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[+Download]マジ☆弟子(Majideshi) Season 2 English Subbed! (Guest: BOYS AND MEN)

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Hi guys! Long time no see!

So after a period of missing again, I tried to atone for absence by subbing more videos! This time, I subbed one of Majideshi episodes!

If you don’t know what is a ‘Majideshi’, you should read my previous post first here

I’m kinda proud with this one because I never subbed and uploaded a video more than 10 minutes before.. and suddenly I tried to do a 20 minutes video??? Surprisingly it’s hard because of those Nagoya dialects (too lazy to explain the meaning) and they all talk so gibberishly at the same time, but it’s actually so fun and turned out I can finish subbing the videos in only one week?? Well, but as you know since I’m really busy with my job I can only work on these at midnight, or at weekends when I don’t have any other plans.

And if you’ve had been following me on twitterand IG, you might know about the problem I faced when uploading this video. The episode features one of Boymen’s song and Youtube could actually detected it and… since it was copyrighted by UMG and Virgin Music, the video was blocked on YT!! This is the first time I had this kind of trouble since Magipri’s songs are alright to be used even if it’s copyrighted too.. Finally I tried to mute the song’s part only and it took one night to finally unblock the video.. Now that I think about it, I’m really grateful for Magipri’s management and label (Watanabe Entertainment and ZEN Music) since they’re not really strict with their songs..

Oh yeah, if any of you wanted the unmuted version of the video, you can download it here!

Anyway, Magipri and Boymen has been interacting a lot since long time ago because they met a lot in concert shows. I remember back then they even commented on how Shuhei’s wearing a no-sleeves on a cold day at their concert haha. And they congratulate each other on their birthday too! Honestly Boymen is really kind and open to magipri, even though they should be kind of a rival (since they’re both idols from Nagoya), but they took care of Magipri so well and even said that they should liven up things in Nagoya together!

I’ve said it before and anywhere, that I don’t really like Boymen’s songs or style because they’re not my type (sorry everyone has preference right?), but I really really love and respect their humbleness, their hard works, and their personality!! They’re famous because of their own hardwork, they had now manager, no push up from agency, even no place to practice dancing. But they conquered all of that problem and now become one of the most famous idol group in Japan!! And they’re promoting Nagoya too to the entire world! they’re so funny and kind~ I think I’ll write a recommendation post about them later if I have the time.

Honestly watching them, I realized that Magipri is still a baby chick. They have backs up from Watanabe Entertainment, who is kinda big (though for actors and comedians), they got connection to local TV and show, and they’re just celebrating their third anniversary now. Though Magipri is so down-to-earth, I wish they could be more brave and reckless like Boymen hehe. But Magipri, despite their age, still have the innocence that Boymen one had but now not.

These two groups are so different but they’re like, best friends you know?

By the way after this I might get busier and busier, not to mention Christmast and New Year holidays, so maybe I can’t really upload another video for a while.. I know that you guys maybe bugging me about to rip my CDs.. but now you can get Magipri’s second album on i-tunes and Spotify!! So that might make you be more patient with me haha.

Timing is really hard though, haha, I think I hate timing the most when subbing things, so sorry if you think the timing of the subtitle is off..

Anyway, enjoy!! I hope you like my sub and video! Also sorry I can’t find the full video where they had the opening part uhhh so I just used what I have.

Please watch, like, comment and subscribe! I have passed 100 subscribers and now my ambition is to reach 500~ Woohoooo!!

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