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Why I Love MAG!C☆PRINCE (Happy 3rd Anniversary Guys!)


There are so many idols out there. Why so fixated on MAG!C☆PRINCE? What makes them so special to me?

Yesterday 23 December 2018 was a very special day for Magipri, it’s their 3rd Anniversary and they’re dong a concert with 6000 spectators!! Woohoo!!! Next target: 10,000 spectators?? Hehe.

Also, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys!

Well, I was thinking what should I do to celebrate this all.. And I was reminiscing again.. If it was 3 years since they debuted, then that means I also have been a Cheerz for 3 years, and 2 years since I made this blog dedicated to them. I met many friends through  being their fans and from this blog too! Thank you for people that reached out to me, blogging can be lonely when you think no one really appreciate you, hehe.

Anyway, why I love Magipri the most? If you have checked my JPOP Idol recommendation, you must’ve known that I like other idols too, yes? Magipri is one of million groups out there, and maybe not many, especially people outside Japan, know about them. It’s a hard question to answer, but I hope what I write down here can tell you how I was grateful to be their fans.

Anyway, feel free to add more if you feel like it! ^^


1.) I love Abe Shuhei


Well.. to be honest, I actually love all of them, not just Shuhei. I love Kengo, Taishin, Hikaru and Kaoru a whole lot too! But the first time I saw Magipri’s Zettai Aishiteru MV, Shuhei was the one who made me more interested on checking out who were them back then, rather than just enjoying the MV and move on.

When I first saw him, his smiles looked so gentle and healing, and he looked so innocent. So I looked for him and when I found Magipri’s twitter (back then it was still at 2k followers I think lol now they has more than 40k followers!) where they upload their videos daily. I found out that in the video, not like my image when I watched the MV, Shuhei was really noisy and doing many weird thing! Haha. But I mean, their videos are just usual but Shuhei made it so funny that I can’t stop myself from smiling everyday when I see it.

Ever since then, whenever I had the gloomiest and tiresome days, I would look at Shuhei’s videos and my mood will get better quickly. He wouldn’t ever know that his random screech would help me get through those dark times, lol. Ah, and of course the other members like Kengo who fight him, Taishin and Hikaru who tsukkomi-ed him, and Kaoru who is Shuhei’s partner in crime also did the same for me.


2.) ‘Kids at Heart’ Idols are My type


I don’t like real underage kids as idols.. I mean,  respected them to be in the industry and talent from such an young age, but I just can’t stand kids who are forced to act like adults, try to looks cool and such, and singing songs which doesn’t suit their age.. I prefer them to be their innocent and fresh kiddies self (or maybe kids nowadays grow so fast?Uh). But surprisingly I found it that I found those kiddies characteristics on Magipri even though they are now all adult! lol. Well, even visually, if you didn’t know Magipri before, they all would looks so young, and I found many asked, “are they just debuting?” because of their fresh and cute face and style. I even think now that Naisuta looks older than them haha.

But I think it’s a good thing since Magipri’s first concept is ‘An idol you want to be your sons!’ and yes, we’re all ready to be their sugar mommies and sisters. They looks cooler now ever since the Update era, but other than the CD cover they are still soft. Btw, not to mention Kengo and Shuhei who’s always fighting over petty things like babies lmao. And despite the oldest, I think Taishin looks younger these days? Haha. Really, they’re simple and cute, like they never graduated from highschool.


3.) Their songs are giving me motivation, not just about love


Even now, when I’m feeling down, I would unconsciously hear their first coupling song, Arigatou Kimi E. I really love the lyrics, ‘Gamushara demo ii sa, keshite akiramenai, donna yume mittate’ huhuhu which roughly translates ‘It’s okay to be reckless, I will never give up, whatever dream it is’, since actually I faced many failures this year..

Or RUSH since it also cheered me up a lot with its spirited song! I love the lyrics ‘If you have the desire to walk ahead instead of waiting for a miracle, There is no regret, live for now!’ and I decided that I don’t want to have any regret and want to keep trying through all the failures… Honestly, many of their songs are about motivation, though sometimes it’s about love too, and those give me strength when I hear them!

And I don’t know if their BOSS who decided their songs for them have the exact same taste with me, since surprisingly, I  would instantly fall in love with all of Magipri songs. There’s not even one that I don’t like??? This is very shocking to me since I’m always very honest and blunt. I will say that I like this group, but I don’t like this and that song, and I mostly found some other groups have only one or two very good song, but I don’t really like their other songs. So wow, what kind of sorcery is this again?

Oh yeah, and I found every Magipri members has a really nice voice, especially Kaoru and Hikaru haha but Taishin would sometimes surprise me with his unique voice and Kengo is of course, color the songs with his high notes. Well, and let’s just say that Shuhei did his best… lol


4.) They’re growing


I have been following Magipri for three years and I can proudly say that they’re all not just stay like that, but in fact improving a lot!! Not just in performance, but in a lot of aspect.

Like how Shuhei, who really sucks at dancing that even the dance teacher almost gave up on him, practices hard and became the lead dancer now.

Or Taishin, who said that he’s actually not a leader type and prefer to support from behind, but he got appointed as leader because he is the oldest, has lead the group so well and taking care of his brothers until they got so lost when Taishin was sick and went hiatus for a few days.

Or Hikaru, who back then never really selfish and support his members more than himself, now can shine by himself with his Magic Music show or when he became the otenki oniisan.

Kaoru, who at first known only by his handsome actor face, now became the ambassador of Gifu and even has his own radio show with his gentle voice and soothing words.

Kengo, who was really really selfish and childish, now care deeply about the members. though he still can’t stop his sassy and mean way of talking, haha.

I’m a person who get touched easily, so when I saw an idol, no matter how bad they are, but if they’re working hard for it and improving, even little by little, I would come to respect the group. Of course, people have to change to a better person and can’t stay the same, right? Some people who first see them now may say, ‘Oh? Is that it?’ but they don’t know the process they went through all these years to get into this point. And of course, I can’t wait for more of their improvement next year!


5.) A cute family (One father, one mother, a big bro and a twins)


What I love from all these years of following them is their relationship. How at first they’re just assembled together with all of those different attributes, and forced to be together all the time. Not to mention the youngest Kengo and Shuhei who were so cheeky, that the older have to kept calming themselves. It kinda shocked me when I watched Honkipri and the kids are so mypace until Taishin has to scold them.

I think Taishin and Hikaru is the one who brought up the members and taking care for them the most, just like the group’s mom.I wonder how can they stand the other member’s antics. The kids better appreciate them more haha. Kaoru is a part of the older brother group and he seems cool but he really can’t do anything and ended up played by his younger brother. The twins (though they’re very different in every aspects) are the trouble makers but I think they’re forgiven because they’re cute lol. The older brothers didn’t even care anymore if they’re fighting by themselves since it always happen. Well, now the atmosphere around Magipri kind split between the twins and the older brother gang but I hope next year they can be closer than ever!


Bonus: They’re from Watanabe Entertainment

Okay, this may seems weird and random, but I am a follower of Watanabe Entertainment  ever since years ago when I first know D-Boys and all. It’s just that, surprisingly, every actors or idols that I like turned out coming from WE, and I was like”????”. Looks like the agency have the same taste with me again (maybe I should work for them!). They were actually only manage comedian at first but then they also manage actors and now idols. And I don’t know if it’s because of that, the artists from that company always have the best joke and very funny. Their way of managing artists is relatively carefree and support you whatever you want to do. But let’s just save that for later because maybe I was too biased.

Welp, but the fact is yet again, after some time I became Magipri fans, I checked where they came from and bursts out laughing because.. “It’s WE again?? lmao”



Well, that’s all I could think at this moment! Not really a convincing reason, maybe hahahah and I can’t write them that well. But other than the above, I believe there are so many reasons for you to like them!

And I’m curious about your reason too! Feel free to share your love!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget that Bel!ever is out already! They’re also available on Spotify and i-tunes! uwu

(Btw follow my IG to get a spotify song recommendation everyday haha)

Love you,




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