?


No, he’s not the glasses guy above, lol

I can’t believe it!! Our Shuhei!!! Who always had the forgettable role in all Magipri’s drama before!! Got his very first individual acting job??

I expected it to be the actor Kaoru but turns out, it’s really Shuhei??

Anyways, the drama ‘Kono Koi wa Tsumi Nanoka!?’ or literally translated as ‘Is This Love a Sin!?’ and simply called as ‘KoiTsumi’, is a romance drama adapted from manga. It tells about a nerdy salaryman (Kentaro Ito) who fell in love with a professional Shogi (Japanese Chess) player girl (Kashiwagi yuki / Yukirin). Shuhei will act as a genius shogi player, who..idk what his role will be in the story? But I hope he’ll apear a lot! Btw, the drama will be aired at TBS and MBS channel starting this December 2! Magipri’s new song, ‘Moshimo Boku ga Sekai wo  Kaeretara’ will be the ending song for the drama!

(BOSS… WE managements.. I see what you did there.. as always.. you’re good at pushing through your buy one get one actor and also song bonus strategy!! lolol I always love your strategy! fyi, Yukirin is from WE. See what they did?)

And Shuhei in hakama heheheh~ Maybe he get chosen because he really has this Japanese boy image? Though the genius part.. erm well he looks cool if he shuts up I guess *cough*

December will be very hectic I guess, Magipri will have this drama, MajiChare, Anniversary Concert, New Album Release.. wow!

Anyways, will you watch these drama?

I don’t think I’ll have time to watch it, though.. (I mean, I barely have time to update my social media and blog) and tbh the drama’s trailer doesn’t excite me, but maybe I’ll consider if Shuhei appears a lot in it..

Tell me what you think through the comment okay? 😉


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