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A bit of K-POP: WANNA ONE, See You..


Wait, what? I know this blog is all about J-Pop but.. Though it’s kinda random, let me write this post since I’m feeling  sad right now, okay? haha :”)

(Like, maybe this is the only K-POP post I will ever write, you know)

Soo.. I was actually not a big fans of K-Pop, mostly because their song is not really my taste, but I really love watching their variety shows so I kinda know about famous group but never attached to anything.. I even like those oldies Super Junior and Shinhwa because they’re literally the funniest idol group out there! lol But yeah, once again, I was never really interested…

..until I found this gem..


I was talking to a colleague when she started talking about this group, and the survival show they came from, Produce 101 Season 2, because at that time she was watching the Chinese version of the show.  Produce 101 is a survival reality show where 101 contestant from various agencies compete and only top eleven will debut as a group. And then I was browsing through random videos on Youtube when I found a variety show where they guested, so I think ‘Hey, what a coincidence! Isn’t this what she talked about yesterday?’ and watched it unsuspectingly. Turns out I like their fresh personality and their songs are also all so good! And after that I watched Produce 101 and.. haha, the rest is history, but I only knew about them this year.

I think my most favorite song and MV from them is I Promise You. In case you’re curious:

Isn’t it nice? Hwehehehe~

Of course, like any other of their fans, I really respected them because of their hardship and struggle they faced in their life before they debuted in WannaOne and when they participated in Produce. I mean, almost all of them has? dark? background?? For example the oldest, Yoon Jisung who had been a trainee for five years and decided that the competition was his last chance, or Bae Jinyoung who lacked confidence and can only looked at floor when he performs, or Kim Jaehwan that had no agency and couldn’t dance at all despite his singing talent, and many more. But of course they all grow and improve after that.

Do you know Ansamble Stars, that famous Japanese game’s story? I used to be skeptical about the game’s story because it was too emo and all of the characters, even though they’re so cheerful and weirdly fun, all had a dark background and past. So I was thinking that the game exaggerate too much but now that I know about Wanna One.. yes, the game is surprisingly true.


But well, what really made me attached to them is their boyish and childish attitude! if you have followed this blog then you must’ve known that I really love ‘Kids at Heart’ type of idols. And Wanna One is a perfect example of that. Half of them are adults, but they act more childish than real underage kids. It’s like they only think about food and playing, hahah. They really had fun a lot and it’s really interesting watching them act like children. Hmm, it’s kinda hard to explain, so maybe if you’re interested by this reason too, you should watch their videos, especially their variety show called Wanna One Go. Even I can’t stop re-watching their shows for the hundredth times because they’re all so fun! And I really love their relationship which is like a big happy family and getting so attached (a little bit too much, maybe lol).

Oh btw, they has 11 members in the group. I always said that I hate group with too many members because it’s too crowded and I’m having a hard time to distinguish who is who when they all performed, but for these 11 members.. I still have problem when they perform, but I can’t stop thinking that how the 11 perfectly fit in the group and we can’t have even one less. I was having a hard time at first to remember each of the members, but now they all look so different to me. Can’t believe there comes a day I could do that lol, usually if it’s more than five or seven people I would already give up.

Well.. anyway, above I said that I feel sad about them. Because.. they’re just a temporary  project group created after the Produce show, and yesterday at 31 December 2018, their contract ended. So they all would go back to each of their original company and walking their own path, not as Wanna One anymore.. :”)

I don’t know, I’m usually not this emotional even when some of the groups or artists I followed disband, but for Wanna one.. I don’t know. Maybe because what I love the most from them is their relationship to each other, that’s why it’s hard to let go. But they’re not quitting completely from entertainment world, so I can still see them in their next job! Hmm.. but still, it’s different since they’re not together anymore, haha.. But I hope they’re all happy whatever they do in the future!

They released their last song which is so good btw! And the lyrics are adsfgshsjjsjs huhu Check it out!

My favorite part is when the door is knocked and they all turned huhuhu just like they realized the time is up :”)

Btw all of their songs are up on i-tunes and Spotify so please check them out too if you like the two I recommend here hahaha. Based on my taste, I also recommend you I’ll Remember and Pine Tree hehe, but I like all of their songs!

One of the reason I’m sharing about them and writing this is because.. when I go around J-POP fandom, some of them are having a bad water with K-POP. Some already generalized it, whether it’s the artists, songs or fans, so some JPOP fans are rejecting KPOP really hard. Of course, there are some others who are a fans of both genre too. Well, I am not that bad, but as I write above, I used to, for some extent, judge them too. But after I found Wanna One, my perception of KPOP changed and I became more opened up about it. So I think, as I already experienced it myself, if any of you J-POP fan like me who are actually curious about K-POP but find it hard to find the common ground, I think starting a little from Wanna One could help you? Many of my friends in Japan also like Wanna One haha.

Well, this is only my opinion tho, lol but if you have the same taste with me~ other than the idol group recommendation tab up there, for KPOP I recommend WannaOne’s music! 😉 I think I won’t be another K-POP group’s fans after them tho, but now because of them I also like many K-POP musics~  Realizing that, I have the urge to write about them in this blog. So not only maybe I can help you, I will remember that they’re the one who invited me to K-POP!

Well, I shouldn’t rant too much! Tomorrow I’ll write more about JPOP and Magipri again!

See you again, Wanna One!


3 thoughts on “A bit of K-POP: WANNA ONE, See You..

  1. I’m a fan of both genre, and both of them have a really different style of songs! And I would like to recommend THE BOYZ for those who want to start on KPOP ^~^ Try listening to Giddy Up and Boy!!

    KPOP also have a girlgroup named IZ*ONE which is a group from Produce101 series, Produce 48. They combined both Korean and AKB48 groups to make a mix group which have 12 members in it~ They also released both Korean and Japanese songs and all the songs are so good! Ps; they have Miyawaki Sakura, Yabuki Nako and Honda Hitomi from AKB48 😉

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